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GameStop Source Claims Nintendo Has Apparently Discontinued Three Amiibo Figures

Online gaming publication Kotaku is reporting that a source close to GameStop has told them that Nintendo is discontinuing three figures from the initial wave of Amiibo. The three figures that are apparently set to disappear are Villager, Marth and the Wii Fit Trainer. You may remember that this backs up the tweet from Canadian retailer Video Games Plus who also said these particular figures were being discontinued.


44 thoughts on “GameStop Source Claims Nintendo Has Apparently Discontinued Three Amiibo Figures”

    1. “Kotaku is reporting that a source close to GameStop has told them that Nintendo”… blargh….. talk about reliable sources. We should skip all these “discontinuing” bullshit that retailers insist in saying for justifying their criminal prices

  1. i have seen this kind of post already sicker remember you told me yesterday i feel sad that there ending the super smash bros spirit at least we have the online one smash flash 2 witch is a big hit for cartoon characters i hear that smash flash 2 will be running for year’s they said that its the next generation of smash bros game on the computer.

  2. It seems a bit ridiculous to discontinue anything this early. I understand they don’t expect these particular ones to sell as much as Mario and Link and such would, but the original shipment has shown there clearly is demand for them (though granted, this may be because people were aware these ones could be limited)

  3. super smash bros for wii u and 3ds are the last smash games but i have heard that Namco games are making super smash bros 6 witch i don’t know about just yet Nintendo put up the news months ago this year 2014. from Josh

    Date: Sun, 14 Dec 2014 00:06:05 +0000 To:

            1. Actually, one of the reasons the names are “for WiiU” and “for Nintendo 3DS” is because it also means “4 WiiU” and “4 Nintendo 3DS”.

  4. This plus all the retailer exclusives means.. i’ll never buy an Amiibo. whats the point of just sending out one shipment? Pure ridiculousness.

  5. everyone have you heard about that Namco is making super smash bros 6. we cant put it on the site yes because we have no proof that there making the game.

      1. who do you think your talking too you batter watch your mouth or i am telling call me a dumbass i will get sicker on you hes my friend and first of all we don’t use those words here Sicker told everyone not to use those words you should know batter then to use those words.

        1. He doesn’t give a shit about you dumbass, he would have banned trolls from like 6 years ago of this language didn’t fly you dumbfuck LMAO!!

    1. Don’t listen to them. It’s because of the shortage is misleading people to think its discontinued completely. If that’s the case, then many other products before it that had manufacturing and shipping problems to meet high demands like Apple’s iPhones should’ve been discontinued as well and which it never did so don’t believe that it’s over for a few Amiibo models.

    2. I got a feeling about this. I think the rumors are true. And the fact that Nintendo is dodgy about addressing the matter makes me wonder.

  6. I give up. These three were in stores for like two weeks before they sold out! And now we aren’t getting anymore? I heard it was a shelf space issue, but why can’t they at least supply online retailers? Amiibos are just more trouble than their worth.

  7. Personally, I don’t believe this. The Villager is the best amiibo of all. And I’ve never ever seen Marth at any stores. What did Nintendo do, release one box of Marth amiibos to just one or two stores? Makes no sense. Discontinuing ANY this soon makes it look like Nintendo regretted making them in the first place.

  8. Well, if this IS true, let me put it this way. What if they stop making the smash Amiibos in order for newer games. Like If Animal Crossing U is a thing, then maybe there will be Amiibo support for the game, thus making a new model? Marth can get removed in order for fire emblem x shin megami tensei ( does this game still exist?) and Wii fit trainer idk. Maybe a male version? I just don’t see Nintendo completely halting production without a decent reason.

    1. No. Only four console Smash games. The new console Smash Bros. game will be Smash 5. The 3ds and Wii U versions have the exact same characters, with the exact same moves. They mostly share the same stages. These games are not different enough to each warrant a numerical edition.

  9. I hope a lot of these rumors aren’t really true. They just released these practically, and yeah nintendo says cause of shelf issues some will come and go. But it’s really annoying that the 3 that are in high demand are sold out everywhere, and apparently being discontinued is a problem. I am not paying more then $40 or even over $100 for a figure I can get at the store for just practically $12.99. Bleh :P

    1. They are not discontinued yet. I think the stores will probably stock them one more time before Christmas…. Just be sure to keep checking the stores periodically, and DO NOT buy them for high prices online.. You never know, Nintendo could restock them in a few weeks, or even a few months if demand is high.

      Until Nintendo comes out themselves and clearly states they are discontinued, and will no longer be up for sale,… I wouldn’t worry too much. Nintendo is a business, and business’s love money.

      1. Yeah I’m not going to get scammed on buying them online cause of the prices. I have gotten though peach, Kirby, and samus so far and they’re very nice. I’d love to get either villager or wii fit trainer but then again those are sold out. I’ll just wait till eventually they get put in stock.

  10. Buying a case pack of 16 Martha for myself yesterday at Toysrus is too sweet. I even got a case pack of Little Macs just in case =P

    1. Nintendo sold already over 1 million of amiibos… Really bad weeks for Nintendo. Oh and I see the second wave! Damn this wave is even more gorgeous than the first one… EVERYONE is talking about amiibos: Even such fools like you and you really talk about bad marketing….?!? THESE ONLINE NEWS ARE THE MARKETING! ;-P

      1. Oh forgot one very little fact: What do you think how bad this will sell when it is possible to use it with the common 3DS?!? ;-) And when Nintendo starts to sell the New 3DS in the rest of the world…?! Puh…So bad news for Nintendo. And yes, 2015: Wii U continues and puts more games to its fantastic library! Man, you must be very alone in this world if you really think Nintendo is doing bad… ;-P

      2. Anonymous, a zealot of nintendo

        One million must sounds amazing to you, lol. Ever thought, just maybe, just maybe, one million is too little compare to other competitions?
        I swear, sometimes, I think blinded fanboys are weaker Nintendo down and not marketing team itself.

  11. I’m so irritated with how they’re doing these. I’ve NEVER seen Villager or Wii Fit Trainer, and only saw Marth once and I was broke or I’d have bought all they had. I don’t see why they don’t make them all easily available, it’s so unfair. Especially since Villager was one of the ones I wanted the most. Quite annoyed with the way Nintendo is handling their release schedule. And the exclusives, UGH!

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