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Here’s iJustine Playing Mario Kart 8 With Shigeru Miyamoto And Bill Trinen

Following on from iJustine’s interesting and informative interview with Mr Miyamoto and Bill Trinen, she got to take on the legends herself in a vicious game of Mario Kart 8 for Wii U. The video is lacking some super skills, but it’s great to see Shigeru Miyamoto and Bill Trinen team up to take on iJustine.

Thanks, WhiteEagle

40 thoughts on “Here’s iJustine Playing Mario Kart 8 With Shigeru Miyamoto And Bill Trinen”

      1. Nope, Kojima makes boring games unlike Miyamoto, the only time i enjoyed MetalGear series was when i played MGR which is made by PlatinumGames, Kojima cant even come close to the creativity of Miyamoto.

        Miyamoto has revolutionarized how we play games, he has many genres covered, he is legend. Kojima may make some good games but no one comes close to the achievements of Miyamoto and im not even Nintendo fanboy when stating this, i like all systems and all kinds of devs, its just that Miyamoto rules.

        Sm64 and Oot boht are games that changed the way we play 3D games, think about all the games before them like Crash Bandicoot for example, its a nice game but it plays like 2D game in 3D realm, you only have one way to move to etc. But in Sm64 the stages are open and have many things to do collecting and all kinds of neat stuff, Miyamoto just has a visions far above other devs, theres no denying that.

              1. Wouldnt be surprising, game publishers can be a little bit asses towards the game creators. Atleast that glorified MGSV demo plays well, unlike rushed stuff like AliensCM or Sonic06 LOL

                P.S I always wonder what kinda would be scale of from worst game to greatest game?
                Would it start from Sonic06 since it sucks so much and end on Oot since that game is praised so much over the years?

          1. Wow. Really? Using homosexuality? I would be horrified if I ever had a child so ignorant and disrespectful like you. Terrible child upbringing these days, spits out vomit like you

          2. You must be so proud of yourself, using disgraceful terms like that huh? I’m 13 and at least I know how to handle myself on the Internet smh

  1. Why does this parasite even exist? How can people actually watch this painfully unoriginal and talentless attention whore?

            1. Yeah, chugga can be annoying but he’s pretty funny at times. Never heard of the other two. I like to watch alchestbreach.

              1. You don’t know who’s Masae? There are tons of rumors that she’s dating chugga! If you look at Caprisun’s vlogs they’re always walking together on trips :D

                TheRunawayGuys is a collab channel with chugga, protonjon and NintendoCapriSun. Great bunch :=P

          1. He does a few things i find hard to tolerate on a few levels but he is actually mostly mature and self aware of his sometimes childlike (as one could describe it) behavior.

          2. hes also a competent gamer that plays a wide variety of games. Thats the main reason I continue to pay attention to him or the things hes doing.

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