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Reggie Says It Has Taken A While For Wii U To Catch On As It Takes Time To Make Quality Games

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has admitted that it has taken some time for the Wii U to catch on with consumers. Fils-Aime says that the reason why is that it takes time for them to develop the high quality Nintendo games we are all used too and the company’s focus on quality is second to none.

“If this works and the Wii U is back on its feet in 2015, it may be seen as a Christmas miracle. High-profile gadget failures don’t often get a second chance. Fils-Aime, though, said it’s by plan.”

“What took so long?”

“Developing high-quality games like this takes time,” Fils-Aime said. “It takes time, it takes an investment of people resources and our focus on quality is really significant.”

Fils-Aime said the Wii U business “is up and up strongly throughout this entire calendar year.” Software sales have almost doubled and hardware sales are up about 40 percent over last year.

If it’s a make-or-break holiday for the Wii U, Fils-Aime isn’t saying. Asked how important this year is for the platform, he said “The reality … is that every holiday is important for us” because that’s when it may see 60 percent or more of its annual sales.

71 thoughts on “Reggie Says It Has Taken A While For Wii U To Catch On As It Takes Time To Make Quality Games”

        1. That depends on Square Enix if they want to, BF wasn’t coming to the West until nintendo helped with international Release Besides nintendo alredy has try to Bring Dragon Quest to the West heck they even save one game from cancellation but they didn’t sell very good in the states… But Europe loves DQ

  1. make or break THE ONLY PROFITABLE HOME SYSTEM IN EXISTENCE isnt make or break…

    nintendo will report hundreds of millions in profit for this 1/4 year already confirmed they trippled profits

    sony will report billion dollar plus losses and with the hacks loose another 200 plus million more than thought

    xbone is already 2 billion in the hole in loss

    wiiu is making huge profits and all the games are AA AAA

    wii doing fine boys

  2. “is that it takes time for them to develop the high quality Nintendo games”

    That and the fact that the console lack a true killer at launch, oh and lets not forget the blunder that is was the presentation of the console and to the rapidly lose of the 3rd party support it was presuming at the beginning and let’s ad to the table the 1st year PR they gave to the Wii U, soo bad that not even those that say that “even bad PR is good PR” could claim it was good PR.

  3. “Developing high-quality games like this takes time”

    And yet the PS4 already sold over 17 million and it has no high-quality games whatsoever.

    1. That’s because unlike Nintendo Sony thought about 2014 in 2008. As a result the most futuristic console outsells the console which was designed in 2008 for ,2008. If Nintendo thought about 2014 back in 2008 of wouldn’t need a price cut yet like PS4. Why in 2008 would Nintendo think the gamepad working 25ft away was good for 2013? Also stupid in not working on the pro controller not work on Wii mode. And stupid for not making GameCube features in Wii U back in 2008. Too expensive? Will when GameCube was in R&D should have thought about regular sized disk. Then it would not be that expensive 2 generation consoles later.

      1. Also why in 2008 would Nintendo think one gamepad would be good 4 years later? And also why didn’t they focus on YouTube better? And why would they take features like comments on YouTube and not being able to click “more” to search people you subscribed to anymore. That was stupid. Also stupid for not making Nintendo TVii better. And stupid for not advertising Wii U right away. Like who the hell comes out with a product first and waits until the rivals start advertising then start showing Wii u games on TV. When Ford introduced the redesigned fusion they didn’t wait until the 2015 Sonata came out then start advertisin the Ford. That’s just stupid.

        1. If sony did actually things through the wouldn’t be in financial problems after all the Blu ray didn’t become the next big thing and their cell phones division fail
          You most be really naive if you think sony thinks things ahead other wise the PS3 and Vita would have been number one console sellings
          Also nintendo focusing on YouTube was actually a good idea considering that a lot of gaming site right now are really hard to trust anymore by having things like Nintendo Direct they can actually tell their consumers what they gonna get directly to them (no pun there)
          Also a console should be advertise by what it is a gaming console not by having things like they were a multimedia thing yes i know some want to have everything in one pack but least be honest at the end of the day matters in a console are games like Exclusives which the PS4 doesn’t have until 2015 i really don’t see the point in buying a console that have the same games as it competitor especially when they look better on PC at least the XBone has Sunset Overdrive and Wii U has Bayonetta MK8 and so on i really don’t see why everyone praise the Ps4
          I don’t care if the PS4 has good graphics if you want great graphics then play on PC
          If you want great Exclusives stick to XBone and Wii U

            1. Eternal Ridley Prime

              A shame Kingdom Hearts is no longer one such Playstation exclusive. Let’s hope Kingdom Hearts 3 doesn’t end up like Epic Mickey 2 where going multiplat was the death of it.

  4. That’s why they need 3rd-party support, so they can fill in the gaps between Nintendo’s own games and eliminate software droughts + offer a wider variety of games, to make the console more attractive. But seeing how Nintendo seems to put 0 effort into attracting 3rd-party developers, it might be hard for them to catch on at all.

        1. A console maker makes a console to create their games on it. A third party developer submit a request to make a game for the console. Third party developer is not required to nor is made to create a game for a console. Console maker have final say on whether a third party game is allowed on the console maker’s console. Console maker can seek a third party developer to make a game for the console. Third party developer will either accept or deny that request. Third party developer may ask console maker for incentive. Console maker have final decision whether to provide incentive. Third party developer should be happy there are console makers as if there wasn’t then there would be no Console Third party developers.

        2. And yet, people bitched about Nintendo funding for Bayonetta 2 even though nobody else wanted it anyway. That’s business. Doing what Microsoft is doing to Minecraft, Rareware and Rise of Tomb Raider is not good business according to the consumers because we all know what happens after Microsoft buys out anything good..look at EA and now look at Microsoft. See the similarities?

          1. I didn’t even mention any of those things, so I’m not sure why you would ask me about them.
            But while we’re at it: I didn’t bitch about Nintendo paying for Bayonetta 2, I think it was smart thing to do.
            And what Microsoft is doing with the games and studio you’ve mentioned is business too, whether or not it’s good/bad business is another question.

            1. I wish Nintendo didnt just let Rare ware go. They just set there doing nothing about that. And they had a Banjo Threeie ready for GameCube. They should have fought to keep Rare. Stupid as hell.

              1. Rare was in decline by the time Nintendo decided to sell them. That was the impetus to sell their contract, & MS was offering a substantial payment (MS even offered to buy Nintendo just before the 6th gen). & fair is fair, Rare’s IPs went w/ them (even if Conker was designed as part of Diddy Kong Racing, a Nintendo franchise). If anything, Nintendo should’ve then partnered w/ Free Radical (now Crytek UK), which was formed by ex-Rare employees.

                Rare’s decline is much like what has happened w/ Capcom, SEGA, & Konami: talented devs have left, & apparently, nobody seems capable of filling their shoes.


                Keiji Inafune (former head of Research & Development @ Capcom, as well as Online Business and Global Head of Production, & co-creator of MegaMan), left & works for his own company, COMCEPT USA.

                Shinji Mikami (creator of Resident Evil), left & formed Tango Gameworks (now owned by ZeniMax Media).

                Clover Studios (Viewtiful Joe, Okami, God Hand) was closed, but rose & became Platinum Games.

                The art director for Okami left & went to Ignition Entertainment.

                SEGA (namely Sonic Team):

                Programmer and director Yuji Naka left & established PROPE.

                Game designer Hirokazu Yasuhara left & joined Naughty Dog.

                Character designer and artist Naoto Ohshima left along with Yōji Ishii & they establised Artoon.


                Koji Igarashi (responsible for ‘Metroidvania’), left. His plans in the industry are up in the air.

                Takayuki Fujii (Ninety-Nine Nights II) left & is currently job hunting.

          2. Not the same thing Bayonetta wasn’t going to happen without some one to pay for the project while Tomb Rider wasn’t in that position that was still gonna happen Microsoft didn’t help the project they just buy the exclusive

            1. I’m talking about the same idiots who rip on Nintendo for acquiring an IP cleanly while they also don’t complain about Microsoft taking an IP for themselves when it’s completely unnecessary just like Minecraft which reminds me, time to set the doomsday clock for that game to meets it’s similar end like Rareware did.

                1. More like 2 months or until Microsoft does something obvious and destructively stupid with the IP like making it Xbox only by taking support out of the entire install base that’s outside of Xbox.

                    1. And besides, it began on their other foreshadowed platform: PC and became big ON PC. They just want to take the game away from the majority of the fan base like possibly the Wii U but the reason they haven’t done it yet is because it’ll draw universal backlash and cost Microsoft as much of their “positive image” as Xbox One’s reveal did in 2013.

        3. I really wish Nintendo would pay SEGA to dev a new Jet Grind Radio, Panzer Dragoon, Crazy Taxi, NiGHTS, Skies of Arcadia, Daytona USA, Virtua Fighter, Virtua Cop, & a real Sonic game.

          I wish Nintendo would pay Ubisoft to dev Red Steel 3 & a new Prince of Persia.

          I wish Nintendo would pay Capcom for a new Viewtiful Joe & hire Platinum Games to dev.

  5. The don’t freaking releSe the console without its top AAA games, release it when the “quality” games are made? They’re running a company, run it bloody properly

      1. Or, as I said, release the system with at least ONE of the games people wanted, such as Smash Bros, Windwaker or MK8? Stupidest decision to release it the way they did, they could’ve got a whole lot of sales before people started replying with how bad it is

        1. Why do you Nintendo fans keep on bringing up broken AC broken games when those broken games at least pass up fixed games in sales charts such as Bayonetta 2, Super Smash Bros. Treasure Tracker. Why don’t you 8 million Wii U owners buy games that way it will show fixed games are better than broken ones.

          1. Considering that the rest of the gaming population buy crap that’s sending the message to developers they can release broken game Cuz the can later patch it because why put effort in a game when we can get mone?


  7. Im still womndering if hes talking about just US or WW
    because chartz would be having heavy undertracking in US if US
    and if WW
    Itll be 1.2 million undertracked XD

  8. BS Reggie. The company you work for is too slow and stupid to learn advertising the games on Wii U would make the console catch on. After 24 months and still too dumb and stubborn to advertise. PS4 doesn’t have a ton of exclusives neither and had a weak launch and it passed Wii U before spring.

  9. But here’s are better solutions to unleash Wii U at full potential:

    1. Find far more reliable and loyal supporters that are not as back stabbing as Ubishit or as greedy yet stupid as EA and Activision.

    2. Make Wii U and 3DS Region lovk free via update because a. I know its possible and b. It’ll make the entire fanbase and outside of that rejoice to see Nintendo loosening up.

    3. Start promoting the shit out of Wii U hardware. Bring it out there and stop keeping it quiet because, even though some may not know this, but there is truly a lot of morons out there and those same morons keep buying COD every fucking year thinking its different and better than any other series that does the same but more than all COD so called “innovations” put together in its 11 years.

    1. Yeah advertise Wii U and Smash Bros. But they won’t. What they can do is use Wii U’s advantages shown in TV. Example, brag about free online in TV vs. Paying onlune with the competition. Brag about Wii U owners have 100% access to alllll games regardless if you are login in or not. Brag about about the little advantages Gamepad has over Vita and Xbox tablet has. Brag about taking the software from one Wii U to another and still full access to all the software. And lastly brag about the Wii U having a variety of different types of games vs. The competition having mainly shooter after shooter. Advertise this type of shit in TV.

        1. Blame the japanese HQ they are the ones who still have the final word on the things that go with the company
          I mean it’s like capcom the american division know what consumers want but the japanese HQ are the ones that have the final word

  10. It’s impressive how Reggie sounds like a broken record. Same excuses everytime.

    What about fixing NA Club Nintendo as well, Reggie? Thanks for taking time to address my concern, Reggie.

  11. Why can’t this guy say hey we fucked up but now were back on track instead making excuses he always says the same line quality over quantity everyone who isn’t a fan boy knows the wiiu was a fail in the last few years but this year more games were made that’s why its selling better now games like smash bros Mario kart bayonetta 2 Hyrule warriors captain toad treasure tracker Zelda wind weaker HD donkey Kong the wiiu did pretty good this year

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