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YouTubers Including iJustine Star In New Nintendo 3DS Commercial

Nintendo has been partnering with YouTubers recently to promote its products. This has ultimately been seen as a positive move by the company as it allows for even more exposure for their products to the teen market. Nintendo has shot another commercial with a number of high-profile YouTubers to showcase the New Nintendo 3DS and The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Let’s hope this helps sales of the soon to be released handheld.

Thanks, WhiteEagle

67 thoughts on “YouTubers Including iJustine Star In New Nintendo 3DS Commercial”

      1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

        It’s the most successful youtuber ever and an Xbot from Sweden that promotes his own arrogance and garbage…

        1. Yes, except LPs are a gray area, Nintendo is imposing it on everyone and since people won’t want to give Nintendo 40%, they won’t make videos and Nintendo in just one move loses money, advertising and gets bad PR. Magnificent.

          1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

            Personally if I was working for Nintendo for real, I would only have problems against LPs videos that go through the entire game regardless of commnetaries or editing…

            I wouldn’t mind a stage or 2 though…

            But what they are doing besides that is overkill in my opinion…

            Just allow them to do whatever and share revenue, like, automatically give them permission once they have applid…

            This White List is such nonsense…

            1. So, you’re talking about playthroughs without commentary? Well, the thing is, people say “What about games with stories” Well, Nintendo isn’t removing that and even if they were to remove all of the those videos, people would still be able to find how a game ends. You can find clips of movie endings on youtube.

              Taking 40% is still too much. That can be that person’s only source of income. They won’t fucking give 40% to Nintendo, but Nintendo has many sources of income. It’s just fucking stupid. I’m starting to think that Iwata is paid to destroy Nintendo from within. There is no way anyone with a brain could see this and say “Yes, what a great business move”

                1. I wouldn’t. People are going to find about the ending and everything else if they care so much. They’ll emulate it if that’s what’s gonna happen. Let’s Plays don’t really hurt companies, but we’ll see how non existent of a jump Nintendo’s game sales are going to make after this.

    1. It’s the same goddamn game from 15 years ago. I don’t know why people freak out over a remake so much and then say “Graphics don’t matter” I’m not talking about you specifically, take that in mind.

        1. I never understood the “playing on the go” thing. If you go somewhere for a walk, you won’t play a game as deep as MM is. You’ll take a fucking smartphone or something and if you’re going on a trip. Just take a goddamn Wii U and some games in a box. That is why I think protable gaming won’t be around for much longer.

          1. Some people have commutes to work/school like public buses and trains. I had a 30 minute bus ride to HS everyday. I always played my ds (back when it was the regular ds) on the way there and back. I would much rather play my ds over my phone for a 30 minute ride.

            1. Storytelling and games that are made to invoke emotion in the player shouldn’t be played in 30 minute play sessions. Yes, some people do that, but smartphones are getting better and better games. Maybe in the 90s when rarely did any kid own a cellphone, I could’ve seen the huge appeal, but now it seems like something that we are just dragging for the sake of it. Even though 3DS is doing good, it’s doing much worse than the DS and the next one is going to be even worse and I suppose that’ll be the last one. We will see one more handheld generation, of that I’m sure. After that, even if Nintendo makes another generation, it will fail.

              1. Please chill. Not everyone has huge amounts of free time to play games as they like. Im not losing any of the story when i play for short amounts of time over playing for hours.

                Portable games have been around for at least 10+ years. They were made for people to be able to play, stop, and come back to it. I think Nintendo knows what its doing when it comes to handheld games. Ive had handheld games since b&w gameboy. So have many other Nintendo fans.

                And besides smartphone games drain phone battery why not use a system meant to play games.

                1. WTF are you talking about? You lack free time, so you’ll play big games on the go? I don’t know what you are talking about, and I’m pretty fucking sure, you don’t either. Yes, you do lose story. You are obviously not a gamer nor do you understand the meaning of “immersion”.

                  Portable gaming was around and popular back then because we didn’t have smartphones that are capable of pretty much anything.

                  Smartphone games drain phone’s battery? Yes, so does internet, calculator, watch, calling… Should we carry every one of those seperately even though we can just use that one device and have them all? The only time when I see the appeal of portable gaming is if you’re on a road trip or going around on a boat, plane or whatever the fuck.

              2. You clearly know nothing about cellphones nor battery usage. internet, clocks calculators and calling all use battery life BUT gaming uses the most and also smartphone games do not even compare to a handheld system with BUTTONS that was meant for gaming. if you knew anything about tech you would know anything that is made for one job is better than something made for multiple jobs ie a graphics card is better than a cpu with integrated graphics. just because you dont like handhelds does not mean they will die and your argument that cellphones are taking their place makes you look like an idiot honestly smartphone stories are so limited on games it makes no sense . if somebody wants to play smash guess what ….it’s not on phones . if somebody wnats to play pokemon and not the shitty knock offs guess what its not on phones and if it is on phones its ran through an emulator which only has the old version or a modded one so please stop spewing your unwelcomed opinion as if it is fact with your poor argument . Before you say im not a gamer because i dont agree with you, dont because i am and i see that the 3ds has a place in peoples life just not mine….think outside of your self and stop being a biased dick to people

                1. I’m not a biased dick to anyone. I said that I hardly see the point of handhelds anymore. Gaming uses the most, yes, but how long are you expected to game on a 15 minute break? On half an hour trip to school? Games for these systems are pretty much console games and most of them require immersion to be experienced fully and you don’t get that in those 15 minutes or on a bus. No one is arguing which is better for gaming, there is no argument to be made there. My unwelcomed opinion? Who is the judge of that? You? Hahahaha. Smash….Yeah, ok, if someone wants to play smash it’s not on smartphones. Good thing that you deduced that much. If someone wants to play Skyward Sword it’s not on the 3DS. Whoa, that is also a fact. Should every game be made portable because it can? Wha?

          2. I only play it “on the go” while sitting down somewhere with nothing to do. (Like in a restaurant while waiting for a table to open up, on a bus, on a train, or maybe when I was waiting in line to get a PS4 day one.) I don’t play my 3DS when I’m walking or talking to people or around people I SHOULD be talking to lol.

            1. I responded to that comment and didn’t see this. Well, why not just play something on a smartphone if you’re waiting 10-15 minutes for something?

                    1. I don’t even know what those two games are, but ok. Doesn’t really matter. I didn’t say that you’re wrong for playing them. I said that I no longer see the appeal of playing games on the go as smartphones offer that short burst when you wait for something.

        2. Hey Sickr is this the ad that they’ll use for tonight’s The Walking Dead? They’ve tweeted something about showing a commercial about the New 3DS XL.

        3. that reminds of those bad 90’s commercials I used to see growing up.
          and I’m sure all of there opinions whether real or not, had nothing to due with a paycheck. ;)

        4. Ironic how they use Youtubers for their ads when in reality they try to shove their shitty policies down the throats of those same people for advertising their games.

          1. You just don’t understand the perks these people get from being a youtube partner with Nintendo. While everybody is bitching and feeling sorry for these people, (like pewdiepie and Reviewtechusa) these Nintendo partners are reaping the benefits! They get free games, free access to Nintendo events, and not to mention fat paychecks for promoting Nintendo products! Yout think iJustine did that commercial for free? Hell no she didn’t she got fat paid for it.

            So while everybody is bitching and crying about Nintendo’s youtube policy’s and feeling sorry for Nintendo partners, Nintendo partners themselves are living it up and laughing the whole way. There is a reason not ONE single Nintendo partner has openly complained about Nintendo’s youtube policy.. I would give my left arm to be an Official Nintendo youtube Partner! Don’t feel sorry for them, be jealous of them!

            1. “There is a reason not ONE single Nintendo partner has openly complained about Nintendo’s youtube policy.”
              Of course there is a reason, it’s because partners, naturally, are not allowed to openly complain about the policies, lmao. That’s not only for Nintendo’s partners, but pretty much for partners of any network that offers partnerships on Youtube.
              And I don’t understand the benefits? Don’t you worry, I understand them very well. :) Well enough to know that other networks offer their partners a number of benefits as well, it’s not only Nintendo. But one thing that is “only Nintendo” are their extravagant policies, I’d say.

        5. The camera loved iJustine and iHasCupquake, both of whom are very sweet people to meet in person. :)

          I really liked this video as it shows Nintendo catering more towards their target demographic, and as a consumer an fan of both those aforementioned YouTubers, I would buy a New Nintendo 3DS based from their recommendation as well because I know I have had a very similar taste in games as both iJustine and iHasCupuake in the past.

          Also, Nintendo isn’t screwing anyone over with their YouTube partnership program. They realize that a lot of Nintendo gamers out there want to still monetize from their content they make for YouTube, and for channels like GameXplain, it benefits them by preventing copyright strikes. Almost every successful YouTuber out there that has a gaming channel is partnered with a company like Machinima, Polaris, or Nintendo to bring you the gaming content you enjoy because it allows them to avoid these copyright strikes. If you AREN’T partnered up with a company like some YouTube content creators, then your videos are at risk of getting copyright strikes from the parent company of whatever game you’re playing, especially as more companies use these practices. The idea behind the partnership program is for people to get their foothold into the Nintendo gaming community in YouTube a la GameXplain, chuggaconroy, and other popular gaming channels for Nintendo content. When you switch from that program, you can play any game you want as long as it’s a partnership with a company that stipulates the ability to do so without getting strikes on your channel.

          It’s a partnership. You don’t ‘have’ to go with the Nintendo partnership if you don’t want to. There are always others like Normal Boots, The Escapist, Machinima (the most popular), and Polaris to name a few. Nintendo partnership would be easier to net you an ambassador status with the company and get media access to games an systems earlier though, which is a status given to only certain YouTubers who fill certain prereqs for that ambassador like those who received the New 3DS XL (iJustine and iHasCupquake, for example) or got to play games with Miyamoto on their channel (like Smosh).

          As a side note, god damn iHasCupquake is so hot with that purple hair of hers. Red (her hubby) is such a lucky dude.

        6. Holy S**t! Not just ijustine but ihascupquake too!? That’s incredible. :) so who’s gonna be next? Tobuscus? Markiplier? Seananners? Catabot? Mr. Sark? Hutch? Goldglovetv and ally? Chilled Chaos? GassyMexican? Lolrenaynay? Eatmydiction1? Vanossgaming? H2ODelirious? Who else?

        7. sasori obinna: the puppet master

          ummm one could just buy the wii u and not give a shit about a c stick feature in a ds in 2015.

          1. says the kid who spends all the day whining on the internet because the war saga killed naruto (an already dead anime). yeah, people won’t buy a new 3DS because you say so.

        8. Can anybody name all of them, because I can’t recognize a single one of them. Does that make me a bad person???

            1. I would care to atleast know their Username’s, but it would most likely be completely pointless, because I would most likely NOT check out their channels. In hindsight, I don’t care to know who they are now. It would be nice, but I won’t lose sleep over it…

          1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

            Why would it make you a bad person?…

            They aren’t important in the grand design anyway…

        9. It is nice to see Nintendo really pushing Monster Hunter here in the west. Honestly the series is brilliant but usually doesn’t get the promotional push it should in the west.

          I admit it won’t be for everyone but once you learn it, I think most people come to love it. I am obsessed with the Monster Hunter games. So close until 4 Ultimate is here in the states. I can not wait! :D

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