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Nintendo Of America Says Certain Sold-Out amiibo May Return

Nintendo of America has sent out an updated statement regarding the unavailability of select amiibo in certain areas in North America, including the U.S., Canada and Latin America. The company says it is aiming to constantly provide a regular supply of its interactive figurines to retailers. It also assures that it is planning to launch several waves of amiibo in the future. Earlier this week, Nintendo revealed that the least popular amiibo may be discontinued.

“Some amiibo were very popular at launch, and it is possible that some amiibo in the United States, Canada and Latin America may not be available right now due to high demand and our efforts to manage shelf space during the launch period,” said a Nintendo representative. “Certain sold-out amiibo may return to these markets at a later stage. We are continually aiming to always have a regular supply of amiibo in the marketplace and there are many waves of amiibo to come.”

63 thoughts on “Nintendo Of America Says Certain Sold-Out amiibo May Return”

  1. Man, I am so tired of looking for Villager… And I can only tell that this is gonna happen again with wave two if Nintendo didn’t fix this. Ugh. MAN! Why did they have turn this into some kind of stupid hunting game. I just want to grab my amiibo and be on my way. At this point, I’m questioning whether I should even still buy these things. >_<

      1. Wow, man. That is frustrating. I would’ve thought that ordering online would’ve been the solution… In fact, I was just trying to do that a minute ago with some of the wave two amiibo. But the ones I want say “unavailable”. How can they be unavailable before they even launch? Did they really sell out that fast? *sigh*

    1. And the worst part is that you just know the Villager amiibo will have some awesome feature in the next animal crossing game for Wii U.

      1. Please. IF this happens, you honestly think they won’t put the Villager amiibo back on the market for several weeks (at least) before the game releases?

        1. To be honest, I was really just trying to tease hollowgrapeJ. I have no clue if it would have amiibo support, though it seems like the type of game that would use it more than how mario kart 8 or hyrule warriors has been.

          But if you want my opinion as to whether they would do what you said, I think they would.

      2. Maybe if you have the Villager amiibo, you could use him in Mario Kart 8 to get the 7 alternate costumes like the ones in Smash Bros.

      1. It’s not really about being impatient. It’s more about the fact that some of these are going to be discontinued and Nintendo doesn’t wanna tell which ones for some reason. And if the amiibo I want keeps selling out and then Nintendo just decided to discontinue it all together before I can get it, that would be bad. They need more in stock. It should not have to be this difficult to find these things. Now if all amiibo were permanently on the shelves and none of them were removed,, then this wouldn’t be as a big of a deal. But it is. Some of them are gonna leave and Nintendo won’t tell who! One of them could be the Villager I want!!!

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          So impatient, it’s cute…

          Just remember, whenever High Command says that they wil be timed exclusives, they always revive these things like 3-4 times later again…

        2. I don’t blame you for wanting the Villager amiibo. He’s so darn cute. In fact, he’s my favorite first wave amiibo. I hope Nintendo eventually makes a female Villager amiibo.

        3. Nothing has been discontinued. They just didn’t manufacture enough to feed the demand, which is like every other type of action figure or toy when demands are high. The problem is they have to be manufactured and shipped which takes time, especially if the mold isn’t loaded up on the line yet. My expectation is some will show up in January that was so called discontinued at least in short bursts.

    2. I actually enjoy the scarcity of them. Although it can be fustrating not finding the one you want. I always look at finding collectors items as a treasure hunt anyways.

    3. I honestly forgot the Villager, Marth, and Wii Fit Trainer existed as I’ve NEVER seen them. If only they at least had an online store with the Amiibos always available I wouldn’t have to go treasure hunting, especially since I cant buy all of them right now.

      1. Marth is the only one I’ve never seen in stores. Not even once. But my local Wal-Mart has an empty rack with Marth’s name on the label. Which means they either sold out FAST, or never got them.

        1. I was at my local Wal-Mart when they were taking the Amiibo’s out of the shipment boxes and out of all the hundreds of figures they received they only had 1 Marth, 1 Villager and 1 Wii Fit Trainer. I asked to have all three and had the cashier scan them to see how many more were in stock (maybe in the back) and that was it with no more planned on the way. I wonder if most Wal-Marts had similar situations.

  2. So let me get this straight based on all the official reports: So far, there have been NO discontinued Amiibo and none planned to be for the near future, just that they’re facing stock shortages right now. Amirite?

    1. It sounds like they were planning to discontinue certain amiibo they thought would be not as popular and are starting to reconsider their position. Obviously they can’t have them all out at once, that would take too much shelf space, so I can see how they thought it would be a good idea to just keep producing the more popular ones and phase out the rest, but now I think their approach is going to be more along the lines of having certain amiibo phase in and out of production. Sort of like what Disney does with their movies, though hopefully there will be less time between releases.

  3. As far as I can tell from going to stores in person, Villager, Wii Fit Trainer, and Marth did ship in smaller quantities at first, but the MAIN reason they’re so hard to find now is that everyone is scooping them up because they’re panicking about scarcity or they’re just planning on reselling online.

    I wanted Villager from the start, but it seems it was such a popular character in Smash that pre-orders were sold out of it. How did I end up getting mine? I literally just checked on Amazon the day of release and it was available, normal price, for shipping. I’ve passed up on getting Wii Fit Trainer and Marth in person though because I don’t actually want either of them.

  4. Sir Isaac Newton of Judah

    So even haters of Nintendo are buying Amiibos in droves. Is Nintendo making money like crazy this holiday season. Imagine what a Nintendo Mario RPG with Amiibo support shall or will do for Nintendo? Just imagine.


    1. Yea, Amibos are officially a hit. It really is good marketing for the Wii U. Amibos promote the Wii U, and the Wii U promotes Amibo. It’s another genius move on Nintendo’s part. And the burning desire to collect them all is very high. I wonder if Nintendo anticipated this..

  5. I received a similar email from Nintendo that assures me that none of the amiibos are being discontinued. This article only backups that claim so it’s a sigh of relief since I was unlucky enough to not get Marth at all. Not gonna make the same mistakes twice with the rest of the Fire Emblem amiibos since it’s become my favorite series.

  6. I think this was all a plan from Nintendo. Because out of nowhere the rumors of the Marth, Wii Fit Trainer, and Villager amiibos to be discontinued begin, then that they won’t make any more amiibos from the first wave, then everyone starts overpricing them and buying them like crazy, and for some reason those that they said that were going to disappear (Marth, Villager, and Wii Fit Trainer) start to disappear from retailers. Then today I went to TWO stores here in Costa Rica, and they had a million Pikachus, Links, Kirbys, Peachs, Marios, Yoshis and DK’s. Weird, those are the most famous and known by everyone ones. Then in BOTH stores they were sold out of Wii Fit Trainers, Marths, and Villagers, 3 characters that NO ONE HERE IN COSTA RICA KNOW THEY EXIST, and here people don’t buy video games, they even still have the GameCube Smash Bros bundle selling, why would 3 amiibos, no one know about and they had plenty last week (I remember seeing Marth and Wii Fit Trainer on display last week) would disappear the moment they also disappear from retailers worldwide? Did the rumors of them being discontinued made people buy those 3 like crazy even here in Costa Rica? Did Nintendo tell retailers to start the rumor that those 3 and the first wave were going to be discontinued and to stop selling and hide those 3 amiibos? Because from stores that have every other amiibos BY A HUGE AMOUNT, really, they have like 43534345345 Links and Kirbys, and Link should be the one sold out, not Wii Fit Trainer, then why they have so many of the other amiibos and the 3 amiibos they said they were going to be discontinued disappear from every fucking store worldwide? I know they said they were going to be discontinued which made people go buy them like crazy, but here in Costa Rica? And in every fucking store including Amazon, GameStop online, and all stores here in this country? It’s just too fishy for me, like Nintendo told them to hide them or stop selling them, or maybe they just sent like 100 Kirbys and 2 Marths. Who knows? But I really want the Marth one because I know that if a Fire Emblem game comes out, I’m going to buy it, and I can’t find him, still his amiibo sucks, but I want it. The Ike one looks SO MUCH BETTER!

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          A Commander is the highest rank within the lowest level of the empire’s level of superiority so no…


    I wish they’d make a Skyward Sword Link amiibo (where Link is holding his sword in the air). Because I really dislike the pose they put Link in on his current amiibo.

  8. Ugh, this article implies that some of thm will be discontinued soon. Yet they won’t tell us which ones. I am so fucking sick of seeing villager selling online for inflated prices because nintendo is incompetent and completely unable to confirm if he is still in production.

  9. It´s time to stop with that shit talk about that Wired statement. No Nintendo representative said officially that any Amiibo figure would be discontinued right now. That was just Wired speculation. They even don´t have a source.

  10. An amiibo commercial is on RIGHT NOW as I type this. lol Anyway, I’m questioning if I should preorder Shulk on Gamestop now or wait & see if I can find him in the Gamestop store in my hometown. If I wait, I can buy him for as low as 15 dollars (I’m rounding up the actual price & the taxes!) But if I preorder, I have to pay 21 dollars. Decisions, decisions. Then there is that rumor of what Gamestop intends to do with Shulk when he is finally released. Sure it’s just a rumor but this IS Gamestop we’re talking about here so we can’t quite put it past the bastards. I’ll wait & decide later tonight. I might just say fuck it & preorder Shulk just to guarantee my Shulk ownership.

    1. If you want Shulk preorder it….its Gamestop and doubt they will stock much past the pre-orders. Even with games they don’t over stock until the point it sits on the shelf.

      1. I’m surprised Shulk pre-orders haven’t already sold out. I pre-ordered Shulk the same day I heard he was a Gamestop exclusive, due to fear of them selling out fast.

        1. Sometimes Gamestop determines how many they are going to order for a store based on Pre-orders. So say if 20 people ordered them they would get like 22, but if 200 people order them they might get as many as 210 and after that call it a day.

          There is rarely a limit before they cancel pre-orders, unless a company tells them there are no more coming and they have to stop pre-orders. But they always seem to get enough to fill those pre-orders that have put money down.

  11. This was always the case, just misreported it without a source and everyone else just picked on it like a bad AP wire. This forced Nintendo to comment on it because the negative and confusing press.

    Before anyone panics and thinks they won’t for sure be replace figures that are consistently sold out (MARTH), manufacturing tends to have close to a Month lead time. So I expect them to be tight until Christmas.

  12. In my local Toys R Us never receive Vilager but the got one full line (from top to botton) of Marth and two full line of Fit Trainer. I thougth they will be always available and choose Link, Samus, Fox and Peach (for my daugther). I am please they would be available soon. Already preorder Shuelk.

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