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Warner Bros Is Apparently Bringing Out LEGO Toys-To-Life Game This Year

It seems as though Warner Bros and LEGO could well be bringing out their own toys-to-life title to compete against Disney Infinity, Skylanders, and amiibo. The game is rumoured to be in development at Travellers Tales and is due for release sometime later this year. LEGO is an extremely lucrative brand so this should provide some real competition to what’s currently out there. The LEGO game will launch alongside a range of compatible LEGO figures.

17 thoughts on “Warner Bros Is Apparently Bringing Out LEGO Toys-To-Life Game This Year”

  1. And to think I liked Spyro, until he spawned this mess of video game figures. The more people that hop on the NFC train, the more more ‘acceptable’ it will become to copy it, and the market will flood to the point of being an annoyance.

    1. Or it could act as a new form of DLC in the physical world.

      To be honest, I’ve been waiting for a lego game like this rumoured one for a while now and I can’t wait to see it.

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  3. It’s about time!

    Again, if Nintendo is smart, they would partner with them and secure exclusivity rights and maybe offer their content to be exclusive LEGO-fied content.

    These are the types of big games that sell consoles.

  4. Wait what? So they plan to sell preassembled LEGO figures to work with a a LEGO game that’s not any of those LEGO games that are out now?

    Wut!? Lol well if the fish bites, reel it in then.

  5. I could see this being like Disney Infinity where you build your own worlds and stuff. The only problem with this is why would people buy a video game to make Lego worlds, as opposed to using real Legos?

    1. Excellent point. I understand enjoying video games, I personally don’t know what would convince people that building with legos in a virtual setting to be fun. I guess its personal taste, because I love Harvest Moon games, but I also happen to actually grow plants, fruits, and vegetables. Best of both worlds really. But legos? Naaah I want the real thing.

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