Here’s How Teens React To Mario Kart 64

The ‘Teens React To’ guys are up to their old tricks again and this time they’ve provided a number of teens with a copy of Mario Kart 64 to gauge their reactions. Thankfully, this time around a lot of the teens are familiar with the acclaimed game which was released on the Nintendo 64 back in 1997 in the United States. You can check out their hilarious reactions to Mario Kart 64 in the video embedded above.

Thanks, Conor P, GamerTimeUSA and MasterPikachu6


  1. I only played Mario Kart 64, once. On Royal Raceway, against 3 other people who had already played the game before. I didn’t even know that the A button was to accelerate, I watched the other people and their left hand was on the Z button on the bottom of the controller, so I thought that was the accelerate button, I was wrong. Before anybody verbally destroys me for being a complete idiot, there is one thing that I wish to say, A, I was only 5 and B. I never played a racing game of any kind before then. When I saw that Royal Raceway was returning in Mario Kart 8, my first reaction was, ‘yes, I finally get my redemption!!!’

  2. These idiots saying they played since double dash……. Two different games, consoles, and controllers. Mario kart 64 was usually equal in terms of the racers speed. Double dash had the whole weight class and everything else which required more skill.

  3. I was an expert at this game back in the day. It’s hard for me to watch people play Mario Kart games when they don’t even know how to stay on the road. Though I’m sure I spent my fair share of time on the grass and dirt before I learned the controls. And the N64 controls are very awkward.

    1. It really is just the N64 wonky controls, I tried playing MK64 again and its really hard to get into after playing the more modern ones

  4. Sickr, you’re better than this. Don’t post thefinebros’ trash.

    General Pooman Out.

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