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There’s Going To Be A Street Fighter 2 Collaboration In Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate


Are you ready for this? Well it turns out that there’s going to be a Street Fighter 2 collaboration in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. The news was confirmed today by Capcom who said that you’ll be able to equip your Felyne Palicoes with classic Blanka and Chun-Li outfits from Street Fighter II in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Be sure to check it all out in the video embedded below.

21 thoughts on “There’s Going To Be A Street Fighter 2 Collaboration In Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate”

    1. We have 3ds,but seriously SF5 looks exactly like 4 to me.Little improvements in graphics and except the combo boost all other look the same boring fighting style since forever.Same with tekken 7.Milking is bad.

      1. You know that the footage showed is just an alpha dont you?
        Its amazing how everyone is judging street fighters V with just a few minutes of ALPHA montage. What if we all judge devil’s third by the first video that was showcased at the E3? We would all asume that this game sucks wouldnt be?
        People love to talk without knowing a shit. Shut the fuck off fucking nintendo fanboy.

        1. Fuck off newby,who cares about devils third?

          First of all i didnt say the game suck and shit like people say about devil third,i said it LOOK like the sf4 because i havent even played it.Just my brother bought a ps4 so we can exchange my wii u and his ps4 so we can play almost all exlusives.Just because i cant buy a ps4 doesnt mean i dont like it fucktard.I m poor,i m going on university with no part time job and my car just got destroyed from weather disasters so shut the fuck up and leave me alone.

        1. Lol it can,even ps3 and xbox360 can.street fighter dont need much power thats why they could port it to the 3ds.Almost exactly as the ps3 ones except lower resolution.

          Metal gear solid 5 cant run on wii u ok,but sf5 dont make me laugh.

          you all get me wrong i like sf and i played it a lot,but its simple for me.I m more into tekken which i like a lot and i still think tekken 7 look the fucking same as 6.

          Just because i say they look the same it doesnt mean its a bad game stupid.

          1. That explain why you love the wiiu you cannot recognize good graphics… Tekken 7 doesnt look like 6 by any mean… Anyway nintendard fuck your mothwr in the butt casual.

  1. This is Just getting Crazy.

    … I’d list off a bunch of “What’s Next?” suggestions … but most of the costumes I thought of are already in it.

    Good Grief.

    Just let me play the Friggin Game already.

  2. I like all the costumes and welcome more of them.

    You get two cats, so I will have one as Blanka, and the other as Mega Man! Or Mega Cat..

  3. I swear, Capcom is just freaking pretending like this trash is the only franchise they have and have milked it to death and beyond…what a fucking a waste.

    1. Really?
      Ultra street fighter IV (2014)
      Dead rising 3 (2013)
      Resident evil revelation (2012)
      Resident evil revelation 2 (coming soon)
      Devil may cry reboot (2013)
      Megaman 10 (2010)
      Marvel vs Capcom 3 (2011)
      Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies (2014)
      Also the last monster hunter was from 2013 i think that they can have a franchise that sold well annually and the other not. Also you would probably argue if a devil may cry or a RE were released each year…
      You can say ugh they dont release more darkstalker games well they sold pretty bad so they stick to street fighters if people wanted them people must support them companys are no charities…

      1. With the first part of this comment im saying that capcom has had a pretty solid treatment of their franchises between 2010/2014

  4. Well with cat skins. Will we see amiibo features in Monster Hunter for wiiu maybe in the future? or a patch for it on MH4U with The New 3ds

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