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Nintendo President Feels That The Company Is A Trendsetter With Amiibo

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata certainly doesn’t believe that amiibo are a clone of what has come before. Iwata brushed off comments that the company was following in the path of both Skylanders and Disney Infinity with their amiibo figures. He says they currently feel like a trendsetter as amiibo offers things which the other toys to life series just don’t give to consumers.

“At first glance it may look like we’re a trend follower with amiibo,” says Iwata. “But really what we’re doing is, we have introduced amiibo in a way that is new and where amiibo do things in our games that they can’t do anywhere else. From that perspective, we feel that we are a trendsetter.”

“It’s true that if you go into a retail store, and you see the retail shelves, that from a retail perspective, we’re leveraging the structure that’s in place for how the toys to life category is being sold. That’s a hurdle that’s hard to overcome in terms of differentiation. But in terms of how the amiibo are used in games, we do feel that we are taking the lead in terms of broadening what toys to life can be.”


25 thoughts on “Nintendo President Feels That The Company Is A Trendsetter With Amiibo”

    1. Nintendo Commander Mar-Vell

      Well I own 10 Marvel amiibo and 0 Nintendo amiibo. Playing Marvel Infinity 2.0 on my Wii U. Outstanding game. I should know, I am Nintendo Commander Mar-Vell, master of all things Marvel, reader of thousands of Marvel Comics! Kneel before me peasants! 9 more Marvel Amiibo and I’ll have the whole set!

      1. I really did not get your mood. But, anyways, better not to get into semantics or whatever.

        Have fun with your Disney Infinity and Marvel figurines. I am myself a big fan of 70’s, 80’s and 90’s Spidey comics.

        1. Nintendo Commander Mar-Vell

          Wow, the 60s and 2000s Spidey comics are the 2 best eras. Looks like you missed out on both. The 60s being the definitive 100+ issue Stan Lee run featuring the absolute best run in comics history. The 2000s featuring J Michael Starczynski, creator of Babylon 5, came on and did quite the impressive 70+ issue run. Check them out.

          1. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll take a look on those. I enjoyed every little piece of story from David Micheline and Tood McFarlane (I’ve got the splendorous Omnibus), and later Mark Blagley. Sadly they screwed Peter’s life after the 90’s Clone Saga, which was sufficient to make me quit reading the comics.

            1. Nintendo Commander Mar-Vell

              Oh wow, well you’ve got some really nice collections there. Cool! For $5 a month, you can read almost every significant Marvel comic through “Marvel Unlimited” app.

              1. Thanks, I indeed have a number of Spider Man collections and original comics over here spanning the 70’s to the 90’s.

                I was unaware about the app! Thanks again for the heads up!

    2. In a way, he’s rught. How is he right? Simple. Amiibo isn’t locked to one specific game, but multiple g

      1. *multiple games, with varying degrees of utility.
        Didn’t mean to post before finishing. I accidentally pressed post comment on my phone…

  1. I just hope this means that there are more dynamic uses of amiibo coming b/c outside of Smash and Project STEAM there is very little to get excited about.

  2. Well theyre getting better at distribution the only amiibo I haven’t seen in store are king dedede, and ike everyone else I’ve seen at multiple places.

  3. Cool. Good to hear. So… Wave 4 preorders in America? Are they happening anytime soon? Just need Robin, Lucina, Palutena, and Mewtwo if they make him.

  4. I’ll give them credit for making Amiibos go cross-platform between handhelds and consoles and being universally accepted by software but Activision deserves the credit for the current toy-to-game trend.

    1. Nintendo Commander Mar-Vell

      And credit to Disney for perfecting the idea using Marvel characters, the greatest IP on the Earth!

  5. Not… really. They pretty much follow the same concept as Skylanders etc., this isn’t really anything new.
    Also, other than the amiibo looking nice and having collection value, none of their features available in any of the games that support them are neither significant nor convincing. Skylanders at least have games entirely dedicated to them and there’s actually a point in using them in games, which you can’t really say about amiibo?

  6. I like my toon link amiibo, he’s so well done and has a special space on my shelf, and I used him at smash bros, mario kart 8 and hyrule warriors, it was not a huge use on the games, but I pretty like it. I want that new bowser amiibo so badly.

  7. Gold Mario is funny looking. At first I thought I’d hate it, but I can’t stop looking at it. It’s weird. It’s like Indy Jones TOD. Instead of braving a temple hallway with traps to retrieve a gold statue, you must brave a Wally Mart with traps, trailer trash and ghetto folk. Scary.

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