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This Is Everything That Happened During The US Nintendo Direct

With so much information, it would be easy to dismiss the latest Nintendo Direct presentation as an elaborate April Fool’s Day prank. But the latest Nintendo Direct is definitely no joke. The next evolution of amiibo? It’s happening! Lucas from Mother 3 in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS? He’s joining the battle! The debut of a 200cc speed class in Mario Kart 8? Yup! A new line of Yoshi amiibo figures made of actual yarn? Oh yeah. A home-designing Animal Crossing game? Launching this year! Splatoon launching on May 29 and more details about Mario Maker, Yoshi’s Woolly World and the new game in the Fire Emblem series? It’s all accurate!

To view the Nintendo Direct video in its entirety, visit

“The world of amiibo is getting bigger, better and even more interactive,” said Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. “And with existing amiibo support for games like Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart 8 and more, and upcoming support for Splatoon, Yoshi’s Woolly World and Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, amiibo continue to stretch the definition of the toys-to-life category.”

Highlights revealed in the video include:


  • amiibo Cards: A totally new form of amiibo is coming this fall! The first set of amiibo cards will be based on Animal Crossing characters and will be compatible with the Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer game. An NFC reader/writer peripheral for Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL and Nintendo 2DS – which offers the functionality for scanning amiibo currently included in the New Nintendo 3DS XL system – will also launch the same day as the new Animal Crossing game.
  • The Next Waves of Super Smash Bros. Series amiibo: On May 29, a new set of amiibo in the Super Smash Bros. series will launch, featuring Charizard, PAC-MAN, Wario, Jigglypuff, Greninja, Robin, Lucina and Ness. July brings Dark Pit and Palutena. And in September, Zero Suit Samus, Ganondorf, Olimar, Dr. Mario and Bowser Jr. will join the amiibo family.
  • Play Classic Nintendo Games Using amiibo: With amiibo tap: Nintendo’s Greatest Bits, Wii U users can download the free application from the Nintendo eShop and tap any amiibo to unlock game-play highlights from select NES and Super NES games.
  • Yarn Yoshi amiibo: A new set of Yoshi amiibo figures made of actual yarn will launch later this fall along with the Yoshi’s Woolly World game. Tapping one of these yarn amiibo to the Wii U GamePad controller while playing Yoshi’s Woolly World will make another Yoshi appear in the game to assist the player. The Yarn Yoshi amiibo will be available in three colors: green, pink and light blue.
  • Splatoon amiibo: Launching simultaneously with Splatoon on May 29 are Inkling Girl, Inkling Boy and Inkling Squid amiibo figures. By tapping one of these amiibo to the GamePad, players can receive special missions to unlock weapons and gear.
  • More Mii Racing Suits!: On April 23, a new free downloadable software update to Mario Kart 8 will add support for nine more amiibo figures, including Mega Man, Sonic and PAC-MAN. Players can tap these amiibo to outfit their Mii characters in Mii Racing Suits themed to those amiibo characters.

Wii U

  • Mario Maker: The Mario Maker game launches exclusively for the Wii U console in September and easily lets users create their own Mario levels and share them online with people all over the world! Various activities related to the 30th anniversary of the Super Mario Bros. game are also planned throughout the year.
  • Splatoon: In addition to previously detailed single-player and online “Turf War” modes, action shooter Splatoon will feature a highly competitive “Ranked Battle” mode, which ranks and matches players based on their wins in 4-on-4 multiplayer matches. The super-fun and super-colorful game will also feature a “Battle Dojo.” In this mode, players can enjoy local 1-on-1 battles with friends. One player plays on the GamePad controller, while the other plays on the TV using a separate controller, competing to see who can pop the most balloons. Splatoon will launch exclusively for Wii U on May 29.
  • 200cc? 200cc!: Yes, that’s right: For the first time in the Mario Kart series, a 200cc racing class is coming to Mario Kart 8. Even faster than 150cc, the new high-speed class will work on all tracks in the game and makes braking an important driving skill. The new 200cc class will be offered as a free downloadable update on April 23 alongside the new paid DLC Pack 2 featuring three new characters, four new vehicles and eight new tracks.
  • Nintendo 64 and Nintendo DS Games Hit the Virtual Console Service: Starting today, classic Nintendo 64 and Nintendo DS games are coming to the Virtual Console on Wii U. Today brings Yoshi’s Island DS for Nintendo DS and Super Mario 64 for Nintendo 64. While playing Nintendo DS games, the TV and GamePad combination will provide various options for dual-screen layouts, while all Nintendo 64 games that supported the Rumble Pack will continue rumbling away on Wii U controllers. Upcoming Virtual Console releases include WarioWare: Touched! for Nintendo DS on April 9 and Donkey Kong 64 for Nintendo 64 on April 16.
  • Yoshi’s Woolly World: The lovingly crafted new Wii U game launches this fall and overflows with numerous challenges and hidden secrets. In addition to the challenging Classic Mode, Yoshi’s Woolly World adds “Mellow Mode,” an additional mode that lets players of all skill levels play as “Winged Yoshi.”
  • Shin Megami Tensei & Fire Emblem Crossover Project: The role-playing masters at ATLUS are developing a truly modern RPG, where everyday life exists alongside a secret world of fantasy that includes characters from the Fire Emblem series.
  • New Fatal Frame Game Coming to the U.S.: Fans that have been clamoring for a chance to play the latest game in the creepy Fatal Frame series will have their chance when it launches later this year for Wii U.

Nintendo 3DS

  • Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer: This new game in the Animal Crossing series focuses on the decorating and home-designing aspects of the Animal Crossing games. Animals will ask players to design houses for them, and it’s up to designers-in-the-making to meet the animals’ requests by furnishing and decorating their homes. By tapping a new Animal Crossing series amiibo card to the New Nintendo 3DS XL system or NFC reader/writer accessory, players can design a room for that specific character on the card and scan additional character cards to invite those characters to visit. Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer will launch this fall.
  • BOXBOY!: From the platforming masters at HAL Laboratory, Inc., creators of the Kirby series, comes BOXBOY! The black-and-white charmer tasks players with creating, casting and hooking blocks to navigate more than 150 challenging stages. BOXBOY! launches exclusively in the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS tomorrow, April 2.
  • A New Fire Emblem Game: For the first time in the series, the main playable character is not only a customizable avatar, but also the main hero or heroine of the game. Players must choose to take one of two major paths, resulting in two different experiences: the “Hoshido” side for a more traditional experience, or the “Nohr” side, which makes the story more complex and the difficulty level more challenging. The new Fire Emblem game will launch for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems in 2016.
  • Puzzle & Dragons Z + Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition: Players get two gigantic, unique puzzle/RPG adventures when Puzzle & Dragons Z + Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition launches on May 22. The two-in-one game can be pre-ordered starting today at For players who can’t wait until May 22 to play, a free demo for Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition will be available in the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS on April 30.
  • Pokémon Rumble World: The latest action-packed adventure in the Pokémon Rumble series is free to download (with paid content) and features more than 700 Pokémon, all the way from the original Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue games to the recent Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire games. Square off against tons of these Toy Pokémon when Pokémon Rumble World launches exclusively in the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS on April 8.
  • Code Name: S.T.E.A.M.: An upcoming software update to Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. will add a fast-forward feature to drastically speed up enemy turns. In addition, a new online Public Tournament in honor of playable character Tom Sawyer called “Hijinks” launches today and runs until April 5.
  • New StreetPass Games: On April 16, two new StreetPass Mii Plaza games launch for $4.99 each, or $7.99 if purchased together. In Ultimate Angler, players visit the “StreetPass Islands” to try to catch more than 150 types of fish and legendary monsters with bait received from Mii characters via StreetPass. In Battleground Z, players receive items based on the hobbies of their Mii Plaza StreetPass characters to defeat a horde of zombies. A new paid service will also launch alongside these new games called “StreetPass Mii Plaza Premium,” adding features like “StreetPass Birthdays” and a new Mii character VIP Room for $4.99.
  • Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains: Based on the popular manga and anime, the Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains game features four-player local and online co-op game play and leaderboards as players take on the role of their favorite character to defend humanity from the giant Titans. In addition, the first two episodes of the hit anime series are now available to stream for free in the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS. Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains from ATLUS will launch exclusively in the Nintendo eShop for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems in May.
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 3DA new trailer hones in on some of the mysteries of this epic role-playing game, the first game developed exclusively for the New Nintendo 3DS XL system. The game launches on April 10.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS

  • New (DLC) Challengers Approaching!: As previously announced, Mewtwo will join the roster of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS as a downloadable character on April 28. For $4.99, players receive Mewtwo for both versions of the game. Club Nintendo members who have purchased and registered both versions of the game will receive a free download code for Mewtwo on April 15. In addition, fan-favorite character Lucas from Mother 3 is joining the all-star Super Smash Bros. cast in June. After a game update on April 15, Super Smash Bros. players can also purchase more costumes for their Mii fighters, including ones inspired by Mega Man X and Proto Man from Capcom’s Mega Man series.
  • Choose Your Own Super Smash Bros. Fighter: Starting today, Super Smash Bros. fans can visit to participate in a “Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot.” Fans can use this ballot to vote for which character they would like to see added to Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U as a playable character.


  • Adventures of Pip from Tic Toc Games: When this pixel puzzle platformer launches this May in the Nintendo eShop on Wii U, players can use the GamePad exclusively to access inventory and quickly travel through the game’s world.
  • Mutant Mudds Super Challenge from Renegade Kid: People who purchase the Nintendo 3DS version of this beloved muddy platforming sequel will receive the Wii U version for free (and vice versa!). Anyone that owns the original Mutant Mudds game will also receive a loyalty discount when buying Mutant Mudds Super Challenge. The game launches exclusively in the Nintendo eShop on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS this June.
  • Don’t Starve: Giant Edition from Klei Entertainment: This acclaimed survival indie will launch this May with exclusive Wii U GamePad functionality and a special promotion – anyone that purchases the Wii U game will receive a free download code for the game that he or she can give to a friend!
  • Octodad: Dadliest Catch from Young Horses, Inc.: Experience Octodad’s wobbly journey with family and friends in co-op mode, with two to four players controlling different tentacles. Octodad: Dadliest Catch flops his way into the Nintendo eShop on Wii U this summer.

134 thoughts on “This Is Everything That Happened During The US Nintendo Direct”

  1. I’m excited for Attack On Titan finally heading here but I’m still bummed that there is no regular N3DS. Small hands don’t do well on the XL

    1. yes, still no regular new3ds, I’m bummed out about it too. I was so hopeful after so many people contacted nintendo after the january direct. This sucks!!!

      1. How was it incredible, though? All they did was almost entirely talk about games we long knew about. The only things I personally find intersting are the two Fire Emblem games. Everything else is just kinda disappointing imo, especially when considering the release dates they have announced are later than I would have expected too. Maybe the whole thing would have been more appealing to me if I was interested in amiibo. I’m not, though.
        All in all, kinda underwhelming for me personally.

          1. Considering how they haven’t done anything exciting for quite some time now, I believe I have every right to be disappointed in their recent actions and decisions.
            But how flattering that you have noticed! <3

      1. I kind of felt the same way, except for Fire Emblem on 3DS. I am wanting that game so badly… I’m sad it comes out in 2016 :/

        That SM x FE though…. omg.

        1. Getting excited about a trailer with no substantial gameplay. So essentially, you like the visuals. Don’t nintendrones bash on ps4 and xbox1 when people get hyped about similar trailers? You can’t even say, “well fire emblem and smt games are good” because the gameplay doesn’t even look comparable.

        1. Character you’re voting for: Standard White New3DS with the Famicom colored buttons

          Title of game the character appears in: Not available in America

          Why should this character become a fighter? Because we don’t get to play games on it here in North America. This way we can play The Standard White New3DS in a game.

        1. You apparently can vote more than once- I just voted for Krystal and Sylux on the same computer minutes apart from each other.

            1. …However I just went to vote for another fighter when I read the last sentence at the top: “Please limit your vote to one per person.” X_X Whoops.

              Well, I’ve only made 4 so far, all reasonable requests (no Shrek, no Goku, no Shgoque, ec.), so I’m probably fine…?

      1. pink0crystal0midbus

        No, I said the one from Advantures so she would use her Staff. Hopefully she would be a stealthy (like the other Fox characters) melee characters, but without a blaster, she would use her magical abilities and more combo based attacks like the Fire Emblem characters.

    1. I voted for Daisy (Mac Laptop), Medusa (IPhone), Inklings (Mac Computer), and King K. Rool (IPad). I’m pretty sure that there are no rules stating that you can’t vote with multiple devices. XD

    2. Honestly, all you people wanting Krystal are to be wasting a damn slot. Krystal will have pretty much the same moves as fox, and she even looks like him. The spot could go to W101, King K. Rool, and many other characters who are a much better fit.

      1. Yea I agree, Krystal could almost be a damn palette swap with Fox. Watch, she will end up getting most the votes unfortunately.

      2. *ahem*

        She could use the staff from Adventures- it WAS hers, after all, Fox only borrowed it over the course of the game. Using that, she wouldn’t necessarily be a clone, and could use abilities the staff had from the game.

        Standard Special: Ice Blast
        Side Special: Fire Shot
        Down Special: Earthquake
        Up Special: Boost

        She could also have a special shield animation/design like how Yoshi’s shield is his egg.

    1. Vote for Master Toad From paper mario 64.Toad Deserves more love plus the guy is like bruce lee in the mario universe.

      1. Shantae is WayForward’s character…

        You hate SEGA enough to think any non-Nintendo character is their creation, don’t you?

          1. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

            It’s a an animated gif. You have to go to the article page to see it. Basically, follow this comment back to the page and scroll up a bit.

        1. Judging the video, didn’t they give Lucas a different moveset, or am I wrong? I haven’t played Lucas or Ness enough to notice.

            1. He appears to have his Brawl moveset, and it appears relatively unchanged. However, we have not yet seen his Final Smash; it could be different, it could function exactly like Ness’s, we don’t know yet.

              What I DO know, is that I’m buying him the moment he’s available.

  2. Well, that fucking sucked.
    Do they really think that the announcement that SMTxFE still exists is enough to support a bloated and uber-padded direct?
    Literally NOTHING we didn’t already know about.
    Also, wasn’t Yoshi supposed to come in Spring? Now it’s fucking fall.

    1. I agree. Nothing new other than dlc. Took away Zelda nd stupid amino and dlc is suppose to fill it. No wonder wiiu is dead

    2. Nothing new, but im actually OK with that, I rather get all these update on here on an earlier direct than waste E3 time with them.

    3. Uh, No. You didnt “literally” know about SMTxFE. You disn’t know about 200cc. Amoung other things. Stop lying.

      200cc was worth the whole direct IMO.

  3. Great job Nintendo. Now I wish they’d go massive market Mario Maker. There’s huge potential there. In 2016, I’m expecting:
    Zelda Wii U (Name should be changed already)
    SM x FE
    Acquire Capcom, Sega
    Make a lot of money in mobile so that they have more budget for AAA games
    Make old Squaresoft games exclusive (Chrono Trigger 2, Vagrant Story 2?)

    1. They already laid down the new Zelda nit showing up on the wiiu several times. First stated we only release one ip per console. U got wind walker. There is ur one Zelda. Nintendo put out wind waker knowing they were not going to release zelda wiiu. They new wiiu was going down back then. 3rd party already pulled out. Then postponed it to later, stating need more time for better game. Everyone believes it, but the crap they r putting out on wiiu other than mario kart and smash bros they were quick hacks of a game and way beneath nintendo quality. Then they talks about a new device and will show it next year at e3 and that’s when Zelda is being showned. They will not release a game when launching a new device. It will be a day one title on the new device.

      They also talk about how they will not do mobile apps for over a year while planning it the whole time. So u have proof u can’t believe nintendo anymore. They r lying and everyone believes it. They said micro transactions r bad and games showed not be this way and this is what they r doing.

      1. Wow, great spelling there champ! And you are truly uneducated on the entire matter. First of all, the new system (NX) is not coming out next year, they’re just planning to show it or demo at E3 next year; not release it. Zelda Wii U will indeed be coming out. Oh, and also, the DS had two Zelda games, so your presumption is incorrect; and even more Wind Waker was a remake. Finally, they said MOBILE micro-transaction can be bad if used in the wrong way, not DLC, which they are doing tremendously at anyhow.

        1. I can’t spell and you can’t read. I said they will show the new device at E3 next year. not launch it.

        2. for over a year they for saying they will not go mobile. all the while working to launch mobile apps. They said microtransaction should not be part of a game, and it should be a flat fee. That is what nintendo said over a year ago.

          Now it is about micro transactions. Yep, fanboys believe everything an anything.

    2. Dude, no offence but getting hyped for 2016 is just plain ignorant. They had me so hyped for 2015 last year and so far I have been met with nothing but disappointment… Lets see how 2015 turns out first..

  4. My most looked forward to games this year so far are SMT X FE, Xenoblade Chronicles X, and Persona 5. I thought this N Direct lacked new game announcements, but at least their are a lot of great rpgs to look forward to, and Mario Maker imo.

  5. I voted for Chrono in the SSB poll. He has almost a 0% chance to actually make it, but they did ask for a opinion so I am glad I even participated.

      1. pink0crystal0midbus

        His moveset would be ghost powers… duh. He floats, but he stays close to the ground (like Mewtwo does). Technically Mewtwo could fly away if he wanted to, like in the movies, but they ground him in the game like they would King Boo.

        1. Ok sure, he can stay floating close to the ground, a “ghoasty moveset” isn’t enough. What would his moveset even be, getting shy when another player faces boo?

      2. Bowser Jr. floats as well. No idea what his move set would look like but I bet they would figure something fun out.

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  7. Hm, no Star Fox, oh well. This is the best direct I’ve seen in a long time! So much new stuff!! Amiibo and Smash DLC were the highlight for me! Damn I am SO HAPPY that Lucas is in the game! Now if they only take note of my vote and put Isaac from Golden Sun in…

  8. So im guessing the SNES games for 3DS was a lie?

    Plweease! Anybody! I cant watch it till later!!!!

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  11. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

    >>>The amount of complaining and whining from you Americans is astonishing, I feel sorry for the few of you that lives there that have to live with such pathetic spoiled vermin>>>

    1. If you are not American Tetrarch, is it much more tolerable where you are? I just felt sick while watching a reaction vid after the Direct that was filled with Nintendo fans just had a bunch of complaining whenever a game they didn’t care about was being talked about. Even one of the guys on the call complained the Directed ended “weak” when 200cc looks absolutely amazing and a wonderful free addition to a great game and shows again how updates and DLC should be done (We all know with any other company there;s be at least a 90% chance of that being paid DLC).

      I even seen people in a Nintendo facebook group complain about the Direct and say they left with mixed feeling and I just wonder when did gamers become too snobby to just love hearing about/seeing games regardless of their interest in them, or if I was always just the only guy to do that.

      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

        >>>The Nintendo fans in my country aren’t anything like that at all, sure sometimes it’s a bit disturbing when many have CN and other events when we have nothing plus have more expensive prices>>>

        >>>They say Nintendo is greedy, but they are just as greedy and selfish to add as well since they only care about what they like to see and when High Command does not give them more than 1 reason in a Direct for them then not only to they complain and whine about it, they must go out in public with their garbage as well, it’s disgusting and shows this world’s current idiotic status>>>

  12. All of this amiibo news is making my wallet shake. CRAP!!!! TOO MANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And now I have to spend tomorrow pissed off because I’m going to miss out on pre-ordering wave 4. My prediction.

  13. I voted for Lloyd Irving! He’d be great, and his special moves in Tales of Symphonia could translate pretty much exactly into Smash. He already has Neutral, Up, Down, and Side specials, not to mention he’s the main character from a very popular Tales game! Lloyd Irving FTW! :D

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  15. Or scorn also Anubis the wizard from m gauntlet legend or banjo kazooie or make a doc pack of pure bounty hunters from metroid series

  16. I really enjoyed this direct. I’m rather positive towards the Amiibo news so overall I was really pleased with this Direct ^_^ Also SMT x FE looks strangely intriguing since never once in my life had I play any game remotely similar in theme or concept to this. Disappointing no new games were announced but all the DLC being added to already existing games is just like, wow, they really are supporting their games especially Splatoon. I want that Yarn Yoshi Amiibo too! So adorable~ ( *^* )

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  18. Ridley, the Angel of Death

    Might have been a waste of a vote but voted for Ridley that day. Fuck Gamestop for fucking up the god damn wave 4 amiibo because their failure made me miss out on Lucina. I would have tried with Best Buy but after they fucked up with the Majora’s Mask limited edition New 3DS by canceling preorders because they were too stupid to order more from Nintendo, I don’t trust preordering with them. I’ll be better prepared for when Palutena, Ganondorf, Zero Suit Samus, & Mewtwo come along. Anyway, I hope future DLC for Smash 4 includes actual alternate outfits for Samus, Link, Zelda, Mario, etc & not just outfits for Mii fighters.

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