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Grab This Awesome Mario Kart T-Shirt On European Club Nintendo


We get some great gifts on European Club Nintendo and now there’s one more to add to the collection. The latest offering from Nintendo is this rather neat Mario Kart 8 inspired t-shirt which will set you back 3750 stars. It’s rather expensive, but if you’ve got the stars sitting about then you may as well use them.

Thanks, Michelle

11 thoughts on “Grab This Awesome Mario Kart T-Shirt On European Club Nintendo”

  1. HMM, I was saving my WiiU and games codes, just in case Nintendo starts another one of those “register your WiiU + game and get another game for free” campaigns, but now I’m actually very tempted to use them. What to dooo ?!

      1. I think waiting a little might not be a bad idea; thinking about it, it isn’t too unlikely that Nintendo might start some nice promotions for the holiday season, to make the WiiU more attractive for people.

    1. I’ve pretty much given up on North America Club Nintendo. I stopped collecting coins when they pretty much stripped down the store and only give away games those of us who purchase a lot of games already have.

      It’s a faint shadow of what it was.

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