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Some Of The Super Mario Collection Amiibo Are Available At Walmart

Walmart has a selection of the Super Mario Collection Amiibo still available to purchase. Unfortunately you can’t get the full set as some of them have already sold out, which I suppose is to be expected. But if you want Princess Peach, Yoshi and the crew then be sure to pre-order them while they are still available.

Thanks, Alex B

33 thoughts on “Some Of The Super Mario Collection Amiibo Are Available At Walmart”

    1. The Super Mario collection can be use in Smash except for Toad but he can be use in Toad Treasure Tracker and you can use the Smash amiibo’s in Mario Party but you would need to delete your Smash data from the amiibo first

        1. I buy two of ones I really like, one to keep in the box and one to open. So I’m glad that you can still get two per person

          1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

            I only buy one. Two amiibo are worthless if you ask me. And I confirmed your friend request last night. Sorry bro i fell asleep tried staying up late

            1. No problem I passed out waiting lol. As for the two amiibo, I wanna keep them in the box but there’s a few I will actually use, but it’s obviously not necessary.

                        1. Yo my bad a bunch of my roommates’ friends came over and we’re playing smash didn’t know they were coming you still down? If not tonight I can play at work tomorrow till about 6pm

                            1. Ok cool I open tomorrow so I can’t be up too late but once I get to work and set everything up I’m free. I work at 10:45am

                            2. What’s up dude you down to play today? I was on till 1 but didn’t see you so I passed out lol.

                  1. Dont be stupid and buy amiibos. PERIOD

                    Their prices are ridiculously expensive. They are being sold here (Kuwait) for $38 each (10KD).
                    If I were to buy one, I would get Toon Link or Pikachu just for the sake of owning one. But then again, I dont see rhe point behind these figures.

                      1. Im aware of its MSR price. But since they’re exported items to us and the demand for them is strangely high among kuwaiti gamers. Therefore, the prices are JACKED UP! Thats one of the reasons why im not so fond of amiibos.

                        One could only wonder how much will the new 3ds majoras mask edition will be priced here. Good thing I got mine from a scalper at eBay.

                1. Xb1 has no amiibos.

                  Or games or a good interface or a good first party game or any its for wanna gamers that watch Netflix.

                2. I prefer pre-ordering from Gamestop, because I don’t have to pay until the item arrives in their store (unless you choose to ship the item to your house). Just pre-ordered the Toad amiibo and the Mario Party 10/Mario amiibo bundle from Gamestop.

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