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Those Toys R Us Amiibo Cancellations Apparently Due To Delays And Constrained Supply

A number of you contacted me to say that Toys R Us were cancelling your Amiibo pre-orders and purchases. It was initially presumed that this was due to a technical error that had cancelled a number of Wave 2, 3. and Lucario Amiibo pre-orders. Now it’s being reported that those who managed to contact Toys R Us customer service were actually being told that the company had received notice by Nintendo of a product delay and that Amiibo were being cancelled as a result until they had a clear indication of how much stock they were going to get in. There’s now speculation that Wave 3 may be held back until beyond February to ensure that there’s enough Amiibo figures to go round.

Thanks, Michelle

22 thoughts on “Those Toys R Us Amiibo Cancellations Apparently Due To Delays And Constrained Supply”

      1. I just came from GameStop and the guy told me he only received one little mac since it was released. I also keep reading these stories about Wii fit trainers and villagers in stores, but I’ve yet too see any of the “rares”

    1. Really isn’t the retailers fault in this case, I mean besides one jerk at this Gamestop, everyone has been super helpful and really trying to get these amiibo orders for me. I been all over my city hunting these things down. They just don’t have enough information from Nintendo to tell anyone about them is the main problem.

      Same thing with wave 2, I go to all these stores and only see Zelda, but then I ask about the others and they honestly have no clue when they’ll come in, they said that was all Nintendo sent even though they were supposed to get more. All they can say is just keep checking back. Even the managers are lost.

      You can only do so much as an employee with the information you’re given from the actual manufacturer of these products.

      1. Sounds like everyone is having the same problem that I’m having with finding these amiibo (and the cancellations). The real question is, WHY IS NINTENDO TAKING SO LONG TO PRODUCE MORE SHIPMENTS TO STORES?

  1. Heh, sorry Sickr.. I had to keep sending stuff about this. As I’ve said this seems to be a big problem on Nintendo’s end. I came from several stores last night and this morning while I was out. All similar horror stories just like Toys R Us and a total lack of information on when anything will be available or if it’s even really sold out.

    All this stuff is so confusing. I feel I should have just taken my chances in store cause I’m so worried about my other pre-order exclusives from other stores ending up in the same situation.

    Wahhhh… I seriously really wanted Lucario too out of the bunch, I pray to the Nintengods that this gets sorted soon or that they will at least make more stock of these really popular amiibo’s.

    What I don’t get is that their selling off the charts, so why are we even hearing about Nintendo already planning to discontinue some.

    You would think with their increasing popularity and their good sales, Nintendo would just want to keep making more, not discontinuing any of them this early. At least not until that figure just isn’t selling at all anymore and is just costing them shelf space.

    1. I really wanted Lucario too! Ever since I saw Pokemon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, I’ve always thought he was awesome.
      And about shelf space, could they not continue to sell droves of them online without worrying about retail stores?

      1. That also, they should’ve just did that and avoided this entire debacle with retailers. Seems like it would have saved them a lot of money, just selling it themselves instead as well. Rather than going through retailers.

        I just think they wanted them to sell well is the issue, if they were only online there is a slight possibly they would sell less because people that don’t have much interest in them wouldn’t walk into stores and see them on shelves, to take an interest in.

        Still, I agree with you online through Nintendo only would’ve been a better idea as whole I think.

    2. my tru pre order on the exclusive was canceled, it had been on order since posted on their web site Nov. Why cancel that now. cant get it anywhere else.

    1. ^ This, with all the confusing messages from Nintendo about them.. I don’t even know if Nintendo knows exactly what is going on lol.

  2. Not going to lie, Nintendo bungled this whole Amiibo thing.

    1) They did nothing to tell anyone about the release date of the second wave of Amiibo. I never saw dates for releasing the second wave on their website, yet we know they started releasing them last week.

    2) Why don’t they sell the “less popular characters” on their website? IF you are doing so poor with sales of your consoles, appease your demographic by selling these figures. There is a demand for them! Re-Fucks!

    3) Why aren’t they using their website to explain WTF is going on?

    They want our money, why won’t they take it?

    1. Number 2 all the way. If they suddenly announced that Marth and Villager were available through Nintendo online shop, people would buy them in droves due to their rarity right now.

  3. Has anyone else had problems with any of the amiibo that they DID receive from Toys R Us being damaged? They shipped some of them in bubble envelopes to me, and the packaging got damaged. So I called and complained, and they gave me a refund for 4 of them. As a collector who keeps things new and unopened, I think they’re CRAZY for shipping amiibo in bubble envelopes. STUPID!

    Aside from those problems, Toys R Us gave me problems from the very beginning. They didn’t even ship Smash Bros. Wii U OR the first few amiibo to me for like a week after they first released. I’ll NEVER pre-order from Toys R Us again.

  4. I’m so confused… It says my Bowser is cancelled but nothing about my Lucario… I’m really getting sick of this whole Amiibo craze… Half the people who buy them horde them until they are unavailable in stores and then jack the price up and profit. I really hope I can find Bowser somewhere else, because it’s starting to look like I’m SOL.

  5. This is why I stopped collecting star wars hasbro action figures, If they don’t get it together soon I’ll be done collecting these, due to all the pure frustration this causes.

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