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Toad Amiibo Back In Stock At GameStop

Good news for those of you who are hunting for the Super Mario Collection Toad Amiibo as he is back in stock on GameStop‘s website. Toad can be yours for $12.99 and appears to be one of the hardest to find Amiibo in the United States at the moment. Be sure to drop down a pre-order if you’re after the lovely Toad.

Thanks, Eric


      1. Jeez dude, you must have some sense of sanity to go poking around a Nintendo News website saying Nintendo fans are generally idiots. There’s no need to go wandering around the internet looking to start fights.


    1. There’s nothing more irritating than someone who goes out of their way to insult another person’s hobby when it literally doesn’t affect you in the very least. I hope you are eaten by wolves, because you contribute nothing of use to anybody.

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      1. If your hobby was as good as mine(which means no Nintendo baby crap) then you would understand. But as long as you play baby kid games you’ll never understand


  1. I call bullshit on rarity of Toad or any of the other Super Mario Amiibos. So Mario Party 10 will be released and most of the Super Mario Amiibos are rare? I highly doubt it. Captain Toad would be another reason for Toad not to be rare.


  2. Who cares about the rarity of any particular amiibo when all that matters is that we get ours? We’re letting the secondary markets influence our purchases?


  3. I don’t think toad is a rare one, the rare ones aren’t restocked this much but it’s nice to know that they’ve made a lot of him, maybe other figures that I want from future waves have been mass produced too.


    1. actually a lot of the rare amiibos were available to preorder for months before they came out particularly the first wave. because nobody preordered them retailers didn’t buy much of them hence nintendo didn’t create many. with nintendo stuff you ALWAYS shoukd preorder.


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