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New System Update For Nintendo 3DS Now Available

Nintendo has released another system update for Nintendo 3DS. Available via wireless Internet connection, version 9.5.0-22U includes improvements to system stability and usability. It also implements minor adjustments that will enhance the user experience. The last major firmware update for 3DS was released in December and added a Shuffle Favorites feature under Change Theme in HOME Menu Settings, among other things.



    1. Yep, it was an adjustment to block Gateway’s multiROM menu in emuNAND. The Classic Mode function still works in Gateway. The 9.5 NAND still works on emuNAND.


    1. That’s for the servers to be fixed. Remember that BS excuse from Brawl? “High traffic” my ass. The game needs better servers, at least for the 3DS version. Wii U works when all parties have stable connections.


  1. I guess they’ll provide the Amiibo update when the accessory is made available…

    Wouldn’t it be great if a future update will remove the region restrictions?


    1. It’s the same depth,you have little more sweet spot (left right) with n3ds,sound not so good,same as normal XL,the best sound has Original 3DS,


      1. Thanks. They’re coming in 2 days thanks to Prime, but I won’t be able to play them that much because of my studies.


      2. I know how you feel…

        I got Captain Toad yesterday but I can’t play it yet because of studies…

        Damn this Light Mathematics, I only know Dark Mathematics…

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Haha, and then when we’re done with studies we’ll have even less time because of work.. But I bet you can stop space and time with your immortal powers.


      4. My work will be finding new worlds for the Ing and the Empire since I will be working as a Astronomer someday…

        I can’t stop space and time, only my Emperor Ing could…


      5. Haha, that is true. I’m a computer science major. I will be either software developer or programmer. If I become a gaming dev, I vow not to follow the footsteps of the Electron Army.


      6. Yeah, it sucks man. Plus I was only 5 coins away from gold status on club nintendo. That’s another reason I bought those games. Doubt I’m going to reach Platinum though by March 31st.


      7. You can still register games before the deadline (3/31). The games must have been released before 1/20 to be eligible for coins however.


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