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Nintendo Says It Won’t Share Revenue With YouTube Channels Showing Games From Other Publishers

You all know about Nintendo’s Youtube Creators Program which has sparked a lot of debate amongst readers and the YouTubers that it affects. Now we’ve got further confirmation that the company won’t share any revenue with YouTube channels that broadcast games from other publishers such as Sega etc. Nintendo has clarified that it won’t be approving channels featuring any games not on their whitelist. If you wish to be part of Nintendo’s YouTube Creators Program then you’ll need to focus solely on Nintendo titles. You can read more about the program, here.

“If you have already submitted your channel for registration and it includes video(s) that contain game titles outside of the list of supported games, please remove those videos from your channel within two weeks of the submission date,” the company writes. “If the video(s) are not removed from the channel within this time, your channel will not be registered with the program.  You may resubmit your channel for registration at a later date.”


Thanks, Shuhei Yoshida and SimplyG

190 thoughts on “Nintendo Says It Won’t Share Revenue With YouTube Channels Showing Games From Other Publishers”

    1. Actually its pretty much a DUH statement. Can’t charge or make money off of what you don’t own. Any copyright claim would owned by the 3rd party company NOT Nintendo. It is really simple if you read the directions.

      1. I just logged on to say how much I hate let’s play videos, the people who post them, but especially the people who watch them. Anyone involved in any way with let’s play is a piece of shit. If you watch let’s play videos, please never have children. How can someone enjoy watching someone else play games? I can’t think of anything more boring to do.

          1. I think Game Grumps is fun to watch sometimes, pretty much the only “Let’s Players” I watch but to me it’s more of a podcast of people with the shitty game as a backup topic.

        1. Well for one, it’s free advertisement for the companies and insurance for customers to buy or not. Plus it’s a useful help tool for those who are stuck in certain parts of the game. But yes, enjoying watching other play game instead of enjoying them yourself can get pretty sad for those guys.

        2. Some reason why people watch sports on TV, I guess: skilled gamers with interesting commentary (or just one or the either).

          Fighting games make wonderful Lets Plays simply because of the on-the-spot skill necessary in an online match, and strategy and RPG Lets Plays, if done right, have commentary that usually leaves the viewer learning a thing or do.

        3. So basically what you’re saying is “people like something I don’t? They have to be shitty people that shouldn’t breed”

    1. Are you guys like completely stupid. This revenue sharing plan is for Nintendo owned IPs. They (Nintendo) can’t share revenue of an IP they don’t own. They’re not saying that YouTubers can’t post these videos, just not in their channel that has revenue sharing with Nintendo. Before you losers pull together a mob, try rubbing a couple brain cells together and read what is really being said.

      1. No. It’s no longer like that. Now they’re doing exactly what those whinny dickheads at Sega are doing to squeeze money out of their loyal fanbase. I’m so fucking annoyed of this and about to jump ship from Wii U to PS4 over it.

        1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

          You humans are annoyed because they are using the law?…

          That’s very clever of you…

          1. Not at all, at least for me. I get where Nintendo is coming from with the whole copyright war they’re into. But they fail to think that it’s generating negative publicity so instead of attacking the user base, Attack the bigger fish that created that problem: Google.

            1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

              Like I’ve said numerous times before to others, while I agree with their stand on this, specially on LPs videos where they show the entire game, I do not support the majority of their agenda like going against reviewers as an example…

              1. But I can say this about Lets Play videos: They’re better than having to spend $30 for a fucking guide book that doesn’t always help you to learn how to play everywhere. In fact, guide books should cease to exist now. They no longer have a reason to be around.

                1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

                  How about they learn how to play instead?…

                  You complain about how easier games get and yet you want this illegal activity to continue…

                  RULES ARE RULES, I didn’t make them up nor do I care, I find it extremely amusing and pathetic that humans cannot understand simple concepts like these…

                  And the US rules are not the world’s rules, get over it…

    2. I’m a big fan and I’m so not damage controlling this. I use to say they were willing to share with YouTubers but now that this has come to light, I must take it back and say Nintendo has done fucked it up yet again. It’s 2013 all over again. lol

        1. I’ve never really criticized any companies for being greedy, but it’s fair to say that Nintendo is acting a bit greedy right now, and I can only imagine the stress that some fans and professional Lets Players (those entertainers who rely on ad revenue for a living) must be facing right now.

    1. Man its like reading something an ea could do.I didnt expect that feom Nintendo and I m serious dissapointed by this move.

    2. That’s not necessary to say. I too am disappointed to see them go down the dark path. In general, this new generation and gaming industry is purely fucked no matter which side it is now. X(

    1. Or get a real fucking job instead of parasitizing other people’s work to earn money “because it’s free advertising for Nintendurrr!!!”. No, guys. That’s not how advertising works.

      1. I disagree. When you’re Let’s Playing, you’re doing what you love doing and making people happy at the same time. If I could Let’s Play for the rest of my life as a job, and live off of it, I’d do it

          1. How is it a stupid question or “child level silly”? People are saying, “get a real job” so I want to know what constitutes a “real job”. I’m still waiting on an answer to my question.

        1. As we all know the only “real” jobs are the 9-5 garbage that most people hate. If you love your job it’s not as boring as someone else’s it’s not a real job.

              1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

                This is why they rather worship idiotic apes like these Kardashians or Justin Beaver instead of the few worthy humans on this planet like Stephen Hawking…

                This new generation of inbreeds as well as the corrupted older ones will make up any excuse to gain money in whatever lazy way they can…

                      1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

                        Depends on your loyalty to higher life-forms and to some extent the empire…

                    1. Technically it is a job. After all you are working for a company based on someone else’s property with their permission, that is if you know what companies will allow you to do it. You are working for Google and depending on the company (if they allow let’s plays) you are working for them as well. In definition Youtube IS a job. Unfortunately we have become a heavy service industry where entertainment is very well paid.

                    2. shut the fuck up. videos are freedom of press which is our first amendment dumbass. and it is a job because you make money. in some cases enough to live off of even. and also this is probably the most real job ever because you make money by doing what you love and make people happy in the process so yeah this is job im pretty sure we all wish we could have. go and suck money cock you meannie

                      1. WTF said anything about freedom of speech/press dumbass? It’s a job for thumb suckers who can’t find a real career or has a full scale of tardiness and desperation shoved up their ass that they try to cash in on other people’s IP for easy money because Google thinks they’re clever by starting a copyright war just to rack in BS publicity. You sir are the retarded on thinking YouTube is the way of life. I can simply stand in a corner of a street, looking homeless and leech money off of suckers because they’re that gullible. That’s exactly what YouTube revenue sharing is like: A haven for the stupid and lazy to get some action in rant videos and comments for money and ONLY money.

                        Go do yourself a favor and TRY to make any sign of standard of living by using YouTube and create mediocre videos that’ll only grant you 300 views in a year. Go on. Waste your time on an empty train ride to opportunity.

                  1. What about comedians? All they do is make people laugh, yet everyone loves them. Let’s Players like PewDiePie are comedians on the internet with video games as a backdrop.

        2. You could always pull a masterquest. What I mean is, flip the video image so that content matching is less likely, also if the volume is low enough and your voice is the main thing being heard you rarely have to worry about it.

          1. It really isn’t that simple. Especially if you have a following, a brand that you have built up for yourself, and partnerships with other companies.

            This is truly going to be an inconvenience to a lot of people.

            1. Its just means you have to submit videos separately, if you are doing a job don’t get lazy and think one size fits all.

              And I can think of a lot of jobs where you have to pay the supplier a license for there content. (i.e. music for commercial or anytime a video games used in a Movie or TV show). Its too bad the free ride is over, but that ship sale on the internet for allot of people a long time ago.

            1. Maybe because those games are developed outside of the primary Nintendo developers. Being that Game Freak and Sora Ltd. are technically owned by Nintendo, but they aren’t 100% owned? XD

          1. Don’t ever partner with Mashitima. They’re terrible. It’s best to just go off of AdSense and not have a cut in the first place.

        3. Is there a way to back out of the creator’s program? Not really feeling like partnering with them anymore, don’t see this type of treatment when LPing games like Uncharted 3…

        4. Let’s Plays should be a fun community platform for people to be entertained… Now it’s a monetization ground for corporate companies to leech on

        5. I’m really disappointed in Nintendo. To be honest I thought that E3 2014 was a turning point for them, where they started listening to their fans. Guess not.

          1. Games wise, it has been, not to mention they stole the show from sony and microsoft without even being there, but they are ruining it with this sorta stuff :(.
            This is the kinda thing i’d expect from EA for christ’s sake, and even EA is’nt pullin this crap.

        6. Alls these people who never even read the contract, you can’t register a channel to get 70% revenue, but if you do have 3rd party stuff you can register specific videos for 60% revenue

            1. Lol, I’m pretty sure their strongest form of advertisements the fan-base they’ve already got instilled. Or word of mouth. Or Nintendo Directs. Or the retailers themselves.
              Let’s plays are a joke. Why would I wanna watch another person play a game when I can read a review or watch a trailer and decide whether or not I wanna pick up the game, myself.

        7. Or you know, just add the video alone and not the entire channel. Or even better, get an actual job. Either way dick move though.

        8. Isn’t that just the extension of their policy? Nintendo thinks they have the right to get part of the revenue for videos with nintendo games in them. You can follow this policy and say that they have no right to get payed for videos that show other games. What would happen if they started to get payed for minecraft or skyrim videos on a nintendo approved channel, not only fans but publishers and gamemakers would turn on them.

          1. I don’t get why everyone is saying that… This IS a real job… In fact its more real than any job because you’re making money by doing what you love doing and making people happy in the process. If I could make a lot of money off of lets plays, Id do it for the rest of my life, and if i dont make enough money to live off of it, id still do it alongside a different job so i can try to make my content better for maybe more people to come and watch.

            1. It is a job, just like prostitution, stripper, (holy shit I have balls to go that far) anyway, I guess it might be jealousy and all that from other people who worked hard on getting a good job and what not. Since these guys are making money by saying stupid and unfunny things while they play a game or for just screaming at a game. I can see why they would be jealous. I did said what I said above because I have a passion for seeing others react to baits.

              Back to topic, it’s all fine since younger gamers like to see these other people playing a game they are interested on buying while the player makes forced jokes and screams.

              The only (stupid) problem (argument) I see people bring up Is the 12 year olds that watch this say things like “I dont need to go to school because I will become a lets player” “I dont need good grades, I will become the next gamegrumps (or the other sweedish guy)”

              This leads to one problem too… lets players are getting so oversaturated with teens playing a game and bring nothing new to the table like when a character dies and the lets player says “zomg now he is forever alone, like me” or when conker tricks a character and the lets player is like ” haha such a troll, trolololol troll face” you get the point. But hey that’s just my shitty opinion

              Anyways, do whatever the fuck you want, play whatever the fuck you want and don’t let anyones opinion influence this decision. Just dont hurt, or bully anyone on the process, or do it, I really don’t give a flying fuck

              1. Forgot to bring one more problem shit, well when these lets players get paid to say good things about a shitty game to trick others to buy it, that might lead to a crash. Ok done now and I forgot to say sorry my English. It’s not that great.

              1. I’m sorry, but that’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard all day. At this point, I think you should just stop. You’re embarrassing yourself.

                1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

                  The law is the law, it doesn’t matter unless they allow you to do it…

                  I didn’t create it…

                  And you can believe whatever you want, what’s a law is a law no matter what hippie ideas or conservative ideas any of you have…

                  And I’m stating facts, that’s not embarrassing myself and I simply do not care who gets offended if they are stupid enough not knowing how this idiotic world works…

                    1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

                      Some have permission and whatever other empires do is not my problem or Nintendo’s…

                      Now I’m officially done with this subject…

                2. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

                  Anyway, I’m tired of this subject and I don’t care anymore, believe in whatever hippie ideas or outdated ideas you humans have, it won’t make any difference…

                  It’ between you and the empire, I’ll enjoy myself killing Xbots meanwhile…

                  1. At least the Xbots can enjoy uploading their LP’s to YouTube without Microsoft hunting them down wanting their money. Unlike Nintendo… ;)

                    1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

                      Of course not, they rather want to control their lives, spy on them and decide how to use their consoles…

            2. Doing something that simply only makes people happy and what you love isn’t a job.

              Being a policeman, that’s a real job.
              Doing construction, that’s a real job.
              Serving your nation as a soldier, that’s definitely a real job.
              Cleaning a person’s house, that’s a real job.
              Being an accountant, that’s a real job.
              Being an engineer, that’s a real job.
              Being responsible for the production of a new wave of software products that are invaluable to enterprises and people, that’s a real job.
              Helping a family get out of welfare, that’s a real job.
              Being a physician, that’s a real job.

              The difference between a job and a hobby is the level of responsibility you have to have when doing the deed. The way I see it, most people have no problem using another entity’s work to make their own, and then claim it’s “free advertising.” Look, people want to control how they’re personally advertised, and Nintendo is no different. They didn’t ask or hire the LPers to “advertise” for them, the LPers just decided to do that on their own, and they didn’t even “clarify” it was “free advertising” until AFTER they were accused of possible copyright infringement. That right there is irresponsible behavior; it shows a lack of cooperation, especially with the party originally responsible for like 95% of their content. A real job requires cooperation with others, that’s how the job is accepted within society. If you don’t cooperate, you’re not accepted, and you cannot just make people accept you. You don’t have a right to do that. Responsibility is ultimately about cooperation and even personal compromise. Even if you love what you do, you cannot just do whatever you want to based on that love. For that love, you should be able to make personal sacrifices as well, even if it’s a few choices you’re not allowed to make.

            1. Yes because Nooooo one watches LPs for the interesting commentary, no NO it’s defineitly to watch footage of a game they could play themselves..
              I think nintendo should stop making trailers as well, might be turning people of playin their games when they’ve already seen footage of it.

              1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

                Except trailers makes you want to see and play the game more because you want to know more while LPs, you already know everything except the “feeling” of playing it…

                I don’t think it’s the same thing…

                1. Yeah, I skipped a few games already, that I didn’t have much time with cause I watched them. I went and played/bought something else. Also, I felt like Mario Kart 8 was ruined to some degree by showing all the tracks before it came out, but that is more Nintendo’s fault rather than Let’s Play people.

                2. If your game can be watched without giving the person watching any desire to play it it’s either not a game they like or just a bad game in general.

                3. Sorry but how HOW? can you judge that you’ve understood a game without playing it, I watched game grumps play the entirety of shovel knight and now I can’t wait to buy the damn game.

                  if these were movies then yes, of course you’d be getting the full experience of the movie, but watching gameplay of something is the same wherether its a trailer or an LP, if you watch an LP of a game and don’t want to buy it afterwards(barring money issues and the like) then chances are you did’nt have much interest in playing it anyway and the trailers would’nt of changed your mind either, nintendo lose NOTHING on supporting this or even just leaving it be.

                  Also you say you already know everything in an LP but you could just stop watching it once you are interested in the game? otherwise as said you probbly were’nt gonna pick it up anyway.

                  when it comes down to it, if watching footage of a game is as fun(barring the commentary) as actually playing it, then that game has failed, and I can’t think of any reason nintendo the masters of gameplay should have anything to fear from this.
                  a company like ubisoft? YES assassins creed unity was a broken mess and thank god youtubers are spreading that thing around and even ubi are’nt takin this down, unless your games are shit a company has nothign to fear from publicity.

                    1. sorry how does saying there are demos counterpoint anything i’ve said(and quite frankly we need more demos imo) you’ve yet to explain what nintendo has to lose by people watching gameplay online, gameplay that they probbly were’nt even there for as they are there for a review or a commentary.
                      They have nothing ot lose here and it’s sickening me that people are defending this, guaranteed if this was microsoft you’d be all over this crap, nintendo are an amazing company but turning a blind eye to shit like this is exactly the kind of crap that turns companys into an EA.

                      I’ve brought it up before but i’ll do it again, Angry joe said he had nothing bad to say about the console at all, he has 1000s if not more subscribers and because nintendo pulled down his vids both him and his fanbase have lowered their opinion of the company(which also allows people to justify some of the more uneeded hate towards the company sadly).

                      perhaps if he could’ve gone ahead and posted his reviews which again where positive(not that i’m saying bad reviews should be taken down, opinions should’nt be censored) then perhaps he could’ve convinced some of his fans to buy games like bayonetta 2 or 101 because god knows nintendo has’nt done a good job of marketing them games.

                        1. oh OOOH, its a rule I guess that makes it okay then, say people can also let others borrow their games so I suppose they should pull a microsoft and go fully digital, does’nt matter if it spits in the face of loyal fans, goes against fair use or any of that no, no its a rule so that must mean its fine.

                          people like you are a cancer to this industry you are no better then the people who support EA’s bullshit. Fanboys like you are the people who would allow nintendo to become another EA and keep eating up their shit, I don’t care what company anyone supports but you are an awful nintendo fan if you can’t go against them when they pull shit like this because(which they don’t often thankfully) allowing it will just let them spiral down the bullshit some of these other companys are sadly pulling and then other companys will follow suit with nintys example, and it’s an even bigger shame because games wise nintendo is amazing.

                          1. and yes nintendo have every right to do this if they want(though I do believe it’s goign against fair use) but that does’nt mean people should support bad buisness practices.

                          2. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

                            People shouldn’t even be earning money from youtube in the first place and these rules have been here for longer than any of you have even lived…

                          3. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

                            And comparing this to the Electron Army’s garbage is so far off, they violate human rights, Nintendo does not, and Americans should learn that their laws are not everyone’s laws…

                          4. -Subject chris: and yes nintendo have every right to do this if they want(though I do believe it’s goign against fair use)-

                            Now you admit that they have every right to do this, the only thing all of you are against is for them to allow you all to continue with your deluded “fair use” that doens’t include the entire world nor does it include showing entire gameplays either…

                          5. The thing about gameplay videos and fair use is those rules were put in place before video games were a form of mainstream media. It’s a pretty grey area at the moment and until someone ends up bringing it to court I doubt there will be any changes made to the rule.

                          6. We’re talking about a time when you couldn’t actually interact with your media. You could only watch/listen. Simply reading through the fair use terms makes that obvious.

                        1. (replying to this because I can’t reply to the other comment for some reason)
                          Yes nintendo can do this but just because you can does’nt mean you should, oh I admit ea does some illegal shit sometimes but alot of the stuff they do is in the law allowed. and no I did’nt finally admit anything i’ve felt that way since the beggining but that does’nt mean what they are doing is right, it’s selfish, insults their fans and hurts their reputation and they lose out on free marketing, and as said eventually others will follow suit.

                          and who says you should’nt make money of youtube, what gives you the right to say what people can and can’t make money off, people make fanart and sell it is that bad just because they are using a character, they still put all the effort into painting it did’nt they? theres alot of effort that goes into LP’s and reviews and most of the time people do this because they find it fun, the money comes later because people enjoy listening to people do what they are good at and what they enjoy. I can watch game grumps play a bad game like sonic boom and then play mario 3d world and i’ll have equally the same amount of enjoyment, why? not because both games are equal but because the grumps are hilarious.
                          people watch this stuff because they enjoy the person, does’nt matter how good the game is if the commentator sucks then the video is shit. As for reviews it’s damnright censoring peoples opinions most of which happen to be positive.

                          So once again, yes ninty can do this but people should’nt bend over and take nintendos unlubed dick up their ass just because they are allowed to do this stuff, nintendo is by far my favorite company and most of the hate they get is uneeded and they deserve so much more atm they are at the top gameswise and I think the wii u is truly the only(atm) next gen console that needs to be owned, but this move they are pulling is disgusting plain and simple.

                          if what you say about it being fine as long as its not illegal is true then was the microsoft hate back when the one was revealed uneeded? they were’nt breaking any laws where they.

                          1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

                            The Xbots was violating human rights that’s against the law…

                            Spying on people without their permission is illegal even at UN level so it’s not even comparable to this istuation…

                            And like I ‘ve said countless of times already, earn as much money as you want based on Nintendo’s properties as long as you have THEIR PERMISSION to do so…

                            It doesn’t matter how much work you put into your thing, permission or else it’s invalid by default…

                            And youtubers earning money because of their own personal or original content videos, then they have every right to do so unless they start doing videos about something like advertisement because then they would have crossed the same line as this…

                        2. (serously what is up with this comment section and replies)
                          with the xbone i’m reffering to the digital only rule which I believe had a much bigger backlash then the spying thing which to my knowledge was only a big romour(though not one I can’t see being real) and I was comparing it the fact that you said just because it’s legal makes it okay.

                          And once again, other companies like valve most indie companys and hell most of the major gaming companys tbh allow people to post their videos and so far it’s doing pretty well for them(a certain unknown game called minecraft comes to mind not sure if you’ve heard of it?) because unlike nintendo they actually researched and saw the value in allowing people to showcase their games for free.

                          And as I said ninty can do this, does’nt make it right though, it’s still hurting their reputation and everything i’ve said before, all i’m saying is that there is nothing for nintendo to gain by pulling a dick move like this, if ninty does’nt want people to give free publicity to the games they enjoy in reviews or LPs or whatever then they should be prepared for some backlack.

                          the best thing LPers can do is ignore nintendo and their pathetic display, go and play some other games and do that instead, let nintendo lose out on a good marketing opportunity but instead people are stupidly supporting this which will in turn give other companys the idea to do this.

                          1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

                            They gained nothing during this whole time either, ever since the Xbots entered the game and at the same time the Sonyans evolving to graphicwhores, people have been abandoning Nintendo because of their shallow nature, media gimmicks generation that has nothing to do with gaming…

                            So it doesn’t matter what they do, they’ve had the majority of the former real gamers against them ever since the GCN era…

                            I only support their claims against LPs, but if they don’t give permission to reviews and other non showing the entire game videos then I’m against it since that would be beyond foolish…

                    2. Then Nintendo should stop demos. I mean, if I can get the gameplay experience of something without buying the full game why should I ever buy the full game?

                      Now, see how stupid that sounds? Nintendo’s LP stance is actually dumber than that.

                  1. Theres many brothers who buy a game just to conclude with the story. And once they see it played the may lose all interest on the gaym and be like “sh8 m8 that gaym is meh m8, mi8 pass on it m8” …. I really should not be online while drunk… this is why I dont drink

          2. Anything you can make money at on a steady basis. So, this could be considered a real job and it comes with real problems, such as licensing now.

          1. Sega apparently might be pulling the same sorta shit, lets hope others don’t follow suit, they’re makin microsoft and EA look like good role models with this move, it’s baffling to me that this is coming from a company which has so far been very customer friendly(if not a bit detached at times).

        9. No, this is wrong. Nintendo will share revenue with channels that show other games, you just have to register them on a per-video basis. You just can’t submit the whole channel to them as a “nintendo channel” in order to get more money for each video since entire channels registered will receive 10% more per video as opposed to uploading them individually.

          1. I think its 70% on a channel and 60% on a video, but I imagine if you are doing a lot there is probably a way to negotiate with them. This is for small new channels.

        10. Pingback: Nintendo – Creators Program gilt nur für reine Nintendo-Kanäle | NAT-Games

        11. Wow that whitelist is terrible! It only has 7 games listed for the N64, none of which are Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, Star Fox 64, or Kirby 64! There are no Pokémon games on this list at all!! No Smash games either! Metroid Prime 1 and 2 are on there but no 3!

          This program and list is absolute shit! I feel bad for people like chuggaaconroy who have been nothing but loyal to Nintendo.

        12. I don’t think you Kids realize how Bad this Statement is. They are SAYING Any and all Nintendo First Party Games not featured on the White List. Do NOT count for Copyright Protection or earning half what Nintendo Promised. This is not for just Let’s Play. It’s for News, Reviews, Walkthroughs, Trailers whatever. This is FULL Blown Censor and Control.

          Not only that, but you MUST remove videos from other Companies to be even considered into the Program. Many YouTubers deal with other companies on their channels. SEGA, SONY, MICROSOFT, KONAMI, CAPCOM, INDIE DEVS the list goes on and on. Nintendo is trying to control the type of content that is released on Youtube. PLUS only for a limited time. That White List will change Year to Year. I’ve dealt with Agreements like this.

          Even if you make a Nintendo only channel, they will screw you. End of Story. IF PARTNERS were dumb enough to sign up for this Program. Nintendo just stabbed them in the back. All vids not on the White List MUST be removed, 2 weeks before joining the Program. Or the Content Creator is not ALLOWED in the Nintendo Network. That’s is 100% Illegal. No Google run MCN can do that. That goes beyond Youtube’s TOS for how a CMS and MCN operates! NO COMPANY can control how the Media handles your Game! I’ve never seen anything like this, nearly 10 Years as Freelancer!

          What’s really bad, is this doesn’t effect Nintendo Channels. It harms other companies housed within Nintendo. Smash Bros isn’t on the White List. Many 2nd Party Devs, Indie’s and Partners they work with. Lastly Gaming aside, this will cause a lot of issues, with whatever Network a Nintendo Partner is housed with. – Kwing

            1. Yeah, EA does’nt even pull this shit(And trust me stickin up for EA on something makes me want to vomit) and they actually have something to fear from these vids because well, they make broken shitty games.

              And thanks KWing you said it better then I think anyone else here could’ve, is what they’re doing really illegal though? I thought it was a dick move but I did’nt know it was illegal :/.

        13. I, for one, find this complete BS. I don’t do let’s plays, nor do I intend to, but this is a dick move.
          “Buh iz nitedo IP, they shud share the moolah!”
          Yeah, well that just discourages let’s players from buying Nintendo games, and could annoy just people that use a tiny bit of Nintendo things.
          “Let’s Players R garbage!”
          I could say Captain N is garbage, but that will just be my opinion.
          “Let’s Players R still garbage!”
          It’s not just let’s players.
          “Itz only fair dat dey only make Nintendo videoz and nothing”
          THIS IS RIDDING YOU OF YOUR FREEDOM OF POSTING VIDEOS! I thought the whole revenue splitting was a silly move, but this is crossing the line. They will prohibit you from posting what you want.
          I love Nintendo and all, but this is just ridiculous. They should just stop this nonsense.

          1. Seriously though… unfortunately, the entitled reign, and going against them isn’t going to the Nintendo name any good. And trust me when I tell you Ninty, you don’t need any more of that.

            Time to fire the publicity and legal teams looks like!

        14. You know what? If Nintendo has a fucking problem with YouTube leeching money off of their IPs, how about going after Google to make them get rid of the currency sharing via video views BS since they created this mess and have issues sweeping it up themselves. Going after the fans isn’t gonna change shit but rather spark more hate and negative press.

        15. Or you could AS THE WEBSITE SAYS, register each video on it’s own, this only applies to FULL channel registrations.

        16. Since the last Nintendo of America direct Nintendo hasn’t seen a dime from me even though my wallet was ready. But they don’t deserve it.

        17. They already made it clear it is only for Nintendo videos which is the reason why no one should be complaining. You don’t have to register your whole channel you make as much money as you can. YouTube today is mostly PC gaming so why are they mad they aren’t going to make as much money on Nintendo products?

          1. This is if you wish to present your channel so you can lower the percent loss with each video. They don’t do this if you are just sending videos so don’t think review sites are deleting their videos. This isn’t a shady practice

        18. sasori obinna: the puppet master

          i wouldn’t be surprised that nintendo starts a censorship program to censor foul language during these nintendo videos.

        19. We’ll fuck you I watch let’s play I don’t care what anyone thinks I been watching people do let’s plays for years there’s nothing wrong with it the fucker above me saying people that watch let’s plays are pieces of shit fuck you your the piece shit let’s plays been around for ever and not just me other people watch them to all this copyright bullshit needs to stop what these youtubers do aren’t hurting Nintendo business Nintendo has a shit load of cash some kid playing a Nintendo game won’t do nothing to Nintendo business

        20. Eh, title is incomplete. “… if complete channels are registered.” They will if you register individual videos.

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        22. Ridley, the Angel of Death

          Nintendo should just get rid of every part of the Youtube Creators Program except the ad revenue part since Nintendo does have a right to some of the money since it is their IPs. If Youtubers are still up in arms about it, then we’ll know the only thing they care about is the money. And if the people that are siding with the Youtubers are also still pissed about it, then it just proves that they are only using this as another reason to trash on Nintendo.

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