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Toys “R” Us Offers Free Kirby amiibo With Kirby And The Rainbow Curse

amiibo_kirby_offer_toys_r_usConsumers who pre-order Kirby and the Rainbow Curse at Toys “R” Us can receive a free Kirby amiibo figure. The Kirby amiibo will be compatible with the upcoming platformer. Once a day, players can tap Kirby, King Dedede or the Best Buy-exclusive Meta Knight amiibo to the Wii U GamePad to power up Kirby. Kirby and the Rainbow Curse launches for Wii U on February 20th.


    1. I bet you they will be doing this a lot more. Think of all the future games that will have amiibo support. There is no way they will release a new Fire Emblem game for Wii U or 3DS that has amiibo support and then not re-release the Fire Emblem amiibos along side it- if not packaged with the game itself.

      I think the amiibo craze is going to fizzle out in the future and everyone will realize what a waste of money it all was, when all you had to do was be patient and buy the figurines when they were re-released.


      1. I’m just sharing my opinion. I like the the game but i don’t consider getting it. A lot of people comment about the date being close to their birthday. You should see the New 3DS


  1. A god deal if you want the game of course. Id I get enough cash by then I’ll try to pre-order the game. Of course you can try the pre-order trick by taking back the game once you obtain it and keeping the amiibo but I’m too good to do that. xD


  2. As a Nintendo fan I’m real. Sorry this game is not an appealing game they need to step it up and be all more diverse. I get there good at side scrollers but damn wiiu has enough if those. Plus that’s the only new release that month it scares me. No offence to any 1 who enjoys thi


    1. I enjoy it and I’m not affended, you’re entitled to your opinion, but keep in mind it’s easier to make a sidesroller than a full on 3d game and they are the only ones supporting their console right right now so they are trying to fill in gaps. on the plus side mario maker is the only other sidescroller coming to wii u out of their whole 2015 lineup. and in my opinion this year is going to be better than the last, and we had mariokart 8 and smash so that’s saying something!


    2. Yep there’s nothing I want til Splatoon. It’s not good enough from Nintendo. They need to release Yoshi’s Wooly World early in the year but they probably won’t.


  3. A warning to everyone: If you collect amiibos and like to keep them new and unopened, Toys R Us is a risky place to order them from. They shipped some to me bubble envelopes, causing the packaging to get a bit damaged/bent. Just a warning to let you all know that Toys R Us doesn’t always package things very wisely.


    1. where are you from because it may just be your store shipping them that way. I ordered a captain falcon from them and got it shipped in a box with bubble wrap put in to protect it. it looked perfect, absolutely perfect. and then I ripped it open!!! XD


      1. Some of my amiibos I ordered from Toys R Us WAS shipped in boxes (3 in each box). And they were in perfect condition (except for one package, where the plastic was a little messed up on them). It’s when they shipped them one at a time that they used bubble envelopes and the packages got all bent out of shape. I’m worried about my 2 Lucario pre-orders. I sure hope those are shipped in a box.


      2. well I know they received a lot of complaints for how they were shipping them. my captain falcon was just a single purchase and they shipped it that way so hopefully they’ve changed how they are handling them.


  4. Nintendo really needs to handle Amiibo implementation better – the fact that only some Amiibo are compatible with only some games just makes it even more confusing for the consumer. And then each Amiibo only holds data for ONE game? /sigh.


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