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Rumour: Nintendo Could Have A Surprise Game At APEX 2015

We all know Nintendo is sponsoring this year’s APEX event, which was a nice surprise. Now it turns out that some insiders are hinting that there will be a special game at the event for people to try out. With Nintendo sponsoring the event it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to guess that either Splatoon or Pokken Tournament will make a surprise appearance at the event. Whatever it is, it should be good.

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62 thoughts on “Rumour: Nintendo Could Have A Surprise Game At APEX 2015”

        1. They like it because it is a way faster game and the advanced techniques like Wavedashing, dash dancing and stuff aren’t glitches, but they give way more possibilities to fight and using that is pure skill.

    1. My only main complaint about the Wii U version of Smash Bros. is that it’s missing a story mode. A point. It always feels like something is incomplete because of that. They could have made a real cool story for why all of these characters are together. But they didn’t. But I agree, it IS better than Melee. I’ll never understand the praise that Melee gets, yet Brawl gets crapped on all the time. Brawl was better than Melee in my opinion. I never noticed any slowdown and stuff like people say about it. Neither has my brother or niece.

    1. seriously dout it but htat would be epic. ‘how about a free rome 3ds game. you have many citys but between them is a masive desert. where you can go as fast as you can. and it has many clifts and hills to explore.

  1. ‘how about a free rome 3ds fzero game. you have many citys but between them is a masive desert. where you can go as fast as you can. and it has many clifts and hills to explore.

  2. BlazeStudiosXY (YouTube)

    I want to Pokkén or a Mewtwo trailer!

    (I REALLY want to see a new Metroid, but what are the chances….)

  3. I think it’ll most likely be Splatoon but I’m hoping it’s a new game that no one will see coming but if it ends up being Pokken Tournament that would be awesome

      1. How about a crossover with both companies franchises? Or, JSR3 funded by Nintendo and includes the Inklings a playable gang? Shenmue III?

  4. Keep in mind that Apex is a fighting game tournament and all console Smash Bros games are there (and Pokemon OR&AS) so maybe it’s Mewtwo. Or nothing at all Nintendo doesn’t always have to reveal something in big events and anyone can pretend to be an insider

  5. I’m on the fence about this one. Last time they gave us some off screen zelda gameplay. Which is exciting but I need more.

  6. It’ll probably be something I care nothing about, such as Project STEAM. Or Splatoon (or that weird robot game). Though it could even be Star Fox. Who knows?

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  8. If it is Splatoon, I wonder if players would be asked to do a team match against one another. That would be funny to see as this game hasn’t been released yet so players will be forced to learn quick. Could show off some promising players and some damn funny matches, haha!

  9. Apex is a FIGHTING games tournament so it can be pokken fighters/tournament or mewtwo on smash bros 4 or even any other fighting game nintendo can have!
    Because it is a game COMPETITION we could also regard the posibility of splatoon being there but FZERO? METROID? Seriously people you dont even know what are you talking about! It would be pointless to anounce a NON-COMPETITIVE game in a COMPETITIVE GAME enviroment… An much more if you did a nintendo direct a week ago. . .
    Please do your research before speaking shit nintendards.

    1. You are an absolute nintentard… Yeah lets announce and ADVENTURE game in a COMPETITIVE TOURNAMENT instead of a COMPETITIVE GAME! Yeah!!! : )
      Also it would be PLAYABLE something which hasnt been evem announce would rarely be complete enough to be playable ; )
      Its going to be splatoon (a COMPETITIVE game which is also complete enough to be playable) or pokken fighter/tournament (a COMPETITIVE FIGHTING GAME but im not pretty sure if its complete enough to be playable)
      Next time use your head or do some research : ) NO ONE announces an adventure game on a COMPETITIVE TOURNAMENT centred around fighting games and pokemon games asshole.

      1. It also would be pointless to take off metroid announcement from the nintendo direct a week ago and indtead announcing it at apex when nintendo direct is more followed by nintendo fans (in terms of watchers) so yeah you are pretty logic an clever at busines management : )

  10. you lot are doing my fucking head in? if you think nintendo has a suprise game and it is not mario related you are a fucking retard

  11. I can definitely see Pokken Tournament being premiered here. It’s a fighting game tournament, after all. No one [there] wants to shoot goo at other players in third person, no matter how cute & fun it might be.

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