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New Fire Emblem 3DS Coming To Japan On June 25th And There Will Be Two Different Versions

There will be two different versions of Fire Emblem on the Nintendo 3DS in Japan. The versions will be based on the two difficulty paths you can take in the game. Those of you in the US and Europe will get one copy and the other will be available as downloadable content. The game launches in Japan on June 25th while we have to wait until 2016 to play it over here in the west. If you’re interested the Fire Emblem 3D site is now live, so go pay it a visit.

Thanks, MasterPikachu6



  1. That’s kind of disappointing. I was expecting one large game where you experience both sides, and then 3/4 way through the game, you decide which clan to permanently join, or maybe switching throughout the game. But from the looks of it, you decide right from the beginning what the storyline is. Still going to be a great game!

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  2. So you don’t really get to choose sides then if they are literally seperate games. Thats kind of disappointing actually. It will still be amazing but I was under the impression it was a branching story line. Thats the way Nintendo described it in the direct.

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  3. And why the fuck does Japan get the game in June but we have to wait a whole year? WTF, I am so sick of developers that do this. Release the game everywhere at the same time. YOU WILL SELL MORE COPIES AND MAKE MORE MONEY IDIOTS!

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      1. Tell me, how am I entitled? Do you even know what that word means, or you just repeating what someone else has said? I wouldn’t mind waiting until 2016 as long as Japan had to also wait. Everytime a game I’m really excited for releases early in Japan, I have to spend the following months avoiding spoilers plastered all over the internet.

        Excuse me for wanting to avoid this with the new Fire Emblem game. Of course your probably a fanboy who can’t see reason, and I more than likely wasted my time explaining this to you…

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      2. Translating a game takes a pretty long time,ehh? Although I understand your anger with avoiding spoilers,it’ll be the same shit with bravely second.


      3. Ignoring the fact this is hardly ever a problem with countless other games that release in multiple countries. That “localization takes a really long time” is a very shitty excuse & is just Nintendo hiding their favoritism for Japan.


    1. It’s because they have to translate the game into English and westernize it a but more. But I am worried that I’ll get spoilers from people who play it in japan.


  4. What was the point in releasing Fatal Frame 5 first in Japan. That game only sold like 80k copies. How did that benefit the developers in any way. Quick answer, It DIDN’T!

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    1. It kind of takes time to translate everything into whatever language (in our case English). That is the reason. They would release it everywhere at the first chance they could get if they could. They finished the game in one language, what’s wrong about releasing it in places that they could before the English version is out?


      1. Seven years ago, Nothing. But today we live in an age of Lets Plays, Reviews, thumbnail pictures, and a bloated internet gaming media in general. It’s almost impossible to avoid spoilers of a game that releases in Japan first. Hyrule Warriors is a good example of this. I did not buy that game because of all the spoilers I ended up seeing. Not out of spite, just the fact that I lost interest in the game. Developers haven’t realized this yet, or they just don’t care. It effects sales, I assure you. And I am sick of developers doing it. It makes no sense from a business perspective, or a consumers perspective. So why do it?


      2. It makes perfect sense from a business perspective. Sitting on a product that is finished for release anywhere makes no sense. And the few people that wouldn’t buy it because of spoilers is nothing compared to the money they could make by releasing it.

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      3. And how does it make perfect sense by releasing it right away? Do you think that it will sell more copies? Name me a game that had more lifetime sales because it was released early in a certain region. Let me ask you this, do you think Hyrule Warriors sold more copies because it was released early in Japan?

        By releasing a game right away it does nothing but get the money in the developers pockets quicker. However It does not put MORE money in their pocket. Patience is a virtue, and even if spoilers stop 10k people from buying the game, that would have been 10k more copies of the game sold if the developers had just been a little patient.

        Fact of the matter is that it makes perfect sense to sit on a game until translation is done, and then have a worldwide simultaneous release. By doing this all the hype from the trailers and marketing is still intact. Your game will have higher week one sales, and lifetime sales aswell.


      4. Why did you bother with that idiot? He, or she, was obviously from the dumb part of Nintendo’s fanbase with bullshit excuses. Just like the guys that jump at you the moment you criticize Sakurai for his shitty making of Ganondorf, aka Falcondorf, with “but Ganondorf’s moves are slightly different from Captain Falcon’s” blah blah bullshit.


      5. And if you don’t want spoilers for a game, don’t look up videos or articles about it. I know some things are inevitable after a while, but if you be proactive I guarantee you you will dodge about 90% of potential spoilers.


      6. You don’t have to look up spoilers. Now a days people put spoilers in the headlines. They put spoilers in their thumbnail pictures. Random spoilers in every single forum you visit.

        The only way to avoid spoilers is to avoid the internet. Avoid all my favorite sites, and my favorite personalities. Not worth it. I would just rather pass on the game, like I did with Hyrule Warriors.. A game I was certain I was going to buy two months earlier.


      7. That makes the most sense to me honestly. Limited resources. Maybe they need to sell a few thousand copiesto pay for western production. That is the only logical reason for releasing a game in Japan first. And if that is the reason I understand. But level-5 has money, they should have no problem sitting on the game until its ready for all regions.

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    1. I thought the same thing, and I’ve played 2-3 games in the series. That’s how it looked from the way they showed it in the direct.


    1. Yeah. I was so hyped for this. I think it’s just due to translating the stories into another language (and rewording the story to make more sense in English)


  5. Talk about false advertising. They implied that we got to choose which side we wanted from the start. If choosing which side you want to follow is a key element to the game, it should not be dlc. It’s not even a choice at that point.

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      1. Exactly! Once you learn another language it opens up your eyes to so many new things. Good Luck! Stop planning and start doing ;D


  6. Sooooo…. Will only one Version be released as a physical copy and the other as dlc of will both versions be boxed but you get the other on AS a dlc (for free? )


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  8. Wow. I must have missed that in the NA Nintendo Direct. Oh wait! No I didn’t because it wasn’t even fucking mentioned! Well this DLC better be free then because the idea of Fire Emblem getting the Pokemon treatment as each new game has 2 different versions sold, they might as well have killed off Fire Emblem with Awakening because this will be a huge mistake from Intelligent Systems & Nintendo as I only tolerate it with Pokemon because the franchise started off this way, unlike Fire Emblem. *twitch*


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