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Final Fantasy XV Developer Praises Xenoblade Chronicles X

One of the talented developers behind Final Fantasy XV has taken to his personal blog to praise the folks over at Monolith Soft. Wan Hazmer loves the visuals and the massive landscapes found throughout Xenoblade Chronicles X for the Wii U. Hazmer says he will purchase a Wii U for this game and I suspect he is not alone.

Touché to the people at Monolith Soft; that is one awesome trailer!

The exploration aspect of this game looks incredible. I’m hoping that we can actually traverse to all visible landscape in realtime. Would like to get near that sandworm and see what happens!

Some of you can already tell that there are different approaches in both our direction, especially when you compare this and FFXV trailers, but admittedly that’s some intense competition right there! And we all love healthy competition don’t we? Coz in the end, the fans win!

There’s no clause in my contract that states that I can’t love a game made by another company, so I’m gonna be all out and say that I just can’t freaking wait to play this game! I loved the world in Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii, and I’ll be getting a Wii U just for this game.

Yes, I love my JRPGs :P

Thanks, White Eagle

95 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XV Developer Praises Xenoblade Chronicles X”

    1. Cant wait for both.I m more anticipated for ff15 because I waited for 8 fucking years to come but xwnoblade is hyped too!

  1. “Now watch, as we at SquareEnix, make a Final Fantasy version of Xenoblade Chronicles X just extremely watered down with a bunch of lame characters & plot twists.”

    1. I want to disagree but after playing FF XIII and it sequels (especially that abomination known as Lighting Returns) i have to agree
      FF is death for me and alot of fans

      1. 15 is gonna be good, still have faith.I mean 14 is really good.Have played almost all ff except 1-3, x-2,11 and all 13 (avoided this grabage trilogy) I m a fan but I m not stupid.

        1. I want to belive man but after XIII trilogy i don’t have more faith in the franchise but i’m hoping (more like begging really) that i’m wrong because i don’t think i can take another bad FF game
          Especially after LR and that ending i was so mad that i (and i’m not joking) broke the disc with my hands (it was really Relaxing thought)
          BTW: SCREW Lighting

    2. Jesus goddamn Christ when people FOR ONCE PRAISE NINTENDO you guys just start bashing that company/person. Its disgusting

  2. Do I see a mutual respect between Square Enix and Monolith Soft?!!!! All humor aside, they deserve their utmost respect for each other. It’s all good. Thumbs up!

      1. hey u can’t blame him the newer Final Fantasy games are pretty bad im pretty sure the new will be the same but i’ll be happy if i was proved wrong i loved the old final fantasy games

          1. Funny how the ones calling “fanboy” are the ones saying this in other comments, something tells me that if this wasn’t Square you’d be as willing to read between lines as everyone else; after all, the statement is disingenuous as fuck, it contains concealed insults.

    1. Here’s what you really want to say:
      “Nintendo, stop redirecting the ILLEGAL revenue of those reproducing your content for money on YouTube, we don’t want to work hard on making legitimate new content, we just want a quick buck!”
      Look, there’s nothing fair use won’t protect if you just stop trying to make money out of it, this is nothing new, copyrighted material is not to be played in front of a public for profit without the specific permission of those who hold the rights over it, you don’t do it with movies and you don’t do it with music, so why would games be different?
      There’s literally hundreds, even thousands of videos about Nintendo on YouTube, I’m following current playthroughs of both new Wii U and 3DS games and old Wii and DS ones, I have watched at least a dozen of reviews for CT:TT, HW, MK8, P:ORAS, SSB4, none have been taken down, and I’m certain the lack of ads on them is the reason.
      Stop whining, if you want to be a YouTube figure GET TO WORK ON IT, If Smosh and the likes have proves something is that it isn’t all that hard, nor it requires brilliant ideas, just make your own content and stop trying to circumvent copyright laws with shaming and entitled whining, you lot have the biggest fucking case of first world problems ever.

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  4. The developers for final fantasy xv are so fucking useless. How can it take almost decade to develop this game? When will it be released ? Probably it will be published in the year 2099? When this game comes out which is final fantasy xv, I will have no interest in purchasing the game. They can take their peace of shit and choke on it. Useless pieces of shit.

      1. I can’t blame him for not having faith in FF XV since the series have gotten worst with each new title but then again in order to understand why so many fans are so sceptic about the game you must have play the mayority of the FF games if you do that you will see why people hate the new FF games with passion
        Example of this the XIII trilogy for those who haven’t play this game may not understand this but The XIII trilogy perfectly represent all that is wrong witj the Franchise
        -Lazy sometimes amateur story telling
        –Overproduction to try to compensate the bad story
        -Uninterest Characters that have just one trait
        And can keep going FF is now in edge of the clif this series really need to gain it’s fans and respect Back especially after Lighting Returns that It’s pretty much “How no to Make an RPG”
        Those who never play the classic FF and only have play the new ones may think the new ones are great but for the long time fans this series FF XV must impress us in order to regain our respect otherwise FF will be remember in the future as the Laughting Stock of the RPG genre instead of one of it’s pillars

        1. Well, depending on when it releases, FFXV will be my first actual Final Fantasy game. I enjoyed the demo of Lightning Returns and I don’t get what all the fuss is about. All the hate that I see for FF13 is just really annoying and I really don’t think it deserves it. I rarely ever see anyone talk about the good things the game did. It’s just usually complaints about what it didn’t do. And people are just going to do the same with XV. Like, if the game isn’t as good as Final Fantasy 7, then it’s automatically bad. Some people are taking it way too seriously. The Final Fantasy games have never looked bad to me. And if people want to skip out on XV because it won’t be as good as past games or whatever reason then that’s their loss. But I can tell it will be a pretty good game.

          1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

            You cannot compare your opinion to the opinion of fanboys that have been playing a series since it first came to be, they know what is FF and what is not…

            It’s the same as when us Metroid fans complain about Samus’ idiotic weak character development in Metroid Other M…

            1. That makes no sense. An opinion is an opinion regardless of how many games I’ve played. There is no better opinion than the other. And like I said, I think people are taking it way too seriously. If I played the games, I would judge each of them as their own game and focus on what that game did good instead of looking at what what past games did that it didn’t do. Just because it’s not as good doesn’t mean it’s a BAD game.

            1. Of course I am. All I’m saying is that the games don’t look all that bad. And I actually enjoyed the demo of Lightning Returns. It made me want to purchase the full game. And I bet I’m also gonna enjoy FFXV.

          2. It’s not what the game didn’t do because Gameplay wise the XIII trilogy it’s decent and with some little touches the games could have been better gameplay wise but that’s not the problem
            The PROBLEM is that story wise the XIII trilogy it’s terrible and before you said gameplay over story This is an RPG and not Any RPG this is Final Fantasy it has a certain pedigri, quality and legacy to live up to, all the characters are just anime tropes and not even well executed (not surprising considering that the recent FF games were made with only the japanese audience in mind despite the fact that FF sells better in the west) especially Lightin that is now considered as the Worst FF character thanks to her emotionless potray and toriyama fetish with her but let’s not talk about Lighting
            And respond why fans Hate FF XIII in especific the first have of the game it just a big corridor it takes a long time for the real game to star
            Also i’m tired of the excuse “well it’s new, Different or it’s good as it’s own game” like that make the games good for the loyal fans of the series, it’s like people who defend Ninja Theory’s DMC under the excuse that fan hate it because it’s different but that’s not the case people don’t hate the new DMC for being different they hate it Cuz it pretty much destroy everything that make the original games better and challenging not to mention that they made Dante into a Jerk granted old dante was a jerk to but he had a light and soft personality while the new Dante is really mean spirited
            The same goes for FF fans they don’t hate the new games Cuz they are new they hate them cuz they are terrible Pat from Super Best Zaibatsu said it best the people that are making the new FF game are not the same as the ones that make the old ones especial and loved
            But i doubt you will understand since you don’t have much experience with this franchise like a lot of people do and since you haven’t play the old ones you probably don’t understand why people are attached to the old characters and stories
            Also if you dicide to plain LR go knowing that no True FF fan love that game hell not even Jesse Cox the biggest FF Fanboy but it’s okay go ahead and defend the new games all you want it’s not gonna make XIII to become good all the sudden

            1. Well that’s fine. But as I’ve already said, I enjoyed the demo of Lightning Returns and I thought it was good and I doubt my opinion will change if I ever get the full game. I’ve never played a full game in the series before so I’m not going to say who’s right and who’s wrong. But I’m certainly not going to start hating on the Final Fantasy games just because everyone else is.

                1. Do people not realize that the production team leaders for the XIII trilogy include members that were instrumental in making Final Fantasy VII into the game that it became? I guess the complainers just haven’t played the games from start to finish to notice the credits. They wanted to move forward with the series and it bring it to new heights. Sure, scenario-wise the game fell slightly short when compared to heavyweights like the PS1 games, but technologically and gameplay-wise the XIII trilogy is LEAGUES ahead of the older ones. And no, you cannot constantly win by mashing X during battles. I’d play XIII-2 again over VII without question. We need to stop looking back and wishing for more of the same, because even if we got it there’d be millions of other complaints about it being a re-hash.

                  HollowGrapeJ, definitely pick up Lightning Returns if you have the time for it, it’s a fantastic game. How the developers evolved the XIII battle system through the series is amazing. I fought every creature (except Meonekton which I left for the end, those who played the game probably know why) to extinction and never got sick of fighting the same fight dozens of times. Fight the same enemy 60 times in a row in VII and tell me you’re not bored.

                  I’ve completed IV, VII – X, XII and entire XIII series. I think I am in a reasonable position to offer judgement on these games.

                  1. I have play almost all the FF games with exception of tactics and crystal Chronicles and let me tell you my opinion on Lighting
                    Lightning is the most cynically made character I can think of. She was made explicitly to try and be the “new Cloud” for this past gen of consoles, and her face and hair are 95% identical to Cloud in Advent Children, just lady version. On top of that, she was written how the current Square Enix staff THINK Cloud was, emotionless, humourless, bland, stoic. Look at the difference between FF7 Cloud, then KH1 Cloud, KH2 Cloud, Advent Children, and now Lightning. Gotten shitter and shitter with each version because the people making the games now are not the ones who made the older ones special. Think of say, the Simpsons, as a similarly good example.
                    Nomuras pretty good but he’s been surrounded by the hacks that started fucking shit up since FFX-2, the first series disaster. On TOP of that, Lightning now how this fucking awful waifu connotation because Toriyama is clearly in love with the character he wrote and the games come off increasingly as fetish outfit simulators. UGH.

                    1. I can see the similarities between Lightning and Cloud that you mentioned but I actually never got that feeling as I watched her character develop. I played the games in Japanese and the voice actress may have given off a different vibe. Or maybe I just have the same kind of love for Lightning that you believe the game’s director has. Also, I never really fell into the “Cloud fanfare” and although I thought he was an interesting character with the whole psychological illness and taking Zack’s person, he wasn’t too memorable for me. Yet Lightning is. I guess it’s just a difference of personal experience.

                      Kitase Yoshinori co-directed VI and directed VII and VIII. This is also the man who envisioned the story-driven aspect of XIII. The so called “corridors” were in fact largely conceived by the one who directed some of the series’ most beloved classics. If you want to play a Final Fantasy produced by a drastically different team you’ll have to look at IX, XI, XII, XIV, or the oldest ones in the series directed by Sakaguchi. Otherwise, the team that made the PS1 era games has the same leaders as the XIII trilogy. For this reason, I don’t think we are justified in saying things like the people who made the older ones special aren’t there anymore.

                    2. @JN
                      I kind of liked Lightning in XIII, and I didn’t think she was an emotionless husk. Granted she was not fleshed out enough to be a really great character or even a good character, but she had shades of character development throughout the story.
                      That being said Lightning Returns is making me retroactively hate XIII and XIII-2. I enjoyed both games to an extent, but this game is literally so nonsensical it hurts. I like XIII-2 and it was fairly nonsensical and barely connected to XIII, but it was better than XIII. This game is just… It’s like extreme Mary Sue, but now they’ve taken all of the character (what little she had) out of Lightning so that they can sex her up for no reason. I mean that’s litterally one of the only character traits she had in XIII she’s modest and private about her body, and now her breasts are suddenly ‘enhanced’ and shes just going around in cat suits and shit? I’m expecting a self-insert OC (do not steal) to just show up and sweep Lightning off her feet by the end of the story.

    1. Same thing happens to movie sequels all the time. Took them 10 years to make a sequel to Toy Story. It was a lot of idea changes and focuses on other games as well that slowed the development. Also the game was already confirmed for a 2015 release. I mean hell we are getting the demo in March so the full game itself wont be too far behind.

  5. Monolith fanboys need to grow up and stop reading into mutual admiration for peers as some sort of forfeit for them to gloat about like children. If you aren’t excited for both games, or worse yet take a side and go to war against the other, you’re a little toddler who doesn’t deserve to play the greatest gaming has to offer.

  6. I have alot of respect for This developer to give such praise to his direct competitor. In this industry that is a very rare thing. You will never see Ubisoft praise their rival. Or Activision, or E.A. It’s good to see fellow rpg developers share a mutual respect. I will be purchasing both games.

  7. They praised monolith for not taking 2 console generations to finish a game … That said both games look kick ass

  8. I’ve played every FF game known to man(Waiting on us type 0 though)
    Best ones: 4/5/6/7/8/9/10/12
    13 let alot of us down and its sequels. Too linear as well.
    We want old school mechanics(turn based with a twist), summons, an overworld map, stellar soundtrack, good story, rememberable villains..(plz no mo ultimecia or nemesis from 9 that didnt even fit in story lol)
    The fan boys that have stuck with the series for years tell SE what we enjoy/how to please us/make it back on top again. But they dont listen.
    Like i said: Plenty of exploration(not linear), overworld map, stellar music, good story/villain, bonus dungeons/side quests galore… Do us a solid and make a final fantasy game SE, not just a visual treat with the name branded on it.

    Dont want to make a remake of the older games that we loved?
    Make a sequel to 4/5/6/7/a new chrono trigger…Star ocean…
    Who wouldnt pay 60 dollars to revisit 6 with edgar and terra set 10 years later but in full 3d glory?
    Or a game following up to after the events of Advent children of FF7….

    IF you enjoyed the 13 series, you obviously never played all the others.
    Terms of mechanics are alot flashier/stylish, but overall direction ruined.

    1. I’m playing FF6 right now and it’s sooooo fucking good… I’m also playing 7 and I think I’m enjoying 6 more right now. I’d love a remake for 6 on the 3DS! I’d die if they did that!

    2. Ridley, the Angel of Death

      Actually, FF7: Dirge of Cerberus takes place after Advent Children, so a sequel that takes place after Dirge would be better since Genesis from Crisis Core came back to life at the end of that game. Unless he was meant to be an antagonist for Vincent in a direct sequel to Dirge. If that was the intent of that end credits scene, I doubt we’ll be seeing a Dirge sequel since I don’t think it was very successful.

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