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Wii U Is The Second Best-Selling Current Console In France

France seems to love Nintendo, and that’s great. So far the Wii U is the second best-selling video game console in the country. The PlayStation 4 has taken the lead with one million consoles sold and the Wii U is next with 490K. The Xbox One is currently last, selling 330K. However, things are different in the United Kingdom, which is the biggest video game market in Europe. Here’s the figures for France.

France Current-Gen Hardware Sales

  • PS4: 1.000.000
  • Wii U: 490.000
  • XBO: 300.000 – 330.000

European PlayStation 4 Rankings:

  1. UK – 1.5 Million
  2. Germany – 1.2 Million
  3. France – 1 Million

Thanks, Seamus

141 thoughts on “Wii U Is The Second Best-Selling Current Console In France”

    1. Simply put, the Xbox brand is not so popular in mainland Europe as it is in North America or UK. It seems that more than half of all Xbox sold in Europe are bought by Britains. Also, French are more eclectic towards gaming. Even PC gaming is huge there.

    1. The us hate the french. They don’t like their cheese and foie gras . Critise the social aspect of the french policy, the usa wants a more liberal france,the US media slag the french president, the times constantly criticism the french economy. So yeah i think the french are a little bit piss off about the usa.but in the case of the xbox the drm,the price and the all spying thing didn’t go down well. I think the french think twice before they purchase their console.

        1. Sir Isaac Newton of Judah

          They cannot afford to continue losing on each and every Xbox iterations. They have always lost the battle in the console wars. On the technical and games front. I see Nintendo, SEGA and the Apple console next generation.

                  1. Well, for one thing, they milk a lot of their products. Which makes me really not trust them. And what good exclusives would it even have? I can only imagine that it would be an overpriced PC wannabe console. Apple doesn’t need to make a console. They can stick with milking their phones and tablets and whatever else, but they should leave gaming alone. They can take their greedy BS somewhere else.

                    1. Actually no. Like every other technological manufacturers, Apple updates their tech as similarly timed as everyone else between 11-24 months of each model. So what you define as “milking” I define as “excuses” to blindly criticize a company over something every other major corporation does in technology.

                        1. Dummy, every new version of iPhone/iPad has always had the same price. It never went up for any new model of those two products. Again, you failed to do your homework on Apple product history. I actually know a lot more shit on Apple history than you do with Nintendo and Sony combined.

                          1. It’s funny how you say you don’t buy the iPhones every year and yet you’re defending the fact they milk them out every year. Every time someone points it out, you always try to redirect their attention towards Samsung. Why? What’s the excuse for that? Is Samsung not “updating their tech as similarly timed as everyone else”? You’re being bias. And I know this because you always talk bad about Android. Even if it’s a phone that clearly has better specs and better features than an iPhone, you still find a way to defend Apple. 😆😆😆

                            1. Did I say they milk or is most of every type of technology in the marketplace today no matter who’s making and distributing it? I don’t damage control or excuse in any way. I’m not that type of fanboy and speaking of me saying I don’t buy iPhones every year, where in the name of fuck did you get that from? I said iPhone 6 is my very first iPhone I own and pay for, period. Look at Samsung, they update regularly but can you see how many versions of the same shit they sell out in stores right now like in Best Buy? I see at least 7 different models of the same Samsung Tab which are not color or storage and 6 Galaxy devices. All dont offer any differences besides size and prices but like I said, I’ve seen worst kinds of milking and Samsung does a lot of that. There’s only two types of iPhone and iPads right now not counting past generation models still on sale.

                              I dont blindly hate on Android because I was foolish enough to try it myself and learn how disappointing the software truly is. Hardware is fine. Android itself just suck ass for a number of reasons I’ve already explained to you idiots before but chose to ignore it. lol You say I defend Apple? Did you forget that I mentioned that Apple soulf consider loosening up for 3rd party thats not into abusing other technology/company/people for their self-centered benefits which is why Apple is tight on making their products closed and secured by their own standards. Also I have never said they’re the best or flawless just because. 8.0.1 update was a mess because Apple rushed it and I certainly wish they kept 32GB as the base storage on their recent devices and update the MP to 10-12 and the RAM by 2GB like iPad Air 2 (or iPad 6)

                              Am I still a fanboy now?

                        2. the only reason you should be getting malware is if you are going to sketchy-ass porn/torrent websites. what sick shit have you been looking up lately?

                          1. It is Stranga you’ll come to expect what he says.

                            That is like saying PC’s suck because you can get viruses. If you are getting viruses, it is your own damn fault like you said. Literally. I’ve had several computers for nearly all my life and I’ve easily managed to never get any viruses of any kind. Especially now, with all the antivirus software out that that makes it shit simple to figure out if something is going to fuck you over.

                            The same goes with Android, all you have to do is pay attention to what you download.

                        3. As if you could not be anymore of a hypocrite around here. First you always go on and on about the Xbox One and Microsoft, but then you wanted to buy a Surface Pro. Then you talk constant shit about smartphones and tablets, but now you want a console from Apple and are even defending the iPhone and iPad hardware.

                          Lol and to you Samsung is worse?

                          I bet you didn’t even know Samsung makes most of the parts in the iPhone and iPad. The CPU, RAM and flash memory. Most idiots don’t, they all think their iPhone is so superior but little do they know… Their phones wouldn’t even exist without Samsung, so yea you clearly know what you’re talking about huh? As always. /s

                          Apple’s phones and tablets have not been on top since Steve Jobs died, they have been outpaced by competitors for years now in the hardware front. The only time their phones and tablets were the best was around 2006. Since then there have been tons of phones and tablets with better and more advanced hardware than Apple’s.

                          You thinking Samsung doesn’t change much in their phones? Wrong also, Apple specifications are the ones that don’t change much or at all. The most that changes in Apple’s products is their OS. Also while Apple’s iPhone 6 is still stuck with cameras that only record in 1080p even when their last iPhone 5 did the same, Samsung’s phones have moved onto recording in 4k from the last phone of theirs that only recorded in 1080p.

                          So who is changing more? The iPhone 6 still has an 8 megapixel camera just like the iPhone 5 did. The S4 had a 13 megapixel camera and the S5 has 16 megapixels, again who is changing more in their phones? Obviously not Apple, the list goes on, but you are as hard headed as ever. Not as if common sense or facts have ever swayed you before, so no doubt this won’t either.

                          You can easily compare the specs between Samsung’s phone iterations and Apple’s and you’ll clearly see Apple always changes less in each iteration. They pretty much make about the same amount of iterations of each device also. Apple has the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPad and iPad mini. Samsung has the S5, the Note and their Galaxy tab and Galaxy Tab S (mini)… So what is the difference really? At least Samsung puts more effort into upgrading more in their phones and tablets than Apple and I don’t see Apple making hardware parts for Samsung’s products either.

                          1. First off Michelle, you obviously are twisting shit so crooked that more than half of the smart people here can tell its bullshit. I criticize Xbox because of Microsoft’s crooked PR shoving DRM on people thinking they’re too stupid to accept it but only a handful and the fact that they’re monopolizing or trying to buy out most of the gaming market only makes them look terrible and control freaks over sucker’s money instead of good, clean competition and not only that, PS3/4/PC/Nintendo already offers a lot more for less and more exclusives that don’t end up broken at launch *cough* HALO: MASTER CHIEF! *cough*

                            I’m curious about Surface because of its specs and huge screen plus being more productive than my own laptop which is why I do want to switch over to Windows 8 tablet for artistic, browsing and some gaming reasons. But the reason why I trashed the last 2 Surface models was because of Microsoft’s short comings of making the cheaper Surface run RT and Pro way overpriced which is why it lost to iPad in the market and lost money over it. Same for Surface 3 being $1000 without keyboard when there’s Dell Venue Pro 11 with the same specs and comes with a keyboard for $300+ less.

                            As for Samsung, I learned that its specs on paper can be deceiving. I had the Note 3 for 9 months and know far enough that the OS “Android” is far from near-flawless compare to iOS. 3GB RAM still doesnt purge its consistent lag, freeze and app crash problems. iPhone only has 1GB RAM and yet it’s failure rate is almost nonexistent because the hardware and software are OPTIMIZED to work with each other unlike Android relying on raw hardware without optimizing harmony to intelligently run smoothly. CPU in Galaxy isnt as impressive as Apple’s custom AX series.

                            And you saying Apple isnt as great after Steve Jobs died from cancer is just fucking ridiculous and even disrespectful to his name like Russians tearing down a statue of JOBS because TIM Cook revealed himself to be gay…see how sad this situation is about you showing doubts over Apple doing its usual thing despite Jobs being gone and their smartphones and tablets being impressive since 2006? Um..weong and shows you don’t research shit before you started typing this crap for a comeback. iPhone started in 2007 and iPad started in 2010 and their devices have made their peaks upon release dates and even outpace its own record sales with new releases every year (I know you’re gonna say about me being a hypocrite of excusing Apple’s annual release and hate on COD. For instance, the difference between them is that Apple actually changes and improves on itself. COD, ever since MW2, has been the same shit taking a step backwards by not improving multiplayer or single player in any way)

                            1. Lol you always say that I’m twisting your words. Talk about twisting, can you even read? Did I not say AROUND 2006? Is 2007 not around 2006? Lol you want to get all fact check-y with me like I don’t know. Do you really want to go this route again? I know you wish you were in my position, making you look stupid all the time must suck I bet.

                              You’re the only one constantly spewing shit out your mouth that contradicts everything you say, not me.

                              Sorry for being one of the few people who feels like calling you out on your bullshit. Not my fault you are always crossing the line. Also, you should really read back what you write, most of it doesn’t even make sense in response to what I said

                              As per usual, you never have anything intelligent to add, you just spin, spin, spin, spin bringing up pointless shit that for the most part isn’t even apart of the initial conversation. Even I sound like a broken record, because you always have the same stupid responses. Lol like Tim Cook being gay, I mean what dumb example that has no relevance to anything I said. I love Steve Jobs, he was the mind behind it all. And as usual you fail to grasp what I say, I was clearly talking about the hardware in comparison to other devices since that time period. You always dismiss any facts handed to you, the iPhone has not been the best device hardware wise since then, as I said before and you cannot say anything to disprove that because it’s an actual fact. So please, tell me how the iPhone is the best smartphone from a hardware perspective when so many other devices have surpassed its specifications years ago.

                              I sure as hell wasn’t talking about Call of Duty either and if you’re seriously trying to compare Apple’s innovation with their phones to Call of Duty, holy fuck, you’re more delusional than I thought. Apple has changed just about as much has Call of Duty has when it comes to their phones these days. You’re right in one sense of a comparison, just like the iPhone, Call of Duty was actually one of the best FPS at a time but that time has long passed.

                              Also where the fuck did I say Android was perfect? Oh yea no where, again talk about twisting. I even said each have their flaws and strengths. I’m not even saying Apple’s phones and tablets are bad either, but again as usual you shit on things without knowing anything about them. You talking shit about Samsung, yet as I told you Samsung makes many of the important parts needed for the iPhone to even work, and you’re still literally trying to do the same even what that is a proven fact also. How can you sit here and still try to act like Samsung hardware is shit but then say Apple’s is better, when Samsung fucking makes most of the iPhone and iPad!!! Fuck, I can’t understand you.

                              You’re probably one of those people who knows you’re wrong but would just never admit it to someone like me. lol.

                              Now on the Surface Pro… It just makes no sense with all the shit you talk about Microsoft and how bad they are, you would even support them at all. Now you talking shit about Halo when what the hell does that have to do with anything? Sigh, it never ends.

                              It is hypocritical whether you choose to accept that, I don’t give a shit. You’re always doing this, dogging on other things and blatantly ignoring everything around you. It just shows how biased you really are, as if the iPhone never has issues.. Are you fucking serious right now?

                              1. Dont even try to correct yourself when I already did it for you and your welcome BTW. Fact check first next time and give yourself a break from only replying to me over dumb shit by saying nothing BUT dumb shit.

                          2. Honestly, I’m perfectly fine with Apple’s pricing. Sue me. I own an iPad Air 2, Macbook Pro with retina, and once owned the iPhone 4s. It’s just I feel that Apple can’t bring anything new to the gaming table, especially these days. It’ll be like a glorified Ouya.

                            1. Sometimes they can OP some stuff *cough* APPLE WATCH! *cough* and sometimes they seem fair enough when you look at their quality. Anyway, I rather have Apple being the gaming market than fucking Micro$oft going all monopoly on everyone and buying out every-fucking-thing to try to force DRM, pointless “free” internet play fee and their technologically failed hardware down our throats (Xbox 360’s Red Ring and One’s fire hazard combustion)

                                1. Seriously, I may consider buying the Apple Watch if it were $250-300, but $350 is way too much to ask for especially when Samsung’s own watch is $50-100 cheaper so Apple should have reduce the price to better compete the smart watch market. They have the means but they’re asking a bit too much for a watch. In fact, I can find and buy the 6th gen iPod Nano (little square thing with a touch screen) and use it as a fucking watch for 60% less. lol

                        4. I believe Apple will not expand to consoles.They are already in lead for mobiles and tablets they have their hands full.

                          1. It’s gonna die off slowly though. Their definitely going to make it brutally underpowered and miss a lot of standard features. The best they can make it is to have Apple TV levels of profit

                            1. I would at least give Apple a shot at full pledge video gaming and as long as their console is around $400 with high storage drive thats changable and utilize other iOS/Mac features and apps from Apple Store and much more as well as winning so much support for fantastic games, then I’ll welcome Apple into the market and say adios to those fuckers at Microsoft and their DRM riddled XBetamax.

                              1. jesus you are an apple fanboy. keep your brainwashing to yourself- there are enough nintendrones here as it is, don’t need anymore blabbering idiots.

                            1. Did I say that they are or am I saying that they’re milking their products which was cited in tech news explaining why their interests is partially dropping because of them making too much Tab and Galaxy models? Learn how to read and BTW, you forgot Google as part of the Android manufacturing company because they’re making their own tech plus I never said anything about HTC or LG milking.

                      1. Apple may likely step into the gaming market than Sega. Sega is finished and does nothing but milk Sonic to death with their dumbass gimmicks that shouldn’t be overshadowing Sonic’s standard gameplay: Speed.

                        1. The Steam Machine might fill the void, if not muscle MS & Sony out since multiplats are their major business model (surprised X1 is even relavent w/ so few exclusives. & power seems to be the defining factor for multiplats, & PS4 (or PC) is better equipped).

                          I also think Amazon might enter the arena. The masses have spoken: they’d rather have a multimedia platform than a dedicated console, so who better than Amazon?

                          But Android certainly failed.

                          SEGA could, maybe, return to hardware; if they got their shit together, focused on gameplay & blew the dust off their catalog. But now, instead of focusing on gaming, they’re going to run past the other 3rd parties straight into full-on movies & TV shows. Such a waste. But I guess the gaming bubble has burst, gameplay cut w/ cinema (or is that cinema is cut w/ gameplay?).

                                1. The difference though is that the Steam Machines are PC’s that are meant to get console gamers to switch. The only reason I say Alienware is a ripoff is because they charge ridiculous prices for their prebuilt PC’s along with mediocre specs. And you could build a PC with far better specs for much less.

                                    1. “Pixxl has revealed the Jetpack, a SteamOS gaming PC that fits onto the back of your TV. Designed for TVs between 32in and 70in, the Jetpack packs in Core i7 processors and an Nvidia Titan graphics card, along with 1TB of SSD storage. It’s available from 1st January, priced £612.

                                      “Specs-wise it offers a multicore AMD CPU and a dedicated AMD Radeon R9270 graphics card (which is worth US$180 on its own), along with a 500GB hard drive and Steam OS pre-installed. All that for US$500.”


                                      How to Build a Steam Machine For Less Than the Price of a PS4:


                                2. But Gabe already said that the Steam Machine wouldn’t have any exclusives, so it’ll be missing Halo, Uncharted, basically the system sellers.

                                  Hasn’t Amazon stepped in with the Fire TV?

                                  Sega’s a dead man walking

                            1. LOL SEGA and Apple… Dream on.

                              If you seriously think Sega is making a come back in the console business, you are out of your mind. I love the old Sega to death, but they have gone so far down hill from then, there is no coming back for them.

                              They have a few gems now but Sega isn’t making enough money from these games to get back into the console biz. It’s obvious the people who made Sega so good in the past probably no longer work there anymore anyways.

                          1. Sony won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, really. And even if, I’m pretty sure the Playstation brand would definitely keep existing, seeing how profitable it is.

                            1. Well its partially their fault for not updating their security. Remember PSN hack takedown in 2011? Same fucking mistake done yet again with the entire Sony infrastructure and also, North Korea needs to be wiped off of the earth. They’re fucking insane.

                                1. North Korea who are deemed as bloodlusted cowards who only bully the weak? lol That’s funny because they did all of this over a fucking comedy movie…insensitive warcrying fucktards who can’t take a joke only shows what pussies they truly are inside. Sony needs to launch that movie because everyone knows they’re using cheap scare tactics to cancel it and all they did was hack information and leaked it on the internet. If they wanted to like destroy Sony, they would’ve done much worse like highjack their stock.

                                  Fuck North Korea.

                                  1. Lol you never know though. Maybe they actually got tired of playing around and decided to get serious. Or maybe you’re right and they’re just trying to play tricks on people again. There’s no way they would destroy some movie theaters and take innocent civilians lives just because they don’t want people watching a movie… Nah. North Korea’s not that crazy! Or are they? O.o

                                      1. Agreed. It’s a load of BS. I hope North Korea gets a taste of their own medicine. What worries me though is about the fact that since Sony gave up to the threats and stopped The Interview, they might think that they can control us and we might possibly be seeing more of stuff like this happening in the future a lot more… 😟

                                        1. Actually, the retailation has just begun. Their internet networks were taken out by brute force just a while ago. Its payback time and not just US but N. Korea also fucked with Japan because Sony is THEIR company and ecomony they’re messing with and over a fucking joke movie which proves how much of a pussy Kim and the entire country is.

                                              1. What?! Hell yes!!!!!! This is awesome! I can’t wait to see it! FUCK NORTH KOREA. And fuck the fatass Kim Jong Un. XD

                                2. ehhhhh, Sony’s income these years aren’t doing well, the hack sony experience is going to cost them lots in damages the Ps4 right now is getting them money but not enough to support the company

                                  1. The PS4 doesn’t need to support Sony as a whole, Playstation is a separate division. Sony could easily drop everything else if all else fails and still have the Playstation brand around.

                                    1. Possibly, but console sales alone will not be enough. Software is where most of the profit comes from, and Sony is lacking on first party software. That’s why Nintendo thrives off a low console user base, becouse thier first party software sales are always strong. Sony doesn’t make much profit off of COD, or Destiny. Most of that money goes to the developers.

                                      First party games are not just made to help sell a console, they are vital to a consoles existence.

                              1. Sony & MS will likely release streaming devices as their answer to 9th gen systems. A combination of Chromecast & Steam.

                                PS4 & X1 are already streaming games & they’re essentially budget PCs. & both companies are more about multimedia than simply games. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Cloud was the only source for PS5 & X? games.

                                A dongle & a controller. Activate a subscription & play. But if they do go under, & during that possible scenario, those PS5 & X? games would go likely go w/ them.

                                1. The moment Sony and Microsofts consoles become indistinguishable from a gaming PC, will be the moment Nintendo wins the console battle.

                              2. Not exactly. The first to go woyld definitely be Xbox for a few reasons: 1. Xbox brand hasnt made any profit since its first generation. 2. Nobody but fanboys trust Microsoft anymore after NSA, Xbox One “DRM” debacle along with itself bursting into flames when powered on and 3. Bill Gates, even investors are telling Mivrosoft to get back into focusing on their software division which is what made Microsoft huge because their hardware department sucks balls. Zune failed, Surface 1&2 failed and Xbox never made a single dime for the company nor won any gaming generations; PS2 obliterated Xbox 1, Wii technically won the 7th gen console race for other reasons besides sales while PS3 caught up to Xbox 360 sales and Xbox “One” is still in third place thanks to Microsoft’s own greedy fuck ups by trying to dictate their fanbase of how they play/share/sell games and will always will be in third place period.

                            2. Sir Isaac Newton of Judah

                              You should love the fact that logical thinking countries like France still exist. Germany too surprisingly. The buy games with purpose and well built mechanics. The UK has great gamers as well, but the hordes of FIFA and COD players and tainting the image of a once great gaming Union.


                              1. Only ones I’ve got from wave two are Little Mac and Zelda. I’ve never even seen any of the other in the store.

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                              1. Thanks!
                                But don’t thank all of them. A generic french teenager acts like an arabian thug, and they are downright annoying.

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                            5. It’s crazy how well the PS4 is selling. I have one and I enjoy it, but in reality its game library is really lacking. Almost all of it’s games are just definitive editions of games that came out less than two years ago on Xbox 360 and PS3.

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