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Nintendo Stock Soars After Smartphone Games Announcement And New NX Hardware

Stock in Nintendo has soared this afternoon after the company revealed that they had teamed up and acquired DeNA to create video games on smartphones and tablets. The company also announced that they’re busy working on new hardware which could be the successor to the Wii U or Nintendo 3DS, or a fusion of both handheld and console. The new hardware is referred to by Nintendo as the NX.

69 thoughts on “Nintendo Stock Soars After Smartphone Games Announcement And New NX Hardware”

    1. Sir Isaac Newton of Judah

      Start buying that stock right now. It’s not the cost of the stock, but its sustainability. Ask Warren buffet, high stock companies like Enron and THQ disappeared.


    2. Because, value of a company is decided by stock x amount of stock…. They probably just have a shit tonne of stock…

  1. jtz Igbo Tribe and Decedent of Gad.

    Don’t be surprised if it is? Nintendo is stupid when it comes to futuristic activities in R&D.

    1. NX will be a Nintendo smartphone that looks like a controller so you can play anywhere like the 3ds but also stream them directly to your TV like a console. Makes sense to me.

    1. Sony earned three times as much net profit as Nintendo last quarter…. At least try to get your facts right

      1. While at the same time, still closing it other divisions doors and sales of other hardware of their is plummeting like waterfall. Try again. Sony is as financially secured as THQ..oh wait…

  2. Haha, suckers! I invested $30,000 when it was $12.17/share. I’m gonna hold for a while yet, I could make even more. :)

        1. Sure, but there wouldn’t really be much reason for a Chase McCain amiibo since I’m sure they wouldn’t make any new games for that series or update the old games. Neat though.

          1. I guess…it would be great if they released an update I think, and especially for The Chase Begins on the 3DS due to the New 3DS being out now. An update to help make the game run better if possible for the new system would be neat :) Cheers! I do up some more and would love to send the idea/images off to LEGO and Nintendo to see if I get any sort of response you know? :)

            1. I’ve done this before. You will definitely get a real person to respond back about what you showed them. Don’t expect any great outcomes, but at least you’ll know someone saw your work and sent you some real feedback.

  3. Whats funny is that I was researching Nintendo’s stock history in my Financial Literacy class and I saw this HUGE increase all of a sudden and I was all “what the heck?!”

    1. Cookie_Charley NoSignIn

      Stock can mean a number of things. It can be regarding to how much of a product is sold, or there’s Stock Value which is how much a company is worth. Those numbers, those are estimated in BILLIONS.

    1. Basically with the stock markets you invest money into a company in a hope that the company does well and gets an increase. If a comapny’s stock increases like Nintendo’s did, their stock prices also increases and their net worth as well. If you invest into a companies stock early and that company goes up in the markets, you make a profit. So for example if Nintendo’s stock was $10 and they suddenly gained an increase in the market to the point where there stocks are now worth $15 you made a 50% profit. But at the same time, if Nintendo’s stock prices decrease by 50% you’ll also lose 50% of the money you put into their company unless it goes back up. Stocks are risky, because a company can fall and make you lose money, or they can rise and make you profit. People can invest whenever they want and pull out whenever as well. If I would have invested in Nintendo’s stock yesterday while stock was cheaper, then I would have made a profit today because Nintendo’s stock rose by a lot.

        1. That can be a factor or a company’s net worth can increase. This means a company becomes more valuable monetary wise. People see Nintendo as being more valuable now because they are going into the mobile business. But if Nintendo does bad in the mobile market and they fall a lot of people will be mad, because they lose money. I hope Nintendo does well though, but not too well that they leave dedicated consoles.

  4. Didn’t Nintendo mention they are planning a mobile device that works like a smartphone but also a platform for their IPs? So probably that’s the NX.




  6. Is it just me, or does this remind anyone of the Phillips deal back in the 90s? Don’t know about you guys but I’m seeing a train wreck coming from this. Nintendo can’t make a profit off of casuals, it worked with the Wii for a year or two, but at the cost of losing all real support from third parties, and they’re still feeling it to this day. And children nowadays grow up too fast with social media and how different society has become as a whole, so they could care less about Nintendo IP on their smart devices when they’ve had more than enough free 5 minute games to play on their phones. The majority of girls and boys nowadays, it saddens me to say, browse Facebook for the drama and gossip and play shit like candycrush as a pass time. This isn’t going anywhere, they got themselves into this mess, and now they’re jumping into an even bigger one. This is going to be Nintendo’s last console, if it even is a console, for sure.

  7. That’s it. The dark days of gaming is finally coming. Nintendo is gonna get fucked for this. X(

    I’m about to quit video gaming forever WHEN (not if) the worst case scenario happens.

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  10. Ridley, the Angel of Death

    Let’s hope this works out & does better than the Wii did with the casual market during it’s last days of life.

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