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More Interesting Splatoon Information Emerges From Famitsu

We already had a batch of new information regarding Splatoon yesterday and we’ve received more today. The interview comes from the latest edition of Famitsu and is with Animal Crossing producer Hisashi Nogami, Yusuke Amano, who helped direct New Super Mario Bros 2, and Tsubasa Sakaguchi, who is the art director behind Wii U launch title, Nintendo Land. Here’s all the juicy details.

  • The interview is with producer Hisashi Nogami, who is known as the director of every Animal Crossing up to City Folk, and directors Yusuke Amano, who also directed NSMB2, and Tsubasa Sakaguchi, who was a character designer on Twilight Princess and art director on Nintendo Land.
  • The Inkling city (where the plaza is) is known as ‘Highcolor/Haikara City’ in Japanese.
  • The concept of two teams of four shooting ink in a turf battle has been there since the original prototype, even though the characters where tofu-like blocks at the time.
  • They experimented with other team sizes, but found with more than four players felt like they had little effect on battles, and with less than four that they had too much responsibility.
  • Killing/attacking opponents online to prevent them from painting ink is just one strategy to win. You get no points or advantage directly from doing so.
  • Hero mode uses basically the same controls as online matches, so anyone with difficulty in the can use the hero mode to practice.
  • Ideally, you’ll be matched with players of a similar rank to you (based off of experience points earned in matches). If not enough players, they’ll put you with people further away from your rank. If there’s only 8 players, you’ll be matched together.
  • While online is focused on just painting the ground, hero mode focuses on using the ink to move forward.
  • Amano says he wants you to be able to look at the map on the GamePad and see where needs to be worked on for your team.
  • No way to directly communicate with people you’ve been randomly matched with. They will appear post-match in your Plaza, where you can check out their gear, weapons, and comment.
  • They picked squids because they were the best at representing the gameplay present in the prototype.
  • Music for stages is random. Possible that I’m misunderstanding, but each player will have a different song while playing.
  • Music is designed to be the sort that would be popular with the young Inklings involved with the turf battles.
  • Rather than making some huge number of stages, they want to create stages that feel different when you use different weapon combinations.
  • You don’t earn money for gear in single player for balance reasons. Someone could grind money in hero mode and have their first online match with high level gear.
  • In the final stages of development now.
  • Aiming for, more or less, a simultaneous worldwide release.
  • They plan on supporting the title post-release.

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58 thoughts on “More Interesting Splatoon Information Emerges From Famitsu”

        1. Nintendo doesn’t want a bunch of kids yelling at each other online. That is what Xbox is for. So go there if that’s what you want. You’re never getting voice chat from Nintendo. They are way above that garbage.

          1. If you think coordinating with a team or talking with friends is “garbage”, you must be a very lonely person.

            There’s no valid excuse for Nintendo to leave out a standard function for online games. None.

    1. I’ll just buy the game and let my opinion be heard on Miiverse. I won’t boycott the game because that’s sending them the wrong message. I want them to continue making new IP’s and get better.

      1. “and let my opinion be heard on Miiverse.” That’s not gonna work. LOL. I don’t think Nintendo actually cares about the people on Miiverse.

    2. Will this game actually need teamwork? Or is it like call of duty, where it’s just people on 2 teams, doing their own thing.

  1. Hey if you want to chat with people it’s a app called skype maybe people can use that and not worry about voice chat it don’t make or break the game for me it’s a little feature.

    1. But it’s not just voice chat that disappointing, it’s the complete lack of communication that bothers me. I thought for sure Nintendo would add some sort of command options to communicate with teammates. Wouldn’t it be nice to tell a teammate to “follow me”, or “wait here”?

      What about “cause a distraction”, or “make a diversion”. There are sooooo many good commands they could implement into the game that would increase the strategy aspects. But what do we get instead? A free for all battle royal with no communication and no strategy. Boring… You will become bored after just a few matches because of no communication. You will feel isolated, alone, and it wont even feel like you are playing the game with real people. They will seem like bots.

      1. I don’t see how chatting is the most important in having fun. Your logic is that this game would suck because there’s no voice chat. Xenoblade Chronicles X could also exclude that feature and still be extremely popular

        1. That’s not the point though. Of course the game is still going to be good. But it’s 2015 now. No more excuses. Voice chat should always be in games that require you to cooperate. You can’t talk to your teammates and you usage idea how your team is going to approach the others. You may as well be playing with CPU’s!

  2. looking good, this game has such good promise.
    I assume “Hero mode” is what the single player will be called.
    (I kind of skimmed down the list)

  3. Telling a team mate to look out matters.

    Im not using my ps4 to party chat and play this shit. I already did that for ssbb and mkwii fuck that.

  4. I’m really excited for this game. But with it having no communication between players AND Nintendo’s Affiliate program potentially destroying any chance of Let’s Players showing the game on Twitch and Youtube…. this game may not soar like should.
    It’s a shame really, this probably had potential Youtuber bait and looks fun as heck.

  5. Can’t there just be an option to enable and disable the voice chat? I mean come on. I’ve used voice chat in one of my Wii U games before and I didn’t even run into anyone screaming into the mic or swearing. And even if they did, I still don’t think swearing is a good enough reason to exclude it. There’s plenty of rated E games that have voice chat and the game cases always “ONLINE INTERACTIONS NOT RATED BY THE ESRB”. That’s also another reason why there should be an option to turn it off. So you won’t run into any foul mouths or anything online. I can understand WHY some people may not want it because there are people that get online and act like idiots who scream and yell and stuff. Well then how about the option to mute the player? Problem solved. No excuses. Voice chat should be in this game. (And a lot of others too like Smash and Mario Kart 8)

    1. Problem with that is, that then people assume others can hear them. Chat with friends would be great. Chat with randoms always winds up with a few paying more attention to others’ game than their own.

      1. You should be given the chance to make your own choice though. If the game is for kids, then parents should make the choice to turn online interactions on or off. Nintendo is just taking choices away from players.

      2. There’s games where it tells you when someone has voicechat enable or not.
        I don’t see how not having the option (or making it mandatory to have voice chat) is what they are going for? Is it technical limitations or is it because of the whole “Kid friendly” idea of nintendo. Either way it’s bullshit and they should really get up to date because they’re lagging behind or what over gaming companies actually get right.

    2. I’m more baffled by the fact that shooting opposing players won’t gain you points. I mean did I read that right? this is a shooter isn’t it, and when they were talking about the maps it sounds like we are only going to have a few of them. I still want to support this game, so I’m hoping we hear about more cool features instead of these limitations in the future.

      1. The goal of the game is to cover the most area with your team’s ink. So I think it’s fair to not give points for killing others. Because then people would ignore the main point of the game and act like it’s the same as any other shooter.

        1. it certainly does make it different, but I still hope that getting kills gives you individual points that you can spend on gear.

      2. Well when you shoot a person the terrain around that defeated player is covered up in your teams ink so there is some advantage to killing other players. Also it sort of does give you points since painted terrain adds to your score.

        1. you’ve got a point there!
          I’m just waiting for the direct that showcases this game. I mean we really know only a handfull of things about this game.

    3. One of the biggest problems Nintendo has always had as a company is the ability to have options in their games. They have that grandpa mentality my way or the highway. They never have difficulty settings, voice chat, or any other player friendly options in their games. It’s very annoying honestly because they are horrible at judgeing difficulty.

  6. Fuck dat the hype of this game deaded for me when they said no voice chat. besides with friends. first of all there has only been 9 millions wii u unit or so sold and I owned three of them .how many of you guys friends actually own a wii u I think the number speak forthemself. This is retarded we should be allow to speak with ppl from are region since they like to put us region locked anyways. That’s three copy’s of this game not be prechashed. Don’t get it twisted this game looks dope but they fucked up taken it to MLG.

  7. I’ll probably still buy this, but I thin the one i’m gonna be really waitingfor is Splatoon 2 if it happens. I’d love to have the option to play an online mode where the goal is to splatter the most enemies or rack up points by completing a combination of different objectives such as covering turf and splattering enemies. Also a capture the flag game type could be fun with those mechanics on a long labyrinth-esque stage. Speaking of options they need to understand that a lot of people who really enjoy team based cooperative and competitive multiplayer games want to voice chat. You want to be able to hear your friend or teammate panic when they get splattered or laugh when they do something cool and to be able to tell them where you’re getting cornered, etc. instead of just looking on the map and trying to guess who needs help. I get that they don’t really like too much online interaction what with them restricting posting 3DS FC’s on Miiverse(which makes no sense when randoms can still just add you on Wii U) and only ever really allowing voice chat between friends in lobbies between games but it’s 2015 and they’re SOOOOOOO far behind when it comes to online gaming. It’s great to be different and innovative but when you exclude everything that wasn’t created or perfected by you, you really begin to limit the amount of fun and unique experiences that your platform can offer. If network stability is a problem that’s disappointing and something they definitely need to work on with the next console so that people can at least have the option to turn on voice chat. They could even have voice chat turned off by default in all of their games but give you the option to turn it on game-by-game if your NNID is an adult account. It would be a much better option than excluding it every time, or severely limiting it’s use. But either way I think this game has A LOT of potential, and hope it turns out to still be great because of that.

      1. Lol true, but if they don’t know how to implement voice chat in a successful way that maybe only works in regional matchmaking or friends only i’m sure plenty of other companies would have no problem helping them make it work.

  8. I really think it all depends on how this game is design. I think some type of communication is needed, but friends VC is good enough for me really if there is one(but it seems that there will be come kind of communication with friends) .

  9. Kinda bummed out that they won’t have voice chat, however it was never a reason to purchase the game in the first place for me at least. I played a lot of Goldeneye 007 (Wii) and there was no option for voice chat, but I’d say 90% of the time your teammates knew exactly where to be/go. If there were too many of us in one spot, we’d eventually go our separate ways and coordinated just fine without telling a stranger where to go. Can’t really go into specifics cuss a lot of the stages had their own strategic places to be in order to get a kill; the game was still a blast to play.

    I found it silly that some of you outright said that you won’t be getting the game just for that reason alone. They haven’t even ruled out the possibility of having friend chat, don’t jump the gun homies.

  10. The ranking system should have been in fucking smash bros. These know what they’re doing. Unlike that son of a bitch sakurai

  11. “less than four players was too much responsibility.”

    Say what? Ok, it’s official, Nintendo developers make horrible liars.

    “too much responsibility”… Hahahaha lmaaooooo

    *double facepalm

  12. “Rather than make a huge number of stages, they want to create stages that feel different when you use different types of weapons”

    In other words, there will only be a few stages. Nintendo, it doesn’t matter what weapon you use, it will not make the STAGE feel any different… OMG

    Nintendo was doing so good. We’re getting Xenoblade, and Zelda. MM and Mh4u (oh wait thats Capcom). Things were really starting to look up..

    But you guys are dropping the ball on Splatoon. So far what I’m getting from this game is:

    -No Voice Chat
    -No communication at all with teammates
    -A very limited amount of stages
    -4 vs 4 is maximum battle number

    Got to be honest, it’s not looking very promising.

    1. Limited amount of stages isn’t a big deal; I used to play bzflag, an online tank shooter, most people only played on a couple maps (there were hundreds available)

    1. Well, since most companies refuse to acknowledge low-latancy codevs like speex & opis. They could say it would provide an unfair advantage for those who have the bandwidth to support it

  13. How many call of duty players or battlefront players will converting to this game under a hand full. They fucked up again, and with this youtube bullshit nintendo is jerking off on everyone’s face n then amiibo bullshit. I am from the South of the USA n can smell bullshit a mile away. I am sick of nintendo today.

  14. Nintendo behind times yet again. No excuse for limiting options. And for the people defending the lack of voice chat; gtfoh little kids, there’s no room for your kind in the Internet.

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