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Aonuma Talks About Making Zelda Majora’s Mask More Accessible On Nintendo 3DS

I’m sure you’re all enjoying the recently released Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D and you may have noticed some different design choices compared to the original Nintendo 64 version. Aonuma says this was intentional thanks to fan feedback on the original and that he’s happy he has been able to address certain issues that came up when talking to fans about the game.

“I guess I should start by pointing out that when the Nintendo 64 version of Majora’s Mask came out this was the pre-internet era so we didn’t necessarily have as many opportunities as we do now for the voices of players to reach us directly, but I certainly did have a lot of opportunities to talk to friends and family who played the game and to hear their reactions, and of course I heard some pretty interesting things among those. In fact someone mentioned that they got pretty close to throwing the controller at one point, and that really stuck with me…What I’m really happy for now was the opportunity to address some of the things that made the game difficult in the wrong ways in this remake, and that’s been really nice for me.”



35 thoughts on “Aonuma Talks About Making Zelda Majora’s Mask More Accessible On Nintendo 3DS”

      1. I agree with being difficult in the wrong ways. Particularly the save system, making it possible to lose hours of progress if the cartridge was bumped because of so few opportunities to save. I’m glad the save system was changed.

          1. I’ve owned my 3ds for 3 years and have only “bumped” my cartridge out once. The whole point of the 3 day system was to add a sense of dread and doom. The save system takes away from that dread and doom, simply because you know you can return to any point in the game, anytime you want. It’s absolutely ridiculous, and the only people that defend it are the people that never played the original..

          2. The game isn’t “easier” or “casualized” the game was easy enough already with The previous save system or not, chances are that you already played the game before if you own it, hence why it looks so “easy and casual” the new save system is an upgrade and makes the game more accessible and less tedious. Saying that returning in time added more difficulty to your gameplay experience because of “muh consequences” sounds pretty stupid.

            1. But your absolutely wrong. It did make the game easier. There is now no consequences for screwing up. It takes the element of risk out of the game.

              I like the remake of MM just fine, but one thing I cannot stand are people who defend making games easier. Why do you people want all the challenge taken out of Nintendo games?

            1. I don’t know his family, but I have never wanted to rage quit over any Zelda game except maybe the NES ones. I cringe everytime I hear a developer talk about making his games easier. They like to use the word, “accessible”, but in layman’s terms, it’s makeing the game easier. I have a sinking feeling that Zelda U is going to be challenge-less. Aonuma has said numerous times he does not like to make his games difficult.. I’m really worried about this. I hope with all my heart that Aonuma puts a difficulty setting in the new Zelda.

              1. Yeah, I agree. I’m worried about the difficulty Zelda U will have. You know what’s so stupid though? He could easily make a normal and hard mode. And no, not the stupid hero mode crap that didn’t change a thing. Normal mode could be the standard Zelda experience. Now, first and foremost, I’d like to state that I want emenies to make us think a bit before attacking, like in Skyward Sword. Anyway, hard mode could have more enemies that deal more damage, more strategic thinking before attacking, and we every dungeon can have a complete revamp in a way that makes us really think, where we could actually get stuck many times.

                So a normal mode, and hard mode with all the things I’ve just said. Now tell me Deepsouth, is that so hard to make? Together, let’s painfully hope we get this.

                  1. They actually do implement difficulty setting, but it’s the hero mode setting, which is useless because it’s the same easy gameplay, but with double damage from enemies and stuff like that, which doesn’t really change anything. A real difficulty setting would be as I stated, a drastic change in dungeon layout, with tough enemies and all that. And let me tell you, I played Ocarina of Time Master Quest on the 3DS, and I didn’t find the dungeon difficulty that much harder. I just KNOW that the Zelda team has the potential to make extremelt difficult dungeons and enemies, they have the creativity for it. Sure make the usual difficulty, but would it hurt to give us such an option!!

                      1. Yes, of course. Right now, there’s probably nothing we could do about it. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how the game turns out. Probably, not even a petition would work. So far, the most possible way to see this is from fans who would program and change it up on PC, but that’s really not the same. I wanna a Nintendo-hard Zelda U on my Wii U with its gamepad functionality and perhaps motion controls (I loved the controls in Skyward Sword).

                        1. Yes, thats all I’ve been asking for sense Twilight Princess. The way you describe it is perfect. A true difficulty setting would not take that much more development, and they would please every range of Zelda fans. I really can’t understand why they have not done this yet. They are on the right track at least with a “hero mode”, but like both of you have said already, thats hardly a difficulty setting. And in most cases you have to run through the game on easy mode first just to unlock it.

                          ALBW was really the tipping point for me. That is hands down the easiest Zelda game ever made. The Hero Mode should have been availabe from the start. What really worries me is everyone praised the hell out of that game. I hated how the dungeons did not get harder as you progressed through the game, so by the time you got to the latter dungeons you felt so over powered it was ridiculous. With full hearts and red armor you could take 80 hits from the average enemy before you Multiply that by four if you use your bottles.. Anyways, now i’m rambling..

                          1. I agree, it was too easy! Don’t get me wrong I loved the almost everything about it except for the fact that I beat it so quickly and only died while fighting the last boss.
                            I did not feel stumped at all while playing that game.

                          2. Yeah, this praise and desire for easy Zelda games worry me too…and like I’ve told Commander, not even OoT: Master Quest is hard, and I know they have the potential to make something brutal. Don’t worry man, I can also ramble on and on. Developers say that they add all these these for Zelda fans, where as I think that’s quite false. If they would do stuff for the fans, they would stop throwing casual gameplay at us, and give us an option for tough gameplay. They probably don’t even bother cause unfortunately, I think there are many more casual gamer for the Zelda market. They probably think adding a much more difficult option with a complete rearrangements is a waste of time, and space.

                            At least the good news is that we still don’t know if there would be such an option, but I’ve got low hopes. I hope I’m wrong though.

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                        3. Ridley, the Angel of Death

                          *sigh* I enjoyed the new save system… but they really should have had a “N64 save mode” for it; like how Star Fox 64 3D had an N64 gameplay mode & a 3DS gameplay mode.

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