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Pokemon Shuffle Version 1.1.1 Update Now Available To Download

Pokemon Shuffle has been updated to version 1.1.1 on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. The free-to-play puzzle game – where players must match 3 or more Pokemon of the same kind to progress through various levels – must be updated in order to obtain jewels from in-app purchases and play daily events. Players must update their game through the Nintendo eShop and redownload the 686-block title. Once downloaded, players will be required to check-in via the internet to initiate any daily events or special stages.

Version 1.1.1 is due to fix any bugs or issues that may have cropped up during gameplay, and must be downloaded to participate in any real-time events. Pokemon Shuffle has reportedly been privy to a recent 3DS browser hack, which allowed users to bypass the game’s microtransactions, though has since been resolved by the latest 3DS firmware update.

20 thoughts on “Pokemon Shuffle Version 1.1.1 Update Now Available To Download”

  1. Hopefully they made it easier. Been stuck on mega goalie for 2 weeks straight. Nothing wrong with a challenge but they actually made it impossible to beat without spending jems or thousands of coins. I’ve been on other message boards and I’m not the only one saying this. They’re basically forcing you to buy more jems in order to beat some levels because you can’t with the normal amount of moves with nothing bought. You NEED coins and jems. It’s ok if that stuff makes the game easier but not ok if they’re required to have.

    1. yeah agreed. I won’t ever pay for micro-transaction. I would buy the whole game though if this were an option.

    2. I’m up to number 150 and haven’t used any money. Glalie wasn’t overly hard, I just used the 800 coins I saved up to get extra moves.

    3. I’m up to the skarmory stage without spending a dime, beat mega glalie on the first go, the game is really way to easy. Maybe you are just not that good at making combos? Or good at puzzlers in general my tip is to look at it like a puzzle and match the tiles thinking of 5 moves ahead.

  2. Kinda smart of them to make people to have to redownload it from the eshop. This forces people update their 3DS to access the eshop which will remove the browser exploit. I could update my 3DS now since I’ve ‘S’ ranked all the stages in Pokemon Shuffle with the exploit but that means I’d also lose out on the region free gaming, ability to backup 3DS save files to my computer, play VC games that haven’t been released yet, and obtain missed Pokemon/Animal Crossing items using the QR hack.

    My recommendation, don’t update unless have to. The only reason I would is if you’re a hardcore Pokemon/Smash/Monster Hunter player. Your 3DS could potentially be worth more money later too.

  3. Speaking of updates, has anyone had trouble connecting their 3DS systems to the Internet after the latest system update? Mine suddenly won’t connect at all- connection test, eShop, web browser, nothing. And it was fine earlier this week. I suspect the update caused it…

    1. Yeah, my 3DS actually just had quite some trouble connecting to the internet. eShop kept kicking me out during launch and connection test always failed. Only be holding the 3DS literally next to the access point I could finally get the connection to work. And that still took really, really long (connection had three full bars all this time). Once finally connected to the eShop, everything was pretty much back to normal, though, at downloading games took the regular time.

    2. Mine froze while in sleep mode after the update but that’s hasn’t repeated the freeze though, knock on wood. XD

    3. Ive actually noticed that, but never really gave it a thought. Sometimes when I try to connect to the eShop or theme shop it says an error occurred, loses internet connection and goes back to the home screen.

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