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Best Buy Representative Teases More Amiibo Exclusives Are Coming

BBYJuby, who is the Community Coordinator at Best Buy, has teased Nintendo fans by hinting that more retailer exclusives are on their way. Best Buy has already had the Meta Knight Amiibo as an exclusive and those were soon gobbled up by Nintendo fans and collectors. BBYJudy says that there’s a possibility that they will receive more Meta Knight’s, so I will keep an ear out.

All stock available for preorders has been grabbed up. There is the possibility that we secure more so keep checking back on the site and I will post here if I have news!

The new wave will be up very soon and there will be more exclusives

Thanks, MasterPikachu6

49 thoughts on “Best Buy Representative Teases More Amiibo Exclusives Are Coming”

  1. As long as I can get my hands on the nine that have yet to be announced that are on my “I’m Definitely Pre-Ordering These the First Possible Day” list, I don’t give a darn who has them as exclusives. That said… guesses on who else is gonna be Exclusive? I’m guessing Robin, Greninja, and Duck Hunt probably will all be.

    1. I’m curious: What are the nine on your “Definitely pre-ordering” list?
      Really the only other one that I would want is Falco, but I’m not sure if they’ll be doing unlockable characters.

    1. The pre-order is open but when you select to send to a store to pick up, none in my area allow me to. The only way for me to order is by having it shipped, but now I’m scared to after seeing this. I guess I’m going to have to call Bestbuy cause this amiibo mess is getting ridiculous.

      I was holding off on Meta Knight since the pre-orders have been open for so long but now they’re sold out? Why are they still taking pre-orders then, when other amiibos show sold out?

      Sick and tired of Target’s nonsense, no idea what the hell is going on with the Rosalina amiibo. They opened the pre-order twice but closed them down fast. Some are saying they’re are sold out, but some are saying it was just an error.

      1. When I spoke to the lady just a second ago, she said you can’t pre-order the second wave at Bestbuy. That you’ll have to come in store for them. If you check the site every 2nd wave one says it is sold out and you can’t pre-order any of those, but you can pre-order wave 3.

        Like I said, I’ll try to get more clarification on what the hell is actually going on when I go into the store in a about an hour. Going to check Target and ask there also because some places seem to have gotten some earlier than other stores.

        1. Yeah looked on their online site as well. It said sold out, unavailable for shipping. Nor did it have any information if they were in stock the store. It’s gonna help if they are in stock in a bestbuy near you. And don’t waste your time on target. They never have amiibo in stock. Not even rosalina

          1. For me Target and Toys R Us has had the most stock, I’ve even seen Villager and Wii Fit at my Targets plenty of times. Now the Rosalina pre-order mess is a different story, no god damn clue what they’re doing with that.

            Around here the worst so far would be Walmart, the only ones they had at the Walmarts in my area were Samus, Mario and Yoshi.

            1. hey if your serious about wii fit trainer and villager get me one of each. I’ll buy em for $30 each. There’s literally none here in california aywhere, which leads me tocbelieve you’re lying

              1. So just because your state doesn’t have any. I must be lying? Cause we all apparently live in the same place and everything is the same everywhere in the world right? Why would I go out of my way to help you when you just called me a liar over something so stupid, just saying? As if I need to lie about an amiibo being in stock. Really? What would I gain from doing so?

                That is like me telling everyone posting pictures of Captain Falcon amiibo’s in stores, their pictures are fake and a they are all lies because I can’t find any here where I live…

                Anyway without being too much of a bitch about you saying I’m lying, just ticks a nerve because I take pride in the fact I don’t ever lie. You can easily find them on eBay for that price or even cheaper. Right now there are several of both on eBay for $30, buy it now and even some cheaper with auctions ending really soon. So get on it.

                It would be much easier for you to just buy them there than going through me. If you don’t have an eBay account or don’t want to make one, you don’t need an account to use buy it now, just in case you might not have known.

                1. they’ve been selling on ebay for 70 minimum. All the $30 amiibo are from japan. Unless things have changed from this morning till now, they aren’t selling for $30.

                2. Actually I just checked and your right, but you need to type the figure you want. If you just put amiibo, you get the ridiculously priced ones. I was keeping an eye on a regular villager and it sold for $83.

                3. “I don’t ever lie”, that’s a lie rigt there. Everyone tells “little white lies”, often without even knowing.

                4. I can confirm what Michelle said, as I saw four wii fit trainers yesterday at Walmart. No villager though. However I did see a villager last week. I already got both so no need to buy them again..

  2. Best Buy is actually aware of how much stock they have? Then why the heck did I just get an email with them canceling my preorders I’ve had for a while due to stock limitations? -.-

    I hate these exclusives, and Nintendo is handling production levels and availability extremely poorly.

    1. If you’ve had them for a while that sucks. Make a big deal with their customer service. I remember kmart cancelled my smash and bayonetta 2, and I preordered smash like 5 months in advance. I don’t think they go by first come, first serve. Luckily I had also preordered smash at amazon and had a 2 year old bayonetta preorder at gamestop I had forgotten about. Had my doubts when I preordered with kmart, and I was right.

      1. That actually doesn’t sound like a bad idea. I held off buying certain amiibo when I saw them in stores or preordering from other places because I thought I had them reserved at Best Buy. I’ll see what J can get them to do for me!

        In the mean time, I’m ordering the rest of my amiibo from any retailer that will sell them, regardless if I have them reserved or not. I’ll just cancel any orders after the first one ships. (Since I don’t really want to take advantage of people and sell them for 10 x their value even if I get the chance)

    2. They arent handling it “poorly”. This is done intentional to cause hype and hysteria. Same thing they pulled with Wii.. Its working because ppl are buying up the less popular ones right away and creates Demand… A lot of ppl who don’t know business don’t know about supply and demand.. Create demand by limiting supply.

      1. This is so fucking stressful. EBay has some but the price is fucking ridiculous. $50.00 for one amiibo. Checked gamestop and he won’t be release in till the 31st. If I find two. I’d be more than happy to sell you one.

        1. same here. If i can snatch up more than one I’ll get you one for sure. It’s us against the scalpers. Actually im half collector, half scalper. If i can get my hands on the rarer ones then I’ll collect. Right now it’s looking like I’ll neer be able to have em all for a decent prce, so I’m gonna try to make some money

        2. Supply and demand of a microeconomy – stock is low, demand is high, those who get a chance to resell as a middleman make profit…

  3. Just to confirm, I just got off the phone with Bestbuy.

    I spoke with a lady who said Meta Knight is not sold out and if you want to pick up your pre-order in store you’ll have to make the pre-order in store, not online. I’m going in later to try to snag a pre-order cause I’d rather pick it up in store. I’m going to talk to another person just to be sure since it seems no one knows their ass from their elbow when it comes to amiibo availability right now.

    I’m going to go to Target also while I’m at it and ask them what the freak is going on with the Rosilna pre-orders.

    BTW is Captain Falcon out already? I see some places have gotten him but others say it won’t be out until the 31st.

    Sigh… I can’t wait till I have all the ones I want, and I never have to worry about hunting these down again.

  4. Gosh, how nintendo and retailers have handled these is a train wreck. I’ve slowly gotten some, but I can’t afford all at once including the exclusives. It makes me worried for some in the 3rd wave and ones I want that will be in future releases. Hopefully all this clears after the holidays and stuff cause I will not buy from amazon or eBay as they sell it way more than what it is at retail. It’s retailers fault for dealing with these Amiibos poorly and nintendos although they didn’t know how popular amiibo was going to be, but still :P

  5. I totally freakin’ HATE Best Buy! I hate the exclusives being at their store. I have to drive all the way to their store to pre-order, because their site doesn’t work on my Wii U.

    Also, I still think amiibos are over-priced. They are NOT worth $13.00. And I hate myself for wanting every one of them.

  6. Well I just pre-ordered Meta Knight just fine in Bestbuy, no problems there.

    I went and talked to a person at Target and they didn’t know much about when Rosalina will be up. All they knew was the pre-order hasn’t gone live yet. She did say the site has issues and the pre-orderes that opened earlier were for sure errors, because she said the pre-orders wouldn’t sell out that quickly and that they are gearing up for stock with the amiibos so when Rosalina does go live, she said they should be prepared to fill more than a couple minutes of orders.

    1. Hey Michelle!
      Did you pre-order the Lucario amiibo from Toys R Us? I just received an e-mail telling me that all 3 of my Lucario pre-orders have been cancelled. With no real exlanation. I had these pre-ordered ever since the day it was announced that Lucario was a Toys R Us exclusive. Something very fishy is going on here. They also cancelled my Diddy Kong amiibo the other day with no explanation.

  7. I’ve prordered all of the third wave minus Rosalina & Luma… If this train wreck of a lack of supply to suit demand was fully intended, then it worked in my case… I’m preordering shipments of the already-released Wave 2 (weird…) and other than that, the only thing lacking from my collection are the three that supposedly went out of production so soon.

  8. Soon, I just ordered Meta Knight online, to be shipped to my house…. and it says ship by Jan. 8(on the best buy website)

    I’m very confused…..

  9. ok, if exclusives are always going to be in short supply, this has to stop…I just got email saying my toys r us lucario got cancelled…and I bought it before they were sold out the first time and put them up for pre-order again..Nintendo needs to get a handle on this.

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