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Zelda: Majora’s Mask Ultimate Limited Edition Bundle Back In Stock At GameStop

Well it turns out GameStop have once again put their own Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask Ultimate Limited Edition Bundle up for sale on their website. This shouldn’t be confused with the Nintendo bundle which just includes the game and the awesome Skull Kid figure. No, this bundle has those things as well and includes The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask Collector’s Edition Official Strategy Guide. It can be yours for the luxury price of $84.98.

Thanks,  Mr.AngerProblems

20 thoughts on “Zelda: Majora’s Mask Ultimate Limited Edition Bundle Back In Stock At GameStop”

  1. Got this before the dang gosh scalpers struck once again.

    Forgive me Commander! Not only am I a kissass to lamestop but I’m also now officially a part of the cattle masses :'(

  2. Got my order in, I don’t like the Hardcover Collectors Edition but for this one I’ll make the exception.

  3. It should be one per person. Why is it out of stock so fast? I got one from amazon.con yesterday, but it was sold out in 5min o_o

    1. Looks like this cardboard and plastic combo sold out yet again in a mere few hours.

      Also, completely agreed. It’s limited edition ffs, are retailers really that worried that these things won’t sell hence letting anyone buy virtually any amount of its stock? If they allow one per account then it would discourage these things from happening to some extent.

  4. I also got my collectors edition from Amazon, it may only include the game & the figure, but is the guide really worth $30+?

  5. This is ridiculous. I didn’t have a chance to stop by at Gamestop to even buy it. Yesterday was Epiphany where I live and all stores were closed. Talk about a stroke of horrible luck…why couldn’t Nintendo wait until today or tomorrow to announce this. I missed out…

  6. I don’t need the strategy guide. I already have the official Nintendo Power player’s guide. Besides, I don’t need that either.

  7. went into my local location and was able to reserve one by paying it off completely, and that was the version without the strategy guide. The associate working told me that it would be sent directly from the Warehouse to my house the day it comes out. I didnt get the extra fast shipping because honestly, I can wait. I have no choice, but I got the one I wanted. My advice is to go in personally to speak with them.

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