Level 5 Vision Taking Place On April 7th And Will Showcase New Games

Well this is certainly an interesting development. Respected developer Level 5 will be holding a showcase in Japan on April 7th from 6PM to 7.30PM JST. There will be a number of new Level 5 titles shown off including Fantasy Life 2, Yokai Watch 3, and Layton 7. There will also be showing the next cross-media franchise teased last year by Akihiro Hino and also a major collaboration title. Sounds as though it should be a really good event.

Thanks, Roberto


  1. When I read ‘Yokai Watch 3,’ I immediately thought Millions of sales in Japan at launch and how it will dominate the top of the Japanese list for quite a long time…


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  3. I’m so really interested in that Layton 7 thing that most definitely is not the 7th game in a series about my fav. professor : ( XD


      1. Perhaps. Twice per console then? I doubt Level 5 will make Fantasy Life a every gen type of thing or even Nintendo exclusive . The last I heard of fantasy life was that it was heading to mobile devices, but I’m simply happy for a second installment on the 3DS.


  4. Fantasy Life 2??? O.O That’s the beat news I heard all day! After reaching creator rank in all classes I’m ready for another installment. I hope they will return the hidden classes cut from the first game.


  5. Really wishing for the new game to be Ni No Kuni 2 or Dark Cloud 3, either of those two would be absolutely great. But whatever the it’s gonna be, I’m definitely looking forward to the event.


  6. Fanatsy Life fell short in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, I actually liked the game, and put around 30 hours into it. It’s just sad because that game had so much untapped potential! If they added a skill tree for each job, more weapons, increased difficulty, more enemies, etc. I could go on and on.


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