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Here’s A Look At Some Wave 2 Amiibo Figures

Want to get a first hand glimpse of the next wave of Amiibo? Thankfully NintenDaan is at hand as he has purchased the Captain Falcon, Luigi, Pit and Little Mac Amiibo figures which were released in Japan last week. Daan has also uploaded a video of the Luigi and Captain Falcon Mii Racing Suits in action. You can watch the Amiibo video above and the Mii Racing Suits, below.

74 thoughts on “Here’s A Look At Some Wave 2 Amiibo Figures”

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        My favorite feature of the previous mobile site was not having to click for comments separately.

      2. Could you make an option to switch back to the old one? It’s good but not very good on mobile. The last one was perfect for mobile.

      3. I agree. Except, why does it go to WordPress when you click “like” on a comment? It should just automatically give a “like” on a comment when you click it.

        1. What does this have to do with anything? On an article about the PS3 and Wii, fine. But on something that has nothing to do with either consoles, then no…

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  1. Lol I guess they are right when they said amiibos were physical DLC. You don’t have to buy them, but still. Without an amiibo, you aren’t getting these suits… XD

    1. Amiibo’s are more universal than any commercial video game figures. Skylanders/Infinity is only just one game type. Amiibo is used on multiple games for various purposes. But once and use em on any supported game and I’m pretty sure Nintendo is working on their own version of Infinity/Skylanders that’ll make their games look so isolated and pathetic compare to Nintendo’s own masterpiece. A vastly open world “create yourself” adventure game where you can play any of Nintendo’s iconic character with there own respective gameplay and graphical style. It’ll be badass. :3

      1. Truthfully…..I find Nintendo’s the more lacking of the bunch….so far they’re just DLC passes and glorified CPUs…..until they make a game where it actually changes the way you play the game with them…..they will continue to sit on my shelf next to my busts, nendoroids and funko pops… least you can play with characters in Skylanders and Disney Infinity….and customize them more to your liking….not that you can’t with amiibo….it’s just….meh….They may be selling like hot cakes, but I think to truly win over the NFC market a game fueled only by the figures is what’s needed….a game where you need the figures to play, with its own starter pack a whatnot…otherwise kid’s see them only as toys, and parents see them as cheap throwaway toys with how easily they break….but hey that’s just my two cents…

        1. I’m sure Nintendo is currently working on it with as much content and fun as possible for one flat price possibly instead of making an orgy of multiple similar games to increase the bottom line *cough* Call of Duty! lol

    1. February I believe. Wave two looks great. I really want the Pit Amibo. I don’t think I will buy all of the wave two Amibos. This is quickly becoming an expensive hobby.

    1. This guy has issues so people like Kwing, the completist, gamexplain, and alphaomegasin are the worst part of industry. Why is so fixed on people spending their money on what they what, he whats people to spend on stuff he thinks. The Community in which this guy is part of is complete trash, all these guys do is talk shit, and start stupid debates all damn day because they want to be better then everyone else…over videogames.

      1. He might one of the biggest fantards on the gaming community but he does have a point, amiibos are glorified DLC. All those that shit talked other consoles for having DLC are hypocrites for supporting this.

        Everyone has the right to buy whatever they want with their money, but it doesn’t change the fact that Nintendo fanboys flip flopped on this one.

          1. But this bozo is wrong. Nintendo fans never compalined about GOOD dlc. Dlc that ‘s worth it. We complained about on disc dlc. Day one dlc. Season pass dlc. Demo’s that costs 30 dollars. etc. etc.

            Nintendo comes around and does dlc right, and now we are hypocrits through this fanboys logic? No offense, but the fantard in the video has no fucking clue what he is talking about. Amibo’s are not only dlc, but they are collectors items.

          2. No, his channel is crap, just another Channel in that crappy youtube community he is in , that love bashing at each other act like they are best when they are like every other guy on the internet

          3. He continuously bashes Nintendo, he never has anything good to say about them and when good things happen he either disappears or finds a way to make it look bad.

            He is the definition of fantard.

        1. Its just a bonus, they were really meant to work with smash and they are just an AI training partner. Yes u can consider it DLC if u wish i just consider it a small bonus. I’m getting them because they can be neat looking( plus could sell for small profit). BUT, its this Cunt’s attitude that makes me give Zero fucks about him and consider him another maggot wanting to be special in a small pile in that community because a good number of them are complete asses

          1. Speaking of, I need to get into the habit of watching AlphaOmegaSin’s videos. I like how he calls out the assholes in the industry & doesn’t hold back. We won’t be seeing IGN calling Gamestop fucking greedy ass bastards, that’s for sure. xD

  2. God…..I am so happy their faces didn’t end up as screwed up as Wave 1’s……Little Mac….my main……in his true glory…..I’m glad I didn’t have to end up calling him lil mirc to go along with my Merrth…

  3. Out of all amiibo figures I have, Link is my least favorite. Because of the pose he’s in, and the fact that he’s too small.

      1. Exactly. I have him and his face is kind of weird compared to the actual Marth. But I do think the rest of him is alright. Cape is very nice though.

          1. If they seriously are going to force the Shulk amiibo to become rare by intentionally only ordering enough models for preorders with 1 or 2 to be sold in the stores that aren’t preorders, I’m definitely going to go full on boycott with Gamestop. I’ll just use Amazon for everything & just deal with paying for the S&H. Least til Xenoblade Chronicles X comes, but hopefully it WON’T be Gamestop exclusive like it’s predecessor.

    1. Link’s pose is awesome. It’s the head that ruins it since you have to actually tilt the damn amiibo to even see Link’s face. With that, Link’s amiibo is shit if you want to display him on a shelf.

      1. I’d rather not see his face, he looks crossed eyes to me. Even though I know he isn’t but it gives the illusion he is. I’m glad only one eye peeks through.

  4. Confirmed-I mentioned in a previos article that I want to go buy at least 1 amiibo but I wasnpt sure which one. I have decided on Captain Falcon as he is my main in Smash Bros and it would be awesome using a Captain Falcon mii, with the Captain Falcon suit availible from the amiibo figurine on Mario Kart 8…

  5. If Pit is gone by the time I have money to afford him, I’m going to be so fucking pissed off. Him & Zelda are next on my list of amiibo to get. I’ve already got Samus & *sigh* Link out of the way. I should probably get Mario, too, but I can save him for after I get others since the Mario amiibo is never going to be discontinued regardless. Anyway, after Pit & Zelda, next up is Shulk & Charizard.

    1. Best of luck then. Seriously, Pit and Captain Falcon are unavailable on just about every online store I’ve checked. And those two are the ones I really want from wave two. They better be in the Target near me at least!

      1. Same to you. Especially concerning Villager as I’ve noticed you’re having a pain in the ass time trying to find him.

  6. At least I’m glad I can get Zelda. It would be even worse if I had to miss out on her. I love Legend of Zelda. XD And speaking of Zelda, I never got to play most of the games yet. I’ve only bought ALBW and WWHD. But I still need to play Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, OOT, and MM, so I might go ahead and get those. In fact, it’s good that I haven’t played MM yet. Because that remake came just in time! And the new Zelda is also next year! I don’t know where to start! Aaaah!

    1. OMG! I wish i could replay all those Zelda games again for the first time. Personally I Would start with Ocarina Of Time. Then Majoras Mask. Next Twilight Princess, and finally Skyward Sword. Wow, you really got some good gaming weeks/months ahead of you. I’m jealous. I was thinking of replaying through Skyward Sword… I Just finished Twilight Princess for the fourth time a few weeks ago.. Also I finished Ocarina of Time Master Quest a few months ago..

      Next you need to play the Oracle games, Minish Cap, Links Awakening… The ds games are optional. They are the worst in the series in my opinion.

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