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Nintendo UK Highlights 10 Most Confusing Gaming Terms For UK Parents

A recent study conducted by Nintendo UK, in conjunction with Netmums, the UK’s fastest-growing online parenting organisation, has shown that 63 per cent of children across the UK consider themselves fluent in the language of video gaming, compared to just 11 per cent of parents surveyed. However 42 per cent of parents surveyed have never tried to learn any gaming terms, with some stating they feel too old to start or claim it simply isn’t important for them and they leave it to their kids to understand.

Although the study showed that over half (57 per cent) of UK parents still enjoy playing video games with their children, almost one in five (17 per cent) UK parents admitted to avoiding playing video games with their children solely due to their lack of gaming knowledge.

The below list shows the 10 most confusing gaming terms for UK parents surveyed, who recognised the terms but were unable to define them:

  • MMORPG – Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game – 53%
  • Twitch – Live streaming video platform / community – 50%
  • Blue-Shelled – Suddenly being knocked out of first place when you’re about to win (Mario Kart reference) – 50%
  • (J)RPG – (Japanese) Role-Playing Game – 43%
  • UGC – User-Generated Content – 39%
  • Backward Compatible – A newer gaming console that supports games or software designed for older models of hardware – 34%
  • Camping – Staying in one spot on a map in a game to gain an advantage- 33%
  • NPC – Non-Playable Characters – 32%
  • FTW – For The Win – 30%
  • FPS – First Person Shooter – 28%

Netmums worked with Nintendo to analyse the data from the research that was conducted through surveying over 1,700 parents across the UK.

On the back of this recent finding, Nintendo has now developed a gaming terminology guide that parents can view on The research stated that 57 per cent of UK parents would find a gaming terminology guide useful and think it could be an extremely helpful resource to have to hand. The terminology guide is addressing this need and helping parents become savvier with gaming terms and maybe even impress their children with their gaming knowledge.

Siobhan Freegard, Co-Founder Netmums states that ““Gaming terminology can make parents feel extremely alienated and perhaps a little scared about what their children are doing on line. It’s great to have this reference tool, which is live on, to break down those barriers and help all the family get involved in the fun.”

Shelly Pearce, Marketing and PR Director at Nintendo, notes “Nintendo realises that not everyone is tech-savvy, however we are keen to make gaming as inclusive as possible. Along with the help of Netmums, we have looked to address this via the introduction of our gaming terminology guide. This will hopefully ensure that the whole family feels confident gaming together and can focus on having fun!”

47 thoughts on “Nintendo UK Highlights 10 Most Confusing Gaming Terms For UK Parents”

      1. @pink0crystal0midbus is right. Kids don’t earn the money themselves and therefore can’t buy the games themselves…

  1. This article is literally the entire reason why kids are normally allowed to play M-rated games in this day and age. The kids want to be cool and mature, and everyone at their school is playing it, so they want to play it too! And their parents are unknowing of what “M-rated” even means now-a-days! Anyways…

    1. I saw a dad picking up Titanfall from the shelves for his son. I spent 10 minutes explaining the ESRB ratings and descriptions, after he realized age ratings were a thing in gaming he went and got Portal 2 :p

      1. He learned about age ratings AND purchased his child the significantly superior game. Win/win for everyone…well except for his little brat of a child, who probably wanted a dumb game like Titanfall rather than a great game like Portal 2!

      2. I think at this point, those people who say games cause disasters really need to look at the millions of parents who are actually at fault for buying their 10 year-old kid a game about shooting people for fun… Not that that causes disasters anyway, because those are the select few kids who have… mental issues…

    2. Those ratings like E for Everyone, T for Teens or M of Mature don’t apply here in the U.K. They use the age rating system.(3,7,12,15,16,18…)

      1. Actually, while Nintendo may not have much UGC in their console games when actually on their consoles, the roming community is very active in creating UGC through hacking. I have about forty or so variations on Super Mario World for the SNES (Which I also own legally, so hear in the US I am not doing anything illegal by also possessing mods).

        Anyway, other than that there are now Miis that appear in many games that create a cosmetic UGC, and Super Smash Bros has a very excellent arena builder, customizable move sets, as well as Mii fighters that can be crafted. In the end, the new Super Smash Bros does have a fairly impressive UGC inclusion.

        And don’t get me started on Project M.

  2. Twitch. Really? My Mom know at least the terms Twitch, Blue Shelled, JRPG and FTW and she isn’t even a gamer. The furthest she has come to console gaming is playing Wii Sports… Yeah, not exactly what anybody would call a gamer…

  3. Twitch, Really??? Who doesn’t know what Twitch is… My Mom knows the terms, Twitch, Blue Shelled, JRPG and FTW and she’s not even a gamer… The furthest she has gone to Console Gaming is Wii Sports. Yeah, not exactly what you call a ‘gamer…’

    1. Sorry about the double post. I was logged out of my E-Mail, so it has shown up as Anonymous. Plus, when the page refreshed, my first comment didn’t even show up…

      1. Only games on her IPad. She (depressingliy) plays Candy Crush. The U.K government is so stupid, well at least on MP. One MP was caught playing Candy Crush, on his IPad, while and important discussion was happening in the Parliament Building. Why??? If he wanted to play Candy Crush so bad, he should have just stayed at home…X(

        1. I thought the minister was a woman. And as to why she was playing candy crush, she said she was addicted. It’s just show you how professional and dedicated minister we have in UK. They are pay £82K per year + expenses…..

  4. I’ll admit, I’ve never heard anyone use “Blue Shelled” before unless it’s during Mario Kart, and I also had never heard the abbreviation UGC. And I’ve been playing video games with a passion for the better part of 13 years now.

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  6. I’ve never seen or heard the term UGC used in my entire life.

    I don’t think any real human beings use that abbreviation. There is no wonder why it is confusing.

    1. Likewise with Blue shelled. I don’t think anyone but some random friend of someone doing the study uses that term in any game other than Mariokart. I think even gamers who don’t own Nintendo platforms at least vaguely know what a blue shell is … but honesly … No One says that.

  7. whoa!!!! Nintendo Uk doing some data analysis with netmum when 90% of UK do not even know Smash bro was out. Talk to a friend of mine who does not own a Wii U but will be interested to buy one. When I told him the game was out he could not believe it, and the guy is a gamer. Drop netmum Nintendo and put some bloody ads between x-factor or the jungle or the royal variety or googlebox for the love of god. Everybody know that Assassin’s creed unit is now £29.99 on Xbox1… why cause MS/GAME put the ads out during marvel of shield at 20:00….

  8. Damn, UK has their shit together. Better rewards, better advertising, doing their research… America needs to get its shit together :/ I live in america.

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