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Nintendo Of America Provides Handy Infographic For Prospective Wii U And 3DS Owners


Nintendo of America loves dishing out infographics and it wouldn’t quite be Christmas without one. The following infographics show new and current Nintendo 3DS and Wii U owners what you can do with your system outside of playing those all-important video games. As you can see, there’s plenty to do.


Thanks, Luis E.

50 thoughts on “Nintendo Of America Provides Handy Infographic For Prospective Wii U And 3DS Owners”

    1. Indeed, if Nintendo get’s the games right next year on Wii U, then they could have a 3DS kind of year for Wii U that they had last year for 3DS. Maybe not as big of sales as 3DS had last year, but next year could be Wii U’s best year, in terms of the games and sales…

      1. What? But I didn’t sell it. ūüėē I literally sent it off to repair like 2 days ago. I even have the recepit and tracking number. And what are you talking about? XD I simply said 3DS is the better deal right now because it has a lot more to play. Did you even see it’s 2013 lineup? Mario and Luigi Dream Team, Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon, Pokemon X and Y, Shin Megami Tensei IV, Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Dual Destinies, Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy, Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Mario Party Island Tour, and Zelda ALBW. ALL in the same year. Wii U had Lego City Undercover, Rayman Legends, Super Mario 3D World, and Pikmin 3. You know that 2015 will be to the Wii U what 2013 was to the 3DS. :P

        1. Actually wait, I think Phoenix Wright and Professor Layton were 2014 for NA. But 2013 for EU. My point still stands though.

            1. No because Ubishit fucked Nintendo fans but now it’s not just them. It’s PC and everyone else on PS/Xbetamax but unfortunately for the other two dick measuring contestants of Sony and Microsoft, their fan bases are beyond retarded to notice and debate over third parties cheating their money with false hype and lies of the two other “consoles” being “powerful” with weak excuses like 30FPS is suitable on PC (Ubisoft) or Watchdogs changing sandbox games (NOT and also Ubisoft)

                1. And again, Ubisoft deserves NOTHING, not even if a few of their “games” turned out to be decent. From 2012 to now, everything about Ubisoft are pure BULLSHIT. I’m done with them.

                  1. No it wasn’t. Far Cry 3 came it in 2012 and it was amazing. Splinter Cell Blacklist was 2013 and it was great. Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag was 2013 and it was amazing. Rayman Legends was 2013 and it was amazing. Far Cry 4 which released last month was amazing. Why would ANYONE be happy that they are missing out on these games? I don’t care what company it is. If it’s a good game, I’m gonna buy it. Period.

                    1. Blacklist on Wii U: Gimped and it’s online was shit thanks to DRM Uplay and it’s tedious connection that’s as equally worse as Brawl’s online play. I don’t care about FarCry.

                      You buy any “good” game, no matter what company or how shitty it is to consumers? That is the class mindset of a sheep. I defend good gaming and everything about Ubisoft is not good. Keep throwing money at them so they can keep fucking over more of their loyal fan bases and yourself included because one day, they’ll do something that’s so terribly uncalled for, I hope it’ll wake your blind ass up one morning and make you cry until the next dawn of day.

                      1. I said IF IT’S A GOOD GAME. I don’t buy every Ubisoft game nor do I care about every Ubisoft game. I’m not about to miss out on games because I don’t hold grudges against companies. It’s just business. I’m not asking Ubisoft to treat us like best friends or something. If they make a good game, I’ll buy it. If I don’t care about the game, I’m not gonna buy it. Simple as that. I don’t give a shit about what Ubisoft thinks about Nintendo fans or any other fanbase for that matter. I don’t decide to buy my games based on the company that made it. That’s fucking stupid.

                        1. You missed one thing: Their reasons to skip out on Nintendo fans by gimping so many games and then say the fans are the reason why their ports suck when 1. They’re gimped and 2. Reason #1 is primary why they’re pissed, not only gimping but the stupidly false blame game and excuses they’re making.

                              1. Yes, it’s business. If they aren’t making enough money from Nintendo platforms, then they have the right to stop making games for it. I don’t care. I’ll go buy another platform to get the games on.

                                1. No it not for two reasons: Gimping games will affect long term sales and consumer relationship and not making enough GOOD games for such platform (3DS), those morons will see it as a “failure” because they didn’t do shit.

                              2. “their fan bases are beyond retarded to notice and debate”
                                Please be less ignorant to the current gaming industry

                  2. Unfortunate about Number 10 for Wii U in the U.K, Nintendo TVii is still not up and running here. It’s ridiculous. I want to be able to experience Nintendo TVii. I’ve been waiting for 2 years, since Wii U launch for this, the only feature to not work on Wii U, to be properly added. What’s the hold up. Can anybody tell me/link an article, explaining the hold up…

                    1. You really aren’t missing much. I’ve used it like 4 times since launch. Its nothing special at all. More like a waste of time tbh. Only thing I can think of that it does is let you comment about TV shows to Miiverse (which no one ever reads anyways) and look up the cast of shows. Kind of pointless imo.

                      1. Might be pointless, but I would at least like the option to be there, rather than not, so that I don’t feel like I’ve been slightly ripped off by the fact that I paid launch price for the Wii U, but not all of the features are availible. I don’t feel ripped off in terms of using the Wii U itself, I’m using the Wii U right now, to browse Miiverse, to watch Youtube videos and to play some games…

                        1. Ok. But trust me. When and if it does become available in your area, you’re probably gonna use it a few times and then never care about it again. XD

                    2. Nintendo TVii, you can forget about it. All it does is turn Gamepad into a universal remote and TV guide on screen. Thats it. If it were to stream TV shows from the TV/Cable even while someone plays the Wii U on the main TV like Off-TV Play in reverse, that would’ve been very cool. But no. Its only a guide and TV remote.

                              1. Oh really? Hm? Ok what if somebody told you that they don’t like iPhones and that they would rather have an LG or Samsung Galaxy? What would you think about that?

                                1. Now changing subjects from blaming me on accepting Apple’s BS practices willingly to people switching over to Galaxy phones are you? lol My point exactly. Don’t judge me because I own a piece of Apple’s tech.

                                  Besides, people switching over is not my concern. They wanna learn first hand of how much Android OS suck balls? That’s their choice and suffering just like I had when I stupidly bought the Note 3 thinking it would be good. Hardware, yes. All software from OS to App Store, fuck no.

                                  1. “Wanna learn how much Android OS sucks balls” Boom. Right there. That’s exactly what I was expecting you to say. You’re always hating on Android. I got a new Android phone like last month and I’ve had absolutely zero problems with Android whatsoever. So you clearly don’t know what you are talking about.

                                    1. Dude, are you blind to read what I typed? I said “I bought the Galaxy Note 3” which means I have learned first hand, compared to iOS, how shit Android really is. Its buggy, apps crashes too often and randomly, some fucking pop up ad bug infected my phone and it won’t go away, RAM is used up with just several opened apps and I’m talking 3GB of it, camera capture speed is sluggish, that stupid ass “low battery” disabling the camera at 10% unlike iPhone which lets you use the camera regardless of battery (BTW, who’s the one being “restrictive” on users again?), the App Store is a fucking joke; filled with nothing but freemium garbage everywhere plus it doesn’t have the essential or exclusive apps that I have and love from Apple’s App Store, the battery life..well, you get the idea: it’s not as good as Apple’s better battery capacity.

                                      The only few things I give Galaxy phones credit for is the memory expansion, camera and screen display. That’s it. Everything else that sucks is primarily the software.

                                      1. Just because you had a bad experience with a Samsung Galaxy doesn’t mean Android sucks. Like I said, I have an Android phone. Zero problems whatsoever.

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