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UK Charts: Pokemon ORAS And Smash Bros Drop, Mario Kart 8 Resurfaces

This week’s individual UK charts are now in courtesy of GFK Chart-Track. Grand Theft Auto V grabs the top spot and snatches it from the clutches of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, though both games continue to do battle on various multiplayer platforms. Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire have fallen down the chart to positions 13 and 14, despite the remakes having a remarkable debut launch last week, making it the biggest UK launch for a Pokemon game ever.

Further down the chart, Just Dance 2015 enters the chart at 20 for the first time on Wii since its October release. A heavy marketing campaign during the seasonal period has seen sales of the Wii game boosted. Super Smash Bros for Wii U slips back to 26 after entering the individual charts at 14 last week, while Tomodachi Life for the 3DS moves down to 35. Mario Kart 8 also sees a resurgence this week for the Wii U and comes in at 38. Feel free to check out the individual top 40 UK games chart in full below.

1. (02) [PS4] Grand Theft Auto V
2. (01) [360] Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
3. (08) [360] FIFA 15
4. (11) [XBO] Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
5. (05) [XBO] Grand Theft Auto V
6. (07) [PS4] Driveclub
7. (10) [XBO] FIFA 15
8. (19) [PS4] FIFA 15
9. (06) [XBO] Assassin’s Creed: Unity
10. (NE) [PS4] The Crew
11. (15) [PS4] Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
12. (13) [PS4] Far Cry 4
13. (03) [3DS] Pokemon Omega Ruby
14. (04) [3DS] Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
15. (27) [XBO] Halo: The Master Chief Collection
16. (20) [360] Minecraft: Xbox Edition
17. (16) [PS3] FIFA 15
18. (18) [XBO] Far Cry 4
19. (36) [360] LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham
20. (NE) [WII] Just Dance 2015
21. (22) [XBO] Minecraft: Xbox Edition
22. (21) [PS4] Assassin’s Creed: Unity
23. (17) [PS4] LittleBigPlanet 3
24. (12) [XBO] Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
25. (09) [PS3] Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
26. (14) [WIIU] Super Smash Bros
27. (NE) [XBO] The Crew
28. (24) [PS4] Minecraft: PlayStation Edition
29. (35) [PS3] Minecraft: PlayStation Edition
30. (30) [PC] Football Manager 2015
31. (23) [PS4] Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor
32. (25) [XBO] Sunset Overdrive
33. (NE) [PS3] Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 Remix
34. (26) [360] Disney Infinity 2.0
35. (31) [3DS] Tomodachi Life
36. (NE) [PS4] LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham
37. (28) [360] Assassin’s Creed: Rogue
38. (RE) [WIIU] Mario Kart 8
39. (RE) [360] Forza Horizon 2
40. (37) [360] Far Cry 4

50 thoughts on “UK Charts: Pokemon ORAS And Smash Bros Drop, Mario Kart 8 Resurfaces”

  1. As long as Smash and Pokemon at least stay in the top 40, then that’s fine. Remember-Pokemon X and Y stayed inthe top 40 for quite a long time. Also, Mario Kart 8 is back on the top 40, which once again proves that Mario Kart 8 is fighting against the odds and like a well oiled machine, it just keeps on running…

        1. Not everybody Commander, if the entire U.K hate Nintendo, then no Nintendo game would be on the Top 40. I love Nintendo and I live in the U.K…

        2. I’ll have you know that while the mainstream buy whatever they want, there are still a significant number of us supporting Nintendo. Otherwise it’s one week in the charts and done.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Only those who buys Nintendo and are Nintendo fans, why would I even car ebaout the Xbot, Sonyan, Electron and Ubisian garbage?…

  2. I don’t know what happens in UK that Nintendo cannot be relevant for more than a couple of days! According to some residents of UK, it’s mostly due to Nintendo’s lack of proper advertisement for gamers, instead focusing on silly jokes and extremely casual approach. If that’s true, Nintendo UK doesn’t understand their own market. Oh, and I have seen some UK advertisements for the Wii U – it’s horrible; they didn’t show a single gameplay footage for a 10 minutes long commercial, instead had a comedian talking nonsense about sandwiches!

    I blame Nintendo UK’s own ignorance for their low sales!

    1. Nintendo UK are a joke, there is next to no advertising. I did see a TV advert for Smash Wii U after 22:00 but that’s been it.

      Whereas you see Sony and Microsoft advertising their products all over the place. Now when parents think of getting their kids a console it’s either Playstation or Xbox.

      Why on earth Nintendo didn’t do some black Friday deals is a mystery, and a costly one.

    2. I saw 5 adverts about a game on Wii U in 1 Hour on an Indian channel……….It was Just Dance and it just shows that Ubisoft advertises the Wii U more than Nintendo. My question…WHY WASN’T IT SMASH BROS FOR WII U!!!!!!

      1. Nintendo is Stupid!!! I dont know why they arent putting much resource in marketing their games much like they did with MK8..

  3. not to offend those on UK, but who gives a crap about Nintendo on UK?

    we see good sales on NA, Japan and sometimes, other parts of Europe. But UK always fails to make nintendo a thing

    so, my point is, on a country were we know it’s not selling, Why give a crap?

    1. All UK cares about are mainstream games and Fifa, they really love their Football there. GT5 on top again? im sorry i bought it for ps3 and im not about to be sucker into buying it again..

    2. How about those in the UK that do “give a crap”. And it’s not UK consumers, Nintendo UK have utterly failed.

      And this is a UK site, unless I’m very much mistaken.

  4. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    It might be better to just level that entire area considering it’s heavily infected by X-Disease…

      1. Don’t hate on every person in the U.K Commander, if you do that, then you will be hating on those that like Nintendo in the U.K, like myself…

  5. FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt

    LMAO and they told me that the Wii U is on fire! That piece of shit may as well be fuel for fire, since that’s the most useful think it can do.

        1. Yup, it does. How many price cuts has the Xbox1 had in its first year due to people not rushing out and buying an over hyped multi media machine. A so called ‘next gen’ system that has massive problems running games at native 1080p @60FPS. The 360 did it better than the Xbox1 lol.

    1. U.K. sales don’t effect Nintendo very much. The Wii U is on Fire. 20k Wii U’s were sold in the U.K. last week. Thats pretty damn good considering it’s usually 2-5k. Stay in denial. Nintendo will hit thier 3.7 million goal, and they will also cross the 10 million mark by the end of the year.. They will make double the profit of both thier competitors.

  6. I believe caddicarus said in a video that Nintendo games are actually more expensive than Sony and Microsoft games in the UK, which is probably a heavy reason why Nintendo games there don’t sell as well

  7. It’s like they hate France so much they don’t buy Nintendo out of spite j/k.
    Still it’s a regional thing. They had their commodores rather than NES’s and have always liked the alternative consoles.

  8. Seeing the words auto duty unity make me sick

    Nintendo games have life cycles that last a full gen mk8 will be selling until mk9 is out same for smash.

  9. Why is it that 3rd party tittles remain in top ten longer than exclusives? I’m talking about exclusives from any console. It is what makes Xbox different from PS4.

  10. While people in the UK do not seem to be lining to up buy Nintendo games, one interesting trend I noticed on Amazon in the U.S. is that right now (at the height of the Christmas season) some Nintendo games are selling really well. The top 3 best selling games are 3DS games, #4 and #10 are Wii U games, and #7 is a Wii game. Also, Mario Kart 8 is the best selling console game on Amazon so far for 2014. Great work Nintendo, it’s too bad more people are not buying and enjoying the other great games like Pikmin 3, DKC: Tropical Freeze, etc.

  11. 26. (14) [WIIU] Super Smash Bros
    Can you say: “I TOLD YOU SO”?
    Because I certainly can.
    I told you that nobody was going to pay 300 bucks to upgrade to Wii U only to play the same game that has been readily available on the 3DS, a console they most probably already owned, for over two months and at a reduced price.
    Nintendo forgot that the reason they were making Super Smash Bros was to move Wii U units, not to promote false expectations about “fairness”.

  12. The impact the U.K. has on Nintendo sales is almost unnoticeable. For you to judge the entire market on one very small region is silly.

    And what do you mean “I told you so”? Smash for Wii U is breaking all kind of sale records.

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