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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’s First DLC Pack Now Available To Download From 3DS eShop

Nintendo UK has uploaded a new trailer for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate to celebrate the release of the first DLC pack. Fans can now download the DLC for free, which includes 14 new quests, 11 new weapons for players to choose from and four complete armour sets. And of course, fellow hunters can also try out the new Link costume, along with classic Zelda weaponry, if they so desire. With some neat stats, the Link costume will certainly pack a punch when felling large beasts on quests.

The first DLC pack is part of a number of sets from Capcom, all of which will be distributed on a Friday in the coming months. As has been the case for Monster Hunter add-on content in the past, all packs will be free to download from the Nintendo 3DS eShop. Let us know if you’ll be giving the Link costume a whirl over the weekend in the comment section below. Below you’ll find the full list of what you can get your hands on in the first pack, along with a neat video from Capcom to sum it all up, here.

  • 14 new quests
  • 11 new weapons
  • 4 complete armor sets (8 if you count Blademaster AND Gunner) plus the 3 Fan Club pieces
  • 2 Palico armor sets
  • 1 Palico weapon
  • 1 Bonus Palico: Calico Red
  • 2 Guild Card backgrounds
  • 1 Guild Card pose
  • 9 Guild Card titles
  • 1000 Caravan Points

24 thoughts on “Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’s First DLC Pack Now Available To Download From 3DS eShop”

      1. Problem fixed the update wasn’t installed right. deleted it updated it again and works fine \(^.^)/

          1. Got a error code when i started but i fixed it. the update wasn’t installed right So i deleted it updated it again and works fine

            1. oh wow that’s never happened to me with a nintendo game.. then again this a kio techmo game! glad to hear you’re back to button mashing senselessly!

            1. My Wind Waker Is Bigger (I.A.B.A.B)

              Hell no! Not in this game. The link get up just don’t work here. It looks fucking stupid.

              1. pink0crystal0midbus

                It does? Monster Hunter has soldiers wearing armor and they use swords to kill monsters…

                It kind of fits in really well actually. Not to mention, in the Zelda games, Link kills monsters. In a way, Link himself is a monster hunter.

            2. Happy with the gear. The skills are ok, same goes for the elemental res. It’s a bit of a pain in the ass to get the complete set for, but I feel like it’s worth it just to say you own it lol. I’m enjoying the story quest DLC armor more. Makes you look like an adorable maid, complete with oven mitts and all…..ADORABLE….especially if you colour the whole set purple lol. The seregios quest on the ship is a really cool quest, loved the premise during story mode of having to repel the gore on the ship and I’m super glad they brought it back like this….it can get a little chaotic with 4 people though…not that chaos isn’t fun :P

            3. pink0crystal0midbus

              OMG… Monster Hunter is so hard. I just beat the very first boss on the ship in the sand ocean. I had to save and quit, because I wore myself out.

              1. Welcome to MH young fella! It ain’t gonna get any easier for ya! Well, actually, it will, for a short time. xD

                The thing with MH, is if you try to jump ahead, you’ll get broke, under-supplied and out-gunned quick. So enjoy the journey, may you meet good hunters, and good luck!

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