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Here’s How To Beat The Pac Man Exploit In Super Smash Bros

Yesterday we showed you the latest Super Smash Bros exploit which involves two people playing as Pac Man using the trampoline move to bounce one another up to extreme heights and remaining untouchable. However, it now looks as though you can beat this exploit with ROB who can still reach the bouncing pair if they’re defying gravity. Be sure to watch the video above to see how it’s all done.

Thanks, Heroponluigi



      1. Hey guys I posted the video and no there’s no other character we could find that even came close to ROB’s effectiveness. Yes you can use pikachu, ness, etc if you get them early, but in that case I can also stop them with my luigi cyclone. ROB seems to be the only one who can reach them even if they get a huge head start


    1. No, not necessarily because if the Pacmen go too high, Pikachu’s thunder is limited to how far the *cloud* it appears from appears above Pikachu’s head.


    2. Pikachu’s thunder only goes so high. On larger stages (like Temple/ Palutina’s temple) you can see the cloud that creates the thunder (if you are near the bottom of the stage). If they got high enough, they would be untouchable (but you would be able to get them at the start of the match).
      Not too sure how high Mega Man’s wind attack goes, but that might work too. And Turnips/ bombs/ other throwing items might work at the start of the match, before they get too high.


    3. Is just for 2vs2 and they need to be coordinate also,it will be used online for a little before even the guys that do it will get bored of it.Offline competive smash players will lose face if they do this and either way is not fun to do it at all.

      Just move on it doesnt even need fixing.


  1. HAHAHAHAHA!!! I use R.O.B all the time, so I’m glad their is a way to stop the exploit. I’ll just use it, if I ever run into some lousy Pacmen.


  2. The pacman exploit requires 2 people working together. It doesn’t affect competitive players. Any pacman that tries to do this on their own against me would get wrecked.


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