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Here’s A Little Bit More Information About Nintendo’s Quality Of Life Product

We know next to nothing about Nintendo’s forthcoming venture into Quality of Life products. But we know a little more today as Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has spoken to Japanese publication Asahi News. The snippets of information provided are admittedly a little vague, but Nintendo has yet to lift the lid on its new product. Hopefully more concrete info will come soon.

  • Game hardware, game software, and health care are Nintendo’s three main pillars
  • Iwata: “It’s not necessary to be particular about game hardware”
  • Iwata seems to be saying that Nintendo’s health care business doesn’t need to be tied to its video game consoles
  • Nintendo considering making a service that analyzes data from its sleep sensor
  • Users would be given ways for exercising and eating right
  • Iwata: “Leveraging our video game know-how, we’ll make it so even those who have trouble following through can stick with this program and have fun”
  • Nintendo believes health care is a way it can reclaim customers
  • Nintendo is also thinking of ways to get into the education field

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139 thoughts on “Here’s A Little Bit More Information About Nintendo’s Quality Of Life Product”

  1. Wow fk, I don’t need the QoL product over there, Nintendo doesnt think my life is quality?? FK THEY WATCH ME, just cuz I sleep 6 hours a night. Somebody tell me WHO IN NINTENDO is watching me, to make a product to make me feel better, it’s all because of me. WHO IS WATCHING ME? IS IT IWATA. Cuz I sleep 6 hours a night, how the fk did they know. Seriously, wtf. How does he surveilence me?? FK.

  2. If Sony can be a struggiling business but still build a sucessful machine with third party support, why can’t Nintendo?

    They need to stop screwing around with this “blue ocean” thing and bring focus back to gaming.

    I hope they crash and burn with this new pillar. Hopefully that’ll be the shock they need to realize they need to grow their gaming business as their competitors are doing.

    Stop. Being. So. Conservative.

    Embrace new technology. Build new IPs. Slowly rebrand yourself to be a gaming legacy again, not a joke.

    1. The reason why they’re “so conservative” is because they don’t just throw their money away.

      Sony managed to turn the PS3 around and rebrand themselves with the PS4… but now the entire corporation is suffering. They didn’t really make a dime off the PS3, even though it sold 80 million units.

      When the GameCube struggled, Nintendo still managed to make a profit. They posted three losses with the Wii U, but this year they’ll be posting a profit, DESPITE Wii U sales being… less than desirable.

      You guys aren’t getting it, if anything this QOL thing is a GOOD THING. It means we get LESS games like Wii Fit and Wii Sports, as that type of entertainment is likely going to be shifted over to this “QOL” product, while their gaming consoles will be ENTIRELY focused on games we want.

        1. Yet Sony is in Debt, they sold their North American headquarters for $1.1 billion, and their Japan headquarters for $1.2 billion all to pay off debt and they are still in massive debt, while Nintendo built a NEW Headquarters. Sony’s PS4 is the only thing making them money, apparently Sony is only making 1/5 of the money they need to support the company, the PS4 is only making 1/5 of the companies profits it needs, and the PS4 cannot support the entire Sony company for very long. So, “Sony made a profit” yes they did, HOWEVER it’s meaningless.

      1. Unless the QOL is a huge success, in which case Nintendo could possibly take focus away from gaming. Nintendo switched from toys to gaming years ago because sales were dieing and they had more success in gaming. The same thing could happen today. Nintendo could easily switch from gaming to education and healthcare if it’s immensely successful. This actually worries me, as Nintendo should be thinking of ways to compete INSIDE the gaming market instead of OUTSIDE of it..

        1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

          The difference is, if they pull the plug on gaming, that will be their end for eternity…

          1. This is a legitimate concern imo. If their QoL product(s) are successful, and if their ventures into educational software are successful, if they succeed with the Zelda Netflix series which would spawn subsequent series and films, and yet they suffer another failed console, they may leave the gaming business for good, or at least do something almost as drastic.

                1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

                  Pathetic, I would join the pure sidebof the Master Race and my superior powers will become even stronger…

                  No amount of Xbots or Sonyans would even scratch me…

                  1. So you’re saying if Nintendo dies. You would simply give up gaming forever, or are you talking about becoming a damn PC gamer

                    1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

                      Of course PC gamer, I’m 1/3 Master Race, why would I join cattle forces?…

                      1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

                        Nintendo is a “cattle” force so why not. You’ve already lowered your standards by becoming a Nintendo gamer.

                  1. Of course they said that. But don’t be so naive. You really think they would tell the people if they were planning on switching business models?

                    The fact is, if their educational and healthcare ventures pan out, and Nintendo’s next hardware console has lackluster sales, they WILL leave the gaming market.

                2. noah, there is no way in hell this gimmicky QOL crap will be successful. nintendo claims that this is blue ocean technology, but they are in for a very rude awakening. there are already companies in this market that know what they are doing. nintendo thinks they can just waltz in and act like they are the shit. so far everything they have said about their QOL products has been false. it isn’t blue ocean technology, it isn’t revolutionary, it IS non-wearable technology (if you didn’t know, nintendo claimed it was entering a blue ocean market because their technology was neither wearable tech nor non-wearable tech, lol).

              1. Of course it will. Iwata has done some great things for the company, and I have been a strong defender of him. But I have to say, lately he has been making some disappointing moves, making it hard for me to continue supporting him. We will see how it plays out, but if Nintendo’s next console doesn’t have immediate success, I fear for their future as a gaming company.

                1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

                  Keep in mind though, one more failure and Lord Iwata will be replaced at once by our new Supreme Lord…

            1. They’ll not do that.

              QOL is just a new branch on their buisness, not a new direction. Even Nintendo recognize their importance in gaming history. And someting that few people knows: Nintendo still manufactures hanafuda playing cards! Their very first product.

            1. Your right, as of now. But business investments are always very fluid. Like I have said a few times already, if Nintendo’s next home console has weak sales equal to or less than that of the Wii U, it is very likely it will be their last. Especially if the QOL is a success.

        2. Yea and now Sony consoles do not have any kind of identity anymore and the vaste majority of people buy them to play CoD and FIFA. I do not want Nintendo to become the next low-cost PC builder, never. If this means that their consoles will sell less because 12 year old kids wanting to play those silly games will not buy their machines, then it is fine.

          1. You may be fine with Nintendo consoles selling less, but Nintendo is not, and neither are Nintendo’s investors.

          1. Not even close. If anything, they’ll end up just like Sega, THQ, Atari, Capcom, Rare, Midway, Atlus and the rest who have fallen due to dumbass business decisions that went absolutely nowhere.

      2. Just know your limits nintendo, do it, but be sure to not to go overboard or “underboard” in the ending result. Just make sure whatever it is (still not understanding what this is exactly) make sure it lives up to the same entertainment and convienances as always.

      3. This seems like a smart move, honestly. With game sales slipping, they need something to recoup their losses, and this is something they’ve had experience with in in the past; Wii Fit U only failed because the Wii U itself is failing

        1. No. It’s because of the piss marketing of their stuff nowadays that’s not capturing attention from any sides. They must not make that mistake again when and if they make a new console. Advertise the shit out of it, cater to lazy asshole third parties and graphic hungry jockey jerkoffs if they have to.

      4. I have a bad feeling about this. Sounds like they enjoyed the Wii Fit succes, and try to take that to the next level. And then he talks about it not being about games hardware necessarily.

        Health and education:
        Do not want.

      5. QOL hardware should be given out free to people who have been suffering trying to buy amiibo, and Gamecube adaptors, and Americans who wanted to give Nintendo money for new 3DS and a range of faceplates.

        I think they are already distracted and strected too thin.

      6. “Leveraging our video game know-how, we’ll make it so even those who have trouble following through can stick with this program and have fun.”

        This actually sounds like he means in a roundabout way that they(Nintendo) will try to make the product so that even for those that don’t use the QoL product(s) to their success of whatever, that they will still enjoy continually using the product(s). This in turn, is a sly business move, to keep consumer interest in a brand, or at least in a particular line of product(s) from a co.

        I also still fear that if it becomes too profitable for Nintendo, even in the short-term, the majority of shareholders might motion for Nintendo to exit the gaming industry.

        1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

          They’ve already confirmed they are creating their new console and they are tired of civilian garbage…

      7. Hmm “third pillar”.. Where have I heard that term before..? Oh right! The Nintendo DS! Remember when the DS was introduced as a third pillar alongside the GCN and GBA? Well what happened then? Wii replaced Cube and DS replaced GBA. No third pillar there. So which console is this QOL nonsense replacing?

        1. *facepalm*

          Yes, the DS was a “third pillar” in terms of their gaming hardware. They had home consoles, GameBoys, and the Nintendo DS. GBA was still around for 4 years into the DS’s lifecycle, so while DS DID replace GBA, it didn’t replace it immediately.

          This time, they have three pillars. Game hardware, game software, and this new product. will be the third pillar.


      8. “not replacing videogames”

        Not 100% true. Motion Controls are already doing it to classic gaming, and you literally had no choice to play the best Wii titles without them. I expect to see mandatory QOL functions embedded in future games as an important part of them, even if now the say it won’t be happening. I don’t want that to happen.

      9. Hmmm.
        Remember when Earthbound landed on the VC and Nintendo started a separate Miiverse community JUST for upcoming Earthbound announcements… Onett Times or something… and no news ever came? Or the time they announced a DS line of titles for the VC service and have yet to even launch it in North America?
        Until Nintendo can follow through on its gaming division goals, let’s not add any more noise.

      10. I’ve been saying for years that proper marketing of their goods and services would’ve improved so many aspects of their sales. Sony/MS has spent a ton of money on marketing campaigns and it’s paid off. Nintendo? They have a themed dance on one of the highest rated programs in North America, something that had to be approved by NoA, and it’s followed up by ZERO Nintendo products in the shows commercials. It’s frustrating and their numbers will never change if they continue to drop the ball at opportunities like that.

        1. Marketing alone was not the reason for Nintendo’s failure this generation.(not saying it was a complete failure) It was a whole number of mistakes they made. Naming their system the Wii U being the biggest. Second was the lack of any major first party launch titles. Third would probably be marketing.

          1. jtz from Judah the Lion Tribe

            Not true. Marketing would be no. 1 then hype. PS4 had a weak launch and and still doesn’t depend on games to breach 100k a week.

            1. Your right about hype, but it wasn’t marketing that sold the Ps4, not alone anyways. The Ps3 had a cult following already. Millions of Ps3 owners were already convinced about getting the Ps4 before it was even announced. (hype) Microsoft made idiotic decisions that pushed even more people over to Sony. So it wasn’t marketing that sold the Ps4. It was having a stable fanbase, and newcomers that jumped ship from the Xbox.

              Nintendo had neither a stable fanbase or people jumping ship from Xbox to join their console. They needed first party launch titles. Nintendo needed reasons for people to buy the Wii U. Unfortunately they didn’t have any. They also needed to steer away from the Wii brand. Using the the Wii name lowered hype and confused people.

              It doesn’t matter how much marketing you do if you have a product that people do not want, or have any reason to buy…

      11. This all smacks of ‘oh oh, I’m driving our core business into the ground, better think of something to placate the shareholders quick’

      12. Wait a second… there’s three interlocked cogs so they jam each other and can not revolve! :D
        Is that graph supposed to mean that Nintendo needs to get rid of one of the three pillars??

      13. Normally I’d say, hey whatever other business they want to involve themselves in, that’s fine. Companies can keep multiple business separate as needed.

        But this pillar language is unfortunate. For those who might remember, when the original DS was presented to the media, Nintendo were VERY hesitant about its reception. Some folks thought Nintendo had lost their minds (looking at you, IGN).

        Iwata referred to the DS, with its 2-screens and touch-controls, as a new kind of gaming, and specifically as a “third pillar” that was not meant to compete with the console and GameBoy Advance line of traditional handhelds.

        Google it for yourself. So, we have one instance of a supposed pillar not being intended to supplant other product lines…so, um, yeah, that makes me nervous here.

      14. Uh yes, this is what bad restaurants though. When your one location struggles…open another one. That will sure help. <_< Please don't tell me anymore that Nintendo has been in buisness for 125 years, so that must know what they are doing…If they kniw what they are doing then this is their way to break away from games…cause they sure won't be able to do all of what they say if they want to keep/ gain customers.
        Solve your problems before you create more :/

      15. My concern is just how little follow up Nintendo ever does with peripherals. Is this going to end like so many other things they’ve made over the years that never got enough support? Circle Pad Pro, Balance Board, Superscope 6, SNES mouse, etc, all the way back to the NES zapper. I get tired of getting burned by that stuff.

      16. QOL sounds like a gimmick and its time to break away from the gimmicks and get back to what made Nintendo the best gaming company in the world. Maybe its time to listen to gamers. It really doesn’t seem Nintendo does that very well. It the Nintendo way or the highway. (Meaning: if you don’t like it play something else!) Well people are starting to do just that. I don’t think Nintendo realizes how important Virtual Console is to some gamers. They really are not listening to gamers on the subject. Online gaming! Still very weak in comparison. I hope things go well in the future for Nintendo. I hate the fact that Sega has stated they will not be concentrating on consoles anymore. Its also a bummer Sega doesn’t have a console out there. I would just hate it if Nintendo went down that road as well. It would be time for me to just play a ton of backlogged games I have. But In would probably get out of gaming should Nintendo ever decide not to have consoles anymore. I just get this feeling that Nintendo has been skating on thin ice for the last few years. Even with the success of the 3DS.

      17. I’m glad they finally started listening to me. Maker games that compost with smartphone games = check, make shows and movies based on ip = check, go after T and M rated game markets = check, take education and health games to the next level by having their own branches = check. Now they just need 2 new systems that ditch the power pc era and move to a X64 handheld, and a X86 home system, with simply updated controls, nothing new, just updated.

      18. I’m glad they finally started listening to me. Make games that compeat with smartphone games = check, make shows and movies based on ip = check, go after T and M rated game markets = check, take education and health games to the next level by having their own branches = check. Now they just need 2 new systems that ditch the power pc era and move to a X64 handheld, and a X86 home system, with simply updated controls, nothing new, just updated.

      19. Sure, great games aren’t profitable anymore, so you can either start making shite like EA and Ubi, or bring in the money from somewhere else. It seems they try to take the second route.

      20. Well it’s not a surprise at all with wii fit as the first inspiration then his cancer. QOL is and will be a different market. The challenge for Nintendo is how to bring fun while exercising. Also Microsoft is already in this market. With UK and USA being the fattest countries in the world there is still a market for QOL. Saying that i don’t think it a market they should go. Entertainment is vaste market and they should expand their market in this industry instead.

      21. It’s not like their spotting game design. I like them as a company so I’m looking forward to seeing what they can do with this new venture and will be supportive until I know it’s something that is for me. They’re trying to reach a new audiance, not change the way the treat the gaming community. At least gaming will be gaming and Heath will be health, so their shouldn’t be as many wii fit style games anymore. I’m in, Nintendo!

      22. I still don’t even understand what the hell their QOL product is supposed to be and what people will want it for.

        Is Nintendo even sure they can make money of this new idea of theirs? It seems kind of unnecessary and frankly… kind of stupid.

        1. So what I get from your post is that you don’t know what QOL is supposed to be, and yet it’s unnecessary. Thanks for demonstrating your idiocy…

          1. What I’m saying is they have this product that no one can even understand. How is that supposed to sell?

            It’s stupid. No one cares about “Quality of Life” sleep measuring devices.

            1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

              We haven’t even seen a product or plans…

              And perhaps this will only be released in Japan considering their high rate of miserable lives and high rate of suicide, something people never thought of…

      23. I don’t why Nintendo thinks the healthcare division is a “blue ocean” when in reality there is more competition there than in the gaming division.

        I was fine when Nintendo announced it’s QOL ambitions though. I actually applauded them for going after it. They just want to see if they can capitalize on the success Wii Fit had.

        But now education? Seriously? I remember when I was a kid I used to play Nintendo to get AWAY from education! I remember all my teachers use to tell me, “Nintendo will rot your brain”! And I used to laugh at them and I loved it! Now Nintendo is going to sell out? Geez, what a load of shit… Nintendo,… if that is your real name…. The Nintendo I know would never try to make you do your homework…

        1. Nintendo is going to fail hard at this, given how conservative they are. Google, Microsoft, Samsung, LG and Sony all have fitness products that can track your sleep, exercise, and eating habits. I can see Nintendo doing well in a market with just LG and, to a degree, Samsung to compete with. But I cannot see Nintendo being a threat to the titans of industry, Microsoft and Google.

          1. I know, the competition is too fierce. Much more so than the gaming industry honestly. I don’t understand why they keep saying it’s a blue ocean….

        2. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

          Just because they want to expand into education doesn’t mean the game department will have anything to do with it besides having games like that brain thing game, forgot it’s name…

          1. Yea, thats true. It’s just very ironic (in a bad way) that nintendo would be going into the educational field. Being a huge Nintendo fan myself, I can honestly say I don’t like it one bit.

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      25. Why can’t Nintendo have other buisness ventures?Sony doesn’t just make games and neither does Microsoft.Nintendo sees a market that they can add there technology while making money,in the end this could help the big N,I wish them all the success in the world!

        1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

          The cattle keeps forgetting that they’ve had and still have some other non gaming business…

          1. Which is really odd, considering most of what I know about cattle they have fairly good memory. These animals would have to remember watering holes, pathways, locations of calves, shelter locations, and even migratory routes.

          1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

            Which makes it the funniest because it’s so stupid and yet entertaining because it doesn’t take itself seriously and like 96% of the acting is so horrible it’s beyond funny…

            1. Bad acting is my limit. I can’t watch a movie or dub anime with bad acting. It’s just fucking horrible for my eyes and ears

      26. This is not news for a gaming website, but for a buisness website.

        As a truly fan of Nintendo, I wish very good luck for this QOL platform’s success! There is nothing wrong in Nintendo, as a company, creating products for other kinds of customers, it’s kinda comparable with Apple, a computer manufacturer, joining the portable gadgets market with iPod and iPhone, WITHOUT losing the focus on their computers.

      27. sasori obinna: the puppet master

        “•Nintendo is also thinking of ways to get into the education field” what the heck. who the heck needs education for Nintendo? lol

      28. Anonymous, the secret soldier.

        Commander, some of our soldiers are getting fat, and not accept the treatment of Nintendo, what they deserve?

      29. You know the world’s gone to hell when a major video game company thinks they have to step in to improve humanity’s quality of life. Let’s just all commit ritual suicide.

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      31. jtz from Judah the Lion Tribe

        If this QOL could bring down healthcare premiums then I’m for it. As long as it is not interfering with their mission of gaming. And they better be learning from the Wii U’s mistakes if they want to bring education in.

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