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Club Nintendo Europe Offering New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Edition To Select Members

Nintendo of Europe has begun offering select Club Nintendo members a chance to get their hands on a special Ambassador edition of the New Nintendo 3DS. Pre-selected members have been emailed this morning with the opportunity to order the new handheld before it goes on sale to the general public later this year. To claim your special Ambassador edition New Nintendo 3DS, you must place your order with Club Nintendo before 23.59 (BST) on January 12. Nintendo of Europe states the consoles should ship in 3 – 5 working days with delivery continuing until January 23.

The Ambassador Edition – priced at £179.99 / €199.99 – includes exclusive Ambassador cover plates, pictured above, a charging cradle along with a set of Super Smash Bros cover plates. A summary of what you can find in the special edition can be found below. At the time of writing, Nintendo of America has yet to confirm whether the offer will be available to US Club Nintendo members.

For a limited time only, we’re giving you the opportunity to purchase our special New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Edition bundle – that includes exclusive Ambassador Cover Plates (which won’t be available anywhere else), a charging cradle, and a set of Super Smash Bros. cover plates, too! If you’d like to purchase it, you only have until 23:59 (UK time) on January 12th 2015 to take advantage of this offer.

Here’s what’s in the special bundle:

New Nintendo 3DS (White) which comes with an exclusive Ambassador Edition Cover Plate (Back), New Nintendo 3DS stylus, 4 GB microSDHC memory card, AR Cards, Quick-Start Guide, Operations Manual.
The exclusive Ambassador Edition Cover Plate (Front).
Super Smash Bros. Cover Plates (Front and Back).
Charging cradle (White).

39 thoughts on “Club Nintendo Europe Offering New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Edition To Select Members”

      1. I am trying to purchase this, but the website is not working all that good. Will update you guys when I managed to do this. (and yes, I got the e-mail, I’m not supid)

        1. Hi, did it make you pay instantly or is it a preorder? I’m considering getting one but don’t get paid until Monday. Thanks! :)

        2. I got the email, since the 3DS XL will have ceased production in the UK soon and will probably become a valued collectors item. I’ll probably just sell that and get this instead.

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            1. i got the e-mail for this but i will not buy it cause it’s the regular one.
              if it had been the XL version i would’ve bought it in a heartbeat.

              1. I didn’t received the mail, if you don’t want it, maybe we could arrange something? I have 50e for person who will command it for me.

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            3. One cool thing about the regular-sized version is the button colors. Not sure if that’s a selling point for anyone but me… Anyways, if I had received that offer, I’d buy it in a heartbeat. It doesn’t get much more limited edition than that.

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