The Legendary Majora’s Mask Pops Up During Polish New Year’s Celebration

In some rather bizarre news today, a giant Majora’s Mask image was projected for the entirety of Poland to see during a televised New Year’s celebration. The iconic image was broadcast to the nation when Polish band Big Cyc took to the stage to perform their hit song Makumba. The event was broadcast across Poland by television network Polsat. Strange, but admittedly rather cool.

Thanks, Retrogaminglord



  1. ^Nope.
    There was a second mask after and nothing to do with MM 3D. Plus one of teh songs had things to do with Africa so they most likely searched google for tribe masks and chose that one XD!.

    There’s website, but not well translated. A lot of the things that are english and are not names can be easily transled to Polish.(by me too ofcourse) but they didn’t.

    And if you go: it shows about 30 out of 10, 000’s or whatever stores that actually do sell Ninty products, but doubt they are selling quick. Electronics are expensive and none of Ninty stuff are advertised. Ever.


  2. Wow. I live in Poland and get an information about that from abroad site o_O Just … weird. How did they do that?

    And about Nintendo in Poland, there’s nearly no Nintendo in my country. One can say only “choosen ones” know and play Nintendo, other just play on their PSPs and Vitas and don’t even know that there exists something like Nintendo DS/3DS or WiiU. Poland got new Nintendo distributor like in May 2014, and there aren’t too many shops selling Ninty stuff. Best way to get Nintendo products is via internet (which I do myself). At least Conquest (distributor) managed to make ORAS steelbooks available in shops selling Nintendo, so I can be a proud owner of it. But other than that, it’s not too good. I just hope Conquest Entertainment do more to popularize Nintendo in Poland in new year 2015. And maybe this coincidence with Majora ‘s Mask is a sign, that Mario is coming on polish shop shelves ;)


  3. When I saw it on TV I couldn’t believe my own eyes xD Sadly I think that hmmm maybe 100 (maybe less :roll:) people in the whole Poland recognised it xD


  4. I’m betting the stage designer just saw this on the internet one day and thought it looked creepy cool and colorful and decided to add it to the stage effect. He/She probably had no idea where it was from.


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