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Code Name STEAM Cards Are Apparently Out In The Wild

Retailers have apparently begun handing out the Code Name STEAM cards. The cards are apparently being given out at various GameStop stores and contain a special demo code for the game on the back. Presumably the demo code is for the same demo that’s currently available on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. Next time you’re at your local store you may want to see if you can pick one up.

9 thoughts on “Code Name STEAM Cards Are Apparently Out In The Wild”

  1. Maybe these cards offer the codes to play the demo as many times as you want. Unlike the eShop one available to everyone.

  2. I only preordered this game because of the majoras mask pin. Does anyone know whether I’m able to return just the game and keep the pin a few days later? Lol

  3. These were meant for employees only, but what the stores do with them is their call. It’s the same demo, just unlimited plays. If you go in hoping to get one, don’t expect a stack or even a single one, as each store got that full set of five and most have at least that many employees. If those employees have 3DS’s though, that’s the key.

  4. Meh. I’m still not really interested in this game to be honest. Nintendo just HAD to put a MM pin as a preorder for this game though xD. (INSTEAD OF THE ACTUAL MAJORA’S MASK!!!!)

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