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IGN Lists Their Favourite Video Games Of 2014

IGN has decided to follow the trend and publish their favourite video games of 2014. The layout isn’t too intuitive, but it’s worth checking to see if your favourite game lines up with the writers from IGN. It looks as though Mario Kart 8 scooped the award for best Wii U game by the journalists over at IGN, while the people opted for Super Smash Bros on Wii U. Interestingly IGN said that Shovel Knight was the best Nintendo 3DS game of 2014 and the readers opted once again for Super Smash Bros. You can check out IGN’s best video games of 2014, right here.


39 thoughts on “IGN Lists Their Favourite Video Games Of 2014”

  1. Not surprised at the huge number of systems where the favourite game was multiplat. Honestly surprised by Sunset Overdrive being the favourite on XBO though. The game had potential, and brings back a lot of the nostalgia feel of the open games that released back in the PSone and 2 days. Unfortunately the shooting was pretty boring, the fact that the game is actually better played on the ground and not the rails like the game constantly tells you… and those defense missions, boy were they dreadful.

  2. My GOTY would be a tie between Smash & Bayo. I would of chosen Mario kart if it had a true battle mode. Honestly I think if Mario Kart had the battle mode we know and love, it would of won a lot more GOTY awards.

  3. I don`t know…in Mario Kart 8, you just go forward. For once, couldn`t they think of something innovative and make the characters boost much faster every 2 seconds. It would actually add much more challenge and you would be less aware of items cuz you focus on the more speed, less speed. Why couldn`t they make MK8 innovative. Oh well, missed opportunity.

    1. Being challenging isn’t exactly Mario Kart’s focus I think. It’s more about having fun with friends and family, but online offers some nice challenge depending on who you play with.

        1. Double dash in my opinion would have been the best option. That and the hitting option ala road rash thats also in double dash.

  4. Mario kart 8 is OK. But damn people praise it like it was the best in the series. Double dash is better.

      1. Trust me when I say, you need to try Double Dash. It offers something no MK has done before or since, which is kinda sad.

      2. Dude stop what you doing right now and go and play it. Emulate it if have too. It’s the best mario kart especially when playing the coop mode.

    1. MK8 would have been my GOTY if they didn’t remove the arena stages for some dumb reason. How am I’m supposed to enjoy battling if my opponents are traveling the save direction?

      1. Yeah that sucked all the fun out of that mode. Because of that, nobody plays on that mode, which is a fucking drag when you want to retire from racing

    2. That’s obviously subjective. Me and all my friends could never stand double dash growing up. We even played it recently, and it still sucks. It constantly feels like you’re driving on ice, and the tracks just suck, except for a couple.. Like the wario track and the one in the city. I hate how so many people act like Double Dash is liked by everyone who plays it. I remember being so excited for that game, just to be disappointed. Although I do wish they would bring back dual karts, that was the only cool thing about it.

    1. Yes. I had never liked prior Shantes, but this one is actually very fun. I’d wait for a sale if you can, but it’s a good game.

    1. While I do think that a system’s best game should definitely be an exclusive, sometimes that just isn’t the case… Don’t worry though, the best games will start being exclusives probably this year or 2016.

    1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

      Favorite is the primitive way of writing it, favourite is true English, not that watered down hippie American version…

  5. My GOTY would have to be Fantasy Life. A really fun never before seen experience, that’s charming and expansive. The multiplayer is fun, DLC is well worth it, and there’s so much to do even post game.

  6. Honestly, any top game of the year list is going to be just a bit more about popularity than anything else… The more people that play a certain game, the more votes it gets. And let’s be honest, most people haven’t played Bayonetta 2 or Smash Wii U, so keep that in mind. Not to say that any of the picks were undeserving or anything, but Nintendo deserves some spotlights too sometimes nowadays…

  7. Shovel Knight was epic. I’ll give them that. Probably one of my all-time favorite games. Easily in my top ten.

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