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Here’s An Interesting Video Looking At The Level Design In Super Mario 3D World

Some people really like it, and others aren’t too keen, but there’s no denying that the level design in Super Mario 3D World on Wii U is stellar. YouTuber Mark Brown has taken a look at some of the innovations that are included in the game and how the game has been influenced by its critically acclaimed predecessors. If you’ve got a spare five minutes then it’s well worth a watch.

Thanks, Jacob

48 thoughts on “Here’s An Interesting Video Looking At The Level Design In Super Mario 3D World”

    1. …Metroid is nothing like Mario games, and there’s barely any basis of comparison when Metroid is still trying to find a way to cater to both 2D and 3D Metroid fans.

      Not even Zelda has made the transition Mario games have as of yet, but it is getting to that point in the series now with Zelda U’s open-world gameplay hearkening back to the NES days. Metroid games have also lost that idea of exploration because of Fusion (partially) and Other M (majorly). Corruption was also very linear compared to its Prime predecessors, and despite how good that game was, it did feel very different and out-of-place in the Metroid universe.

      Super Metroid and Prime nailed everything perfectly, but both appeal to widely different demographics: you’re still usually found taking sides in the “which Metroid style of gameplay feels better” debate. Why? Because they have yet to make a merger of both like 3D Land/World does for Mario.

      Few game franchises have reached the point Mario games have. So, you really can’t compare anything to them.

  1. Galaxy 1 and Galaxy 2 are far superior in every perspective.

    Also, SM3DW has a big flaw, which is the camera limitations.

          1. Mario 64 is miles ahead of both galaxy games put together. Not because it had a much bigger impact on the industry, or because it was the first 3D mario, but because it was overall a much better game

              1. /facepalm at this entire “debate”

                Let’s just agree that each Mario game is great in its own way, some more so than others because of individual preferences.

  2. sasori obinna: the puppet master

    i wish the wii hackers would hack the wii u and this game. we need more level designs from super mario galaxy 2.

    1. Hackers have already found ways to hack the Wii U. Where have you been??? Anyway, search MrBean35000vr on Youtube, you can check out his recent videos hacking Wii U for Mario Kart 8. He says that Fan-Made Custom Tracks may very well be possible. Custom Tracks in Mario Kart Wii, took up a good amount of my game time.
      I am in no way, recommending anybody to hack anything. Let the ‘professionals’ handle that…

    2. “WE need more level designs from super mario galaxy 2”. who are you?, our leader?.
      I need a new entry in the Super Mario Galaxy series.
      BTW, how’s that article about you on Encyclopedia Dramatica. I heard Estoczero had a final draft and there is someone documenting all the drama around you.

  3. A forced learning curve doesnt justify how 3d mario was dumbed down to linear, episodic gameplay. 2d mario already covers that so why do we have to deal with this…

    I want 64 and sunshine back!

        1. I see. Because Sunshine kinda became a cult over the years. Pretty interesting in my pointo of view, since I could barely play it – I really disliked that game in all fronts back in the day. But I think I should revisit it evetually.

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  5. Nice video, I do like the more focused leveldesign in 3d world more than the one in SMG1. But I also think that the flagpole concept is bad for a 3d Mario game, because when you completed the level and collected the green stars (which is easy) you don’t have a reason to go back and the level feels much shorter. The star concept is much better because you can play the level several times (with different twists) and it still feels fresh giving you much more content out of a single level. That’s why SMG2 is in my opinion the best Mario game, because it has both concepts.

  6. I love 3D World. It’s one of my favourite Mario games of all time. That’s means Main and Spin-offs. My only complaint is that the Run/Use Power Up and Throw, is on the same button. While going for the Green Stars in World Flower, in the poison swamp level where you need to light each torch on screen the get the Green Stars. When firing the Fireballs at the torches, me and my brother would constantly accidentally pick each other up and throw each other in the poison. I happened so much, that I raged so much, because there are so many buttons, just map the throw to a separate button…

    1. I agree! 3D World is my favorite Mario platforming game ever. I also disliked having the run button and grab button as the same button.

  7. Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 were better games than 3D Land and World were to me on the grand scale. But that’s also because they’re not the same gameplay style at all, and Super Mario 64 was one of my most favorite games of all-time until Galaxy.

    However, in terms of level design, Super Mario Galaxy felt like a true sequel to Super Mario 64 and it really took the series in a brand new direction that it could stick with for the perceivable future, whereas it could be argued Sunshine was a clear backstep from the innovative level design present in Super Mario 64, and it’s clunky control mechanics didn’t help either, though you could see where this game’s experimentation took place in the challenge levels that were where Galaxy was formed from.

    3D Land felt like a return to traditional Mario games that served as a bridge to 3D World, and though I still consider it a great must-have on the 3DS, it admittedly has its flaws. The major one being that it never challenges the gamer until they reach end-game, and in doing so, it didn’t execute the 2nd or 3rd stages of level design present in Super Mario 3D World nearly as well.

    Now, 3D World isn’t really a game you can compare to Galaxy. Because 3D Land and 3D World play entirely different to other 3D Mario titles in that they play more as a mix of both the traditional and modern concepts of gameplay. I like to think of 3D Land and 3D World as a cluster of innovative new ideas for the feature-length 3D Mario titles. Like Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Bros., 3D Land/World provides another way to experience Mario games that offers refreshing new gameplay mechanics that lend its way to having its own line of titles each gen on home consoles and portable systems.

    So, I don’t see what people are bitching about, honestly.

    – New Super Mario Bros. gets two new games each generation.
    – 3D Super Mario feature-length games get one new title each home console generation because they obviously take longer to make.
    – 3D Land/World games will also most likely get one new game each gen on home console and portable like NSMBU does…and heck, I won’t be surprised if they start making feature-length 3D Mario games on both home console and portable system each gen now too now that they have the tech for it.

    As I said before: no reason to complain. If you don’t like Mario games in one particular style, there are always going to be one or two other types of styles each gen on eah system that could appeal to you. Zelda is the same way. Metroid is the same way. Hell, Sonic is also similar in that regard. It’s just that the 3D Land/World games appeal to a wider demographic of playstyles.

      1. It’s in development. That much is known from Shigeru Miyamoto, and it would be like a sin for them to not announce any new, main Mario games in over two years now.

        Let’s remain hopeful for this year’s E3. Last year, Nintendo blew everything out of the park, so we can hope they continue that trend this year. 😊

          1. Actually, what they said was you can expect Mario to be on the next console, not that there wouldn’t be another 3D Mario for the Wii U.

            1. ^ This.

              The Wii U isn’t being cut off early in 2016. Those were rumors that were debunked by Miyamoto, Fils-Aime, and Iwata multiple times that they only just started research into what their new platforms can be.

              I wouldn’t put it past them to have the Wii U and 3DS going until Holiday 2017 and 2018.

  8. And the ignorant call Mario games repetitive and such, but didn’t realize point and shoot games are just that over and over and over, point and shoot.

    I believe Nintendo IPs share the same idealism when developing game levels to keep the gamers interested ’til the end and end up wanting more in the future.

  9. WOW. That was super interesting. I never even noticed it myself. Now, whenever I play a Mario platformer, I will be expecting this kind of level design.

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