Super Mario 64 HD Remake Unity Project Is Now Playable

Roystan Ross, has managed to recreate the first level of the beloved Super Mario 64 Bob-Omb Battlefield in HD using Unity. You will be pleased to know that the project is playable, but Ross has no plans to expand upon the universe. I suspect he just wanted to demonstrate what he can do in Unity and the results are good. If you’re interested in playing the project then check out the links here.

Thanks, gamerprince1999


      1. After watching another video of it, yeah. It’s really just the most basic layout of the first level. It is open source though, so anyone can make improvements I guess.


      2. It’s being made by a few dedicated fans, not a studio of 200-500 developers so in this aspect, it’s damn impressive and nostalgic at best. :)

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      1. because people are retards. You pay 3 times more for a mac even tho it’s the same shit in it as a PC. just different op sys.


  1. I’d want to try it out but my computer probably couldn’t handle it. It would end up crashing or something. …Meh.


  2. amazing work. the whole character animation, the dynamic of the jumping, it’s very, very good work. At Nintendo, it’s a special task to find out how to make Mario’s jump-animations look & feel so snappy, you won’t wanna put your joypad down. This recreation looks somehow like a perfect modern take on that old game. Plus the whole receration of the world looks very good. Of course it’s not filled with new details because that might just not work. Instead the geometry that has been there got reinterpreted and objects that used to be rendered with sprites are now polygons.

    I can just hope this guy will now start his career at Playtonic and help them out with their Plattformer, it looks like he knows his way around in unity.

    It also once more shows, what a great, great, great thing Unity is in general. A true gift for Indies.

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    1. Probably because the DS remake would had recently came out and the didn’t want to just milk the same game over and over and make a new 3d Mario


      1. And yet MK8 is more a MK7 with few tracks that go upside down with no notice unless you look at it on MK TV. Minus no arena stages. They should have thought about arena stages when MK8 was in R&D knowing that Wii U has 8 to 32 gigs and would have been better to add it when making it over DLC.


  3. Nintendo… pls… look at this magnificent project and remake this game for Wii U AT LEAST (i get we have it on DS, but COME ON we need a good Mario game!) if you arent going to make a unique Mario for Wii U then give us Super Mario 64 Wii U!

    That being said this fan project really is great… i was hoping it would have the boss, but meh oh well. Also the level is scaled down quite a few notches (from what I remember). But hey this thing is freakin amazing as it is!


  4. I would love a remake for a lot of N64 games. But this just looks toooo lifeless. The grass is just one toned and the sky. Doesn’t really match together. It looks like Mario games can’t really go into the whole realistic effect.


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