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Ubisoft Veterans Bringing Kickstarter Game Izle To Wii U eShop

Area Effect, a studio made up of Ubisoft veterans, have announced that they’re bringing their new project Izle to the Wii U eShop. The Kickstater project will launch this spring “to support the development of the Steam and Next Gen Console versions.” The game is due for release on the eShop in 2016.

“Izle invites its players to build their own world by summoning the power of the gods and terraforming a variety of islands. Each unique island is randomly created and ready for players to explore, harness abilities and forge items into endless possibilities to create new character classes. Izle is currently in its Alpha stage.”

“Developed and published by Area Effect, a studio made up of Ubisoft veterans, Izle players will use terraforming to build their own unique island worlds. Players will acquire new items and abilities and combine them into endless possibilities to create their very own class. But with great freedom comes great responsibility, and if not defended, the kingdom will be shattered by the forces of shadows.”

“Izle is truly a passion project for us, and we are so proud of the reaction we have received at its early stages. Izle is a very ambitious project that we are excited to see come to life as our development continues and as the Izle community grows and flourishes.”

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22 thoughts on “Ubisoft Veterans Bringing Kickstarter Game Izle To Wii U eShop”

      1. What the fuck, can’t believe fucking ubisoft still makes games. All there fucking games are broken they should stop and quit making games or quit gaming. They can’t even create a single game that is not broken. Fuck you ubisoft and your fucking games I’m fucking done with you and Your fucking stupid broken games

        1. All of their games?? I didn’t find Child of Light, Stick of Truth, or Valiant Hearts broken in any way. Are you sure you’re playing these games and not over reacting like a stupid little drama queen?

  1. This is basically minecraft for hipsters but everyone will love this one while hate minecraft just because it is indie and not popular so its super cool!!

    1. 60 million copies sold and Minecraft is ‘not popular’? Frankly, I’m glad someone is bringing a minecraft-like game to the Wii U (since Mojang couldn’t and now never will). And if it actually has an actual game mode in there, that would be nice, too.

      1. I was saying that people will prefer this over maincraft because THIS is not popular while minecraft is. Thats why i said this is a hipster minecraft clone.
        Sorry if it was difficult to understand me im not native : S

  2. I’m interested in this title. Always love to create my own islands/worlds and such but Minecraft was locked in first-person view and while you can switch to third-person view, you have to be precise where your character places the block and that is impractical.

    I wonder when this will be released. Can’t wait ^-^

  3. The fact that these guys broke away from Ubisoft is enough reason for me to support this game. And who knows, it might just be the next best thing since Minecrap.

  4. I like it a lot. Unlike Minecraft it’s not block like, shapes (blocks) form together easily on their own, block placing seems easier and more precise, not limited to first person, and there seems to be an actual story. I may finally get into these building games with this one, I’ll keep an eye on it. :)

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