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Metroid For The Nintendo 3DS Was In Development And Was Cancelled

Those undercover sleuths over at Unseen64 have been informed that there was a Metroid title in the works for the Nintendo 3DS. The game was in development by Next Level Games who were the developers behind the beloved Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon on the Nintendo 3DS. We previously heard that they were working on a Metroid prototype which was canned so they moved onto development of Luigi’s Mansion. Unseen64 have a good reputation regarding uncovering cancelled games, so I don’t doubt Metroid was once in development.

“Anywho, I have recently been privy to some cancelled Metroid stuff. I hope we can share some of that some day soon. It’s a bit complicated.”

“It’s all a bit of a minefield, unfortunately. I try to be careful about sharing things that could endanger someone’s career.”

“This is a Metroid 3DS game, to be clear.”

Thanks, Kim

97 thoughts on “Metroid For The Nintendo 3DS Was In Development And Was Cancelled”

  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    This is old news, they already showed early concept art for Samus months ago if memory serves me right…

          1. You didn’t read the article did you.

            It talks about a metroid game that got canned (canceled) in favor for Luigis Mansion.

            It is old news.

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        And everyone should stop saying “Metroid Dread” because that’s a horrible unfitting title…

        1. Metroid “Fear” is an unfitting title? Then tell me WTF does “Other M” mean exactly? Other Metroid? Other Motherfucker? What?!

          Thats a terrible and confusing title. Metroid Dread sounds scary and Fusion had some scary and creepy moments so Dread can be a bit more horrific Metroid game with more scares in the exploration and story. If Metroid 2 was remade and retitled, I would call it “Metroid: Extinction”..what do you think?

              1. Shouldn’t need to worry about Other M 2. Sakamoto is very well aware that it was a complete failure. Him and his team are now looking at the first three Metroid games and their emphasis on open-ended, non-linear, sequence breaking, speed running, and exploration. With the point of the game to be getting hopelessly lost. I also heard him and his team are looking at remaking Metroid 2 as well.

          1. Metroid 2 is being remade. Google Another Metroid 2 Remake (AM2R). It is a fan remake and the guy has been working on it for 6 years in his freetime. He has a demo and it is awesome

        2. Metroid Dread would be a perfect name for a pre Metroid 1/Zero Mission game where Samus doesn’t have the Power Suit at all & she has to survive the harsh environment of Zebes or SR388 with just a Zero Suit & blaster. And it’d be a way to show Samus wasn’t always the fearless badass we all know today & would make more sense for her to be terrified when faced with someone like say Ridley. In fact, Ridley could be hunting her down throughout the progress of the game just like Lisa Trevor did in the remake of Resident Evil; only difference would be Ridley would be the final boss instead of the boss before the last one.

      1. We knew the game was cancelled back when those initial concepts were shown. The only new thing here is that there MIGHT be more details about it coming soon, even if it’s pointless because it’s been cancelled. XD

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      Lord Miyamoto already semi-confirmed that they have 2 Metorid games in development back in E3, one is for the 3DS…

          1. well, 2 years ago they said nintendo was considering star fox for wii u and we know the game is in development. so Metroid could return.
            what do you think?
            are the guys in retro studios working in a new MP game? are they helping Miyamoto with star fox?.

            1. Next Level Games for Metroid 3DS, since they’re used to the hardware after Dark Moon, and Retro Studios for Metroid Wii U. I like the idea of a 2D Metroid game for 3DS and a 3D one for Wii U

              1. maybe and just maybe, retro’s new project is metroid and would be released in 2016, the anniversary of the series. sounds ridiculous, i know.

            2. I remember there were rumours 2 years ago that there would be a metroid / starfox cross over I hope it isn’t true it just seems weird to me to have giant animals next to humans

  2. One Metroid game cancelled on 3DS just opens up the possibilities of a Metroid game on Wii U and perhaps the an even better version then the cancelled version for the 3DS…

    1. This is a good sign that Nintendo wanna to make sure the next Metroid is the best game it can be. Praying for two Metroid games as was hinted. 2D for handheld and first person for console.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      This sums up perfectly my reaction to your comment that is the top of blasphemy in all realms…


            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              The gameplay is solid and gives you a real challenge, whoever cannot play this game is not a hardcore gamer, period…

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  Hard mode is the challenge, it’s nothing unfair with it, that’s what challenges are all about..

        1. Its actually a decent game, fanboys just hate it because it completely made Samus into a whiny little emo girl when she was held as an fucking emotionless baddass.

          If you were to take out Damus and the name Metroid out of it, it would’ve been an ok game.

          The controls honestly aren’t that bad and are mostly restricted because of the Wiimote’s crappy latency more than anything.

          If you do play it, play little to no mind to the story though.

          1. So is that why Zero suit samus has badass but sexy personally in smash? Plus she even has a different voice. But I’ll check it when January comes. I’m about to be 3 times fucking richer with Income tax money return. So if it’s waste of I wouldn’t fucking care.

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        Enough with your blasphemy, it did not “suck”, it is just bad as a Metroid game in Samus’ portrayal and lack of exploration, that’s it…

        1. And the fact the control scheme is stupid and the game itself is trying to be Super Metroid, Metroid Fusion and Prime all in one package and epically failed. It almost had no originality either because of that.

        2. Oh & don’t forget that it’s portrayal of Ridley was awesome. I love how it revealed Ridley is slightly insectoid in the fact it had to metamorphose into the badass space dragon we all know & love. In my opinion, this made Ridley even more of a Space Pirate since they are usually portrayed as sentient insects. To be honest, I think Samus breaking down in front of Ridley was less of an insult to Samus & more of a compliment to Ridley. I will say the only bad thing about Samus in the game was the monotonous tone when Samus was narrating when she was by herself. Even today, I still think it was more of Samus shifting into a child for a few seconds that ruined her image more than the actual event itself. Oh well. Maybe Metroid for 3DS will be a reimagining of Other M to fix some of the things that really pissed people off in Other M because I still want Ridley’s portrayal in the game to be canon. I’m also a fan of Anthony Higgs’ character & would hate to see him fade into obscurity as being part of the worst game in the history of Metroid.

    1. supermetroid is the best 2d game and i would say metroid prime 3 corruption is tbe best 3d game

      i cant wait for a new metroid i use supermetroid for all my gaming accounts
      its the best games in the world with zelda xbox and ps4 cant make adventure games like this

  3. I don’t really like the old Metroid games… I’ve never played the Prime games but I think I would prefer those. And a lot of people keep saying bad things about Other M, but I just want to see if it’s good gameplay wise. Perhaps, if a new game for the Wii U comes along, I might try to get into the series. Or I might just get the Prime Trilogy if that’s any good.

    1. Other M is definitely great when it comes to the gameplay. In fact, for some haters of the game, the gameplay is it’s ONLY saving grace.

        1. To each their own because I had no problems at all with how the control scheme worked. I was able to flow between 3rd & 1st person seamlessly with little trouble.

    2. Metroid is based on exploration and tons of stress if you get lost, made evident in the first game :)
      and boss battles are epic. I love Metroid

  4. supermetroid is the best 2d game and i would say metroid prime 3 corruption is tbe best 3d game

    i cant wait for a new metroid i use supermetroid for all my gaming accounts
    its the best games in the world with zelda xbox and ps4 cant make adventure games like this

  5. We know this story already and that Metroid game is called “Metroid 5: Dread”

    I’m still waiting for that faithful day for part 5 to happen AND Retro to return making 3D Metroid games again; Metroid Prime successor or Prime 4.

  6. I take this as good news. If they made one for the 3ds, they may have never made one for the Wii U. I think this gives a much more likely chance we’ll see Metroid on the Wii U in th future, rather than the 3DS.

  7. I saw the Metroid image, my brain captured quickly the words “Metroid” and “development”, and then I cried a little bit.

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  9. Pretty obvious why this got cancelled Nintendo internal dev teams were already developing a 3ds Metroid since 2012, so Tanebe said no because this game with get in the way of a mainline Metroid release. Not to say that Next Level Games can work on a 3d wii u Prime like game if Retro can’t make one. I expect Metroid Dread will be released Q4 2015 with the games announcement in April or May in a Direct.

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