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Here’s Some Software Sales Information From Nintendo France

We already know that the Wii U is currently the second best-selling console in France, but how about software sales for Nintendo platforms in the country? Well, thankfully Nintendo deputy general manager Philippe Lavoue is at hand to dish out some healthy figures. Here’s the information he shared with Le Figaro.

  1. He talks about amiibo, which are quite successful (though he doesn’t give any number other than the 200k target for this year). All figures are quite popular, though some are harder to find (Kirby and Wii Fit Trainer)
  2. Smash Bros. for 3DS sold 220k since launch. Special bundle with 3DS XL + game back in stores this week.
  3. Smash Bros. Wii U : still 200k target, though could get higher with christmas. They also confirm the Smash Bros + Basic Wii U bundle.
  4. Wii U sold 490k (vs 340k in May). Still expecting 550k by the end of the year, and the Smash Bros. bundle should help.
  5. Tomodachi Life sold over 400k units in France, and over 1m in Europe (200k in Germany). Only 10k of the 2DS + TL bundle left in France.
  6. Pokémon OR/AS : over 400k units sold in 3 weeks. Expecting 500/540k by the end of the year.
  7. Disney Magical World : all units for launch have been sold (50k), and there’s already been new stocks sent to retailers. Surprised by this.
  8. NSMB2 becoming hard to find, as it’s been selling roughly 14K/week in the past few weeks.
  9. Animal Crossing : New Leaf selling ~15k/week at the moment.

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29 thoughts on “Here’s Some Software Sales Information From Nintendo France”

  1. Nobody.cares.france is one country.japan is one country.America?That’s a hell of a big country!Tell me whan it’s selling well there

          1. ‘America’ being synonymous w/ ‘USA’ probably helps contribute to the arrogance, albeit subconsciously. W/ out eveb thinking: “We’re big, we have much, or we’ll eventually have it all.” Simply shorthand? Or a nationalistic tool?

            But Hel, I’m a Texan & consider myself more worldly. I never agreed w/ the notion that the USA was so much better than other countries, or that Texas was better than any other States. Now 1st world versus 3rd world is a bit obvious, but even so, governments & peoples can be mutually exclusive.

            Growing up, I watched British comedies, movies, & anime, played Japanese video games, listened to bands from Germany, Australia, & England, & read literature of different cultures & eras (still do). There are pros & cons everywhere, but the USA is not the best & in some ways is the worst.

            I am greatful for being an “American”, just as others are greatful for being English or Japanese. But I value creeds & cultures more than countries & continents.

          1. No, what you’re thinking of probably is the EU, the European Union.
            Europe is a continent, like Africa, Asia or Australia. America is the combination of North + South America, which are continents as well.
            The United States of America are a country, similar to Canada, France or Japan, just to give you some examples.

    1. and then the all world hate the USA… this is that kind of attitude which alienate the rest of the world. Then you will be the first one crying cause the world is anti-USA…. You may don’t give a shit but other US guys care and also hate you after that kind of comment.

    1. makes me cry how many people use America to say USA instead of the actual country. Every time a muslin extremist or something else alike says “Death to America” a Brazilian kid starts crying asking themselves what did they have to do with anything….

  2. Anyways, France obviously has quality taste in video games. If the rest of Europe would follow suit, Nintendo could have an epic hoilday season.

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