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Here’s A Look At The Fan-Made Super Mario 64 HD Remake Project

One of my favourite video games is Super Mario 64 so it’s awesome to see fans creating their own HD remake of the classic Nintendo 64 title. Nintendo generally shuts these things down, but the project has been running for a good year. Whether Nintendo will decide to shut it down at a later date remains to be seen, but let’s hope they keep this one open. Be sure to watch the video above to see how the game is progressing.

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37 thoughts on “Here’s A Look At The Fan-Made Super Mario 64 HD Remake Project”

  1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis


    -Human speech: “Omg, why can’t Nintendo make this game in HD already?! – I want old school games in HD instead of new shit games! – Why is Nintendo remaking this old game? I want new games!” –

  2. Amazing, I do hope Nintendo remake Mario 64 and a few other N64 games on Wii U in HD, as I haven’t been able experience the magic of some of these games yet. I played Ocarina of Time 3D, but no Mario 64, no Starfox 64(even though there is that remake on 3DS) no Majora’s Mask (but I will when the remake releases this year,) no Paper Mario either. So a Nintendo licenced N64 HD remake, like that rumor ages ago about a series of N64 HD remakes…

  3. Now we knowNintendo is slow and stupid. Even if Nintendo thought about a remake, they would rather put that on a 70million 3DS install base over a more powerful HD yet lacking 8 million in stall base. If Nintendo really wanted to they could get the weak Wii U to be a good seller over the PS4 just like the 3DS is dogging the more powerful Vita. Its just for some dumb reason Nintendo favors the handheld more. Luigi’s Mansion 2 not on Wii U says ,”hi.”

  4. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

    Mario in the video before you start to play it looks like a stupid cheerleader with their idiotic fake faces…

    1. Yeah at least they thought about the remake. When is Nintendo going to get off the dumb bus and start making games people want for the console people want? Yet Sony quickly put TLOU from PS3 to PS4. At least Sony notice the changes in the market. So when is Nintendo going to make changes, when the Fusion arrives? It’s sad people want the Fusion to arrive next year . Yet u deny hear Sony fans saying they want the PS5 to arrive so quick. And also u hear Microsoft reeded up more CPU space for developers. So another physical change to the system. So why can’t Nintendo start making physical changes to the Wii U? After all Wii U is still in 3rd place and Xbox is outselling PS4 now. At least Micsorost knows how to get Xbox One to outsell a console more powerful than it us…..unlike Nintendo.

      1. 1. Xbox is not outselling PS4 period and 2. The reason why Sony ported over TLoU with its “remastered” con BS is because PS4 barely has like.., I count 3 exclusives (I don’t count Knack because it sucks ass) which all are kinda short (Infamous and Shadowfall are) and even fun for only a week until it starts to get dull. Everything else I can find and buy on other playtforms like umm..a fcuking PC.

      2. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

        The Xbox Done sells because the stupid western cattle masses still buys it even though they tried to deceive them from the start and still do without them knowing it…

        The west has lost something called “principals and morality” and gave into “Sheeplike behaviour and satisfied with buying anything no matter how much they try to control our lives”…

        And the Sonyans continue to sell PS4 because of mostly hype and because they do the one thing right our empire doesn’t so I cannot blame them for that…

        With marketing, the Wii U would probably have sold at least 12-13 million by now a long with Super Mario 3D World instead of NSMBU…

        And while High Command needs to focus more on marketing and somewhat how the situation looks today, they shall never become the slaves the other 2 have become since that would make them lose even more…

        1. Nintendo has gotten better at listening to them but still has some work to do. I agree that the West have been herded like cattle by flash, graphics, and wanna-be movies posing as video games, but I recently witnessed in horror as a coworker proudly pulled a Wii out of his trunk that he bought for his grandkids. Wow… Still? Nintendo made a system that, sitting in my entertainment center, looks like its last-gen incarnation. At least the Wii made me think of Weee! But Wii U? More like P-U, lol It drives me nuts, because I love this system and the games it’s given me thus far. Nintendo just keep pushing, keep amazing your base, and listen closely to what’s happening around you, it’s slow coming, but it’s working.

        2. Eh actually its because they got a new head of the company, he’s the reason why Xbox one is doing well by making the price cut and getting rid of the Kennect.

          As for you jtz, if the fans are asking for a PS5 like they are on fusion, wouldn’t you think that they are rushing the death of both companies? Or is sega gonna be the reminder again of rushing a console out? I’d rather let them take their time then get the new shit out. Why do you think Nintendo and Microsoft hasn’t done anything yet?

  5. the thing I never liked about these fan games is, why not instead of remaking a Nintendo game, why not use that time to make your own game expired off that game that can give people a true knew experience, so instead of releasing yet another Mario 64 remake next year they could be releasing the #1 indie game of the year on WiiU next year

  6. This remake is truly ambitious, but it completely misses the mark on Mario’s model. Refining textures and dipping Mario in oil does NOT make him look pleasing to the eye at all. It should be smoother and “dryer”, because he looks so oily right now.

  7. Make a true the legend of zelda ocarina of time hd remake , majora’s mask hd remake, mario 64 hd remake and donkey kong HD remake and u Will never toutch My ps4 again

  8. Damn! I would buy this thing in day 1 if was official!

    Running in the SMG engine, beautiful and vivid HD stages, the good and old non-linearity of the adventure, Peach supporting the Smash Bros. design… it would be marvelous! SM64 is my favorite 3D Mario.

  9. He has so much work left to do. In all honesty he has only just scratched the surface of development. He will never finish this game. I would be suprised if he complete’s one level, with one obtainable star. It wont happen though.

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