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Grab Shin Megami Tensei IV For $15.99 At Best Buy

Want a fantastic JRPG to get lost into? Then you can’t go wrong with Shin Megami Tensei IV for the Nintendo 3DS, which is currently on clearance at US retailer, Best Buy. The Atlus published title is on sale and has been reduced to $15.99. The game scored some fantastic reviews upon release and you honestly can’t really grumble at the lucrative price point.

Thanks, Jonas

11 thoughts on “Grab Shin Megami Tensei IV For $15.99 At Best Buy”

  1. this game has gone through numerous price reduction on the eshop and if a game sucked would it get a lot of fantastic reviews and score an average of 90% in ratings? if people have yet to buy do it now, its a great game and has a decent amount of dlc

  2. Buy it! If you like turn based RPGS (with a challenge) this is a great cheap 60+ hour investmest. (More if you want to experience all the paths, collect all demons, etc) If you don’t like them give it a chance and if you still don’t like it you only wasted $15, but if you do you found a new franchise to get into. :)

    Off topic: wouldn’t it be cool if Pokemon had difficulty levels?

      1. I wouldn’t see how it would make the campaign shorter unless you put it in Easy. If anythibg it should make it longer because the AIs are harder to beat. The story wouldn’t change just trainer difficulty.

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