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Nintendo Of America Representative Says Any Video Game Character Is Eligible For Super Smash Bros

There was some slight confusion earlier when Nintendo of America implied on Facebook that your character submission for Super Smash Bros had to be based on a Nintendo character. One of the readers has reached out to Nintendo of America and a representative has confirmed that any video game character is eligible for the Super Smash Bros DLC. You can vote for Banjo, Rayman, Bayonetta, and any other character of your choice. Here’s the email response.

Thanks for writing to us. I can certainly understand your interest in if third-party characters are eligible for the Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot. I want to assure you that you are able to submit any video-game character for this ballot. While we are unable to guarantee your suggested character will become a Super Smash Bros. Fighter, rest assured, we do take all feedback into consideration.

Thanks, Daniel R

321 thoughts on “Nintendo Of America Representative Says Any Video Game Character Is Eligible For Super Smash Bros”

    1. This. A Million times this.
      If anything requires Nintendo’s attention just a bit more, it’s the amiibo craze, the shortages (for rare ones especially), and the scalpers; I figure fix the shortage & scalpers will be a thing of the past…with the amiibo craze, at least.

        1. Digimon is as old as Pokémon.
          It’s also has Bandai Games on Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS,and Nintendo 3DS.
          Augumon should be in Smash Bros 4 Fighting all the Pokémon.

        2. I totally Agree.
          What would be Greater than Pokémon’s Mascot Pikachu Fighting Digimon’s Augumon.
          Not Only Were They Pokemon’s Rivals in Games, but also TV and Anime.
          I Hope Augumon is Chosen.

    1. I am also worried about it :(… But I have always taken his absence from the assist trophies roster as a good sign… Before the ballot, Sakurai was even discarding other DLC characters but Mewtwo… There is still chance!

      1. But the heavens have saved Goku in CANON, and Shrek has done nothing deserving for going to hell.

      1. But they’re not “Videogame characters”. They didn’t originate from Video Games. Every other Smash character (Except ROB) did.

        1. Well technically ROB is a video game character. He just worked… behind the scenes… sorta like Scooter from the Muppets. Still a Muppet even if he’s technically not part of the show.

        2. If Gabe Newell can become a video game character, then there’s no debate for Goku and Shrek not being video game characters.

          1. I think that “Video Game” field in the ballet meant “work of origin (must be a video game)”, not “random video game they’ve appeared in”.

      2. didnt originate in a videogame.. they are animation characters that featured in videogames.. its all about the origin

  1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

    Bayonetta confirmed, snake confirmed, every useless character in the game industry is fucking confirmed.

      1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

        The characters I want to see in smash:
        •Medusa or Hedes
        • Wolf
        •Ghirahim/ patch out his assist trophy
        •Twili Midna
        •Young link but i doubt he’ll get because of toon link

        Characters that shouldn’t be in shantae
        • Any indie character. They only come after Nintendo characters.
        • irrelevant characters that don’t make sense.

        1. That’s a pretty good list of wants. I desperately want OoT Kid Link to return after enjoying his badassity in Hyrule Warriors. Fierce Deity Final Smash would be wonderful.

          And Hells yes on Ghirahim! His fabulousness must be playable!

          While I personally have no issue with Shantae (kinda feel like she belongs more than Pck Man *twitch*) so long as she plays well, I can completely agree that indies probably just shouldn’t be here. They’re more popular than they are iconic as characters in Smash tend to be.

          1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

            I have that many because only having one character will only bring disappointment. Young Link should have been alt for toon link or something and i must agree that young link is pretty fucking badass in hyrule warriors. Ghirahim should have been playable from the damn start. Idk what the hell sakurai was thinking when making him as assist trophy. Both ghirahim and Midna should have been playable. Idk about shantae. Someone need show me a video of her abilities or something because her design is so garbage looking. She looks like character from a damn Kellogg cereal box. *Hades and Medusa, especially Medusa. Should be in as well. Medusa was originally the villain in the first kid Icarus games. People complain that there’s not enough villains. So why not add in Medusa.

            1. lol Yeah I have a fairly sized list of my own for that very reason. I would not have liked Young ink to have been an alternate for Toon Link though. I think he should just be his own character. Personally I’d like him to be able to transform to his masks liek Zelda could Shiek back in the day, but I’d settle for him using the razor/Great Fairy sword and a Fierce Deity mask final Smash.

              I can understand Ghirahim though as Skyward Sword was noot… too well received by all the fans as they tend to not be after Majora’s Mask for one reason or another. Another reason I love Hyrule Warriors, though Imprisoned fights in both games can die in fire.

              Lol Shantae mostly uses her hair to whip from what I’ve seen, but they made PacMan…”work”, I’m confident Shantae could work better.

              I’m all for more villains. Bring on Hades, Medusa, and Ansem with his “SUBMIT!” says I.

        2. That’s a nice list but here’s mine list of 3rd party characters that are deemed worthy to be in Smash……….and it may upset you a little


          Shovel Knight



          Professor Layton

          Rayman (although I now detest Ubisoft)

          Chase McCain

          Edea (Bravely Default)

          Ivan (Devil’s Third)

          3rd party charcters that are not allowed in or back in Smash

          Solid Snake

          No Elder Scrolls characters

          No Tekken characters

          Geralt Of Rivia (The Witcher 3’s main protagonist)

          No EA branded characters

          1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

            Remove shantae and shovel knight. Add Phoenix Wright and Medusa into the mix. Your list will be a A+.

            1. Damn you’re right about Phoenix Wright lol. I don’t know why I didn’t list them because he’s certainly a good fit but what it is your deal with indie characters being in Smash? Why do you think these indie developers who create these great indie games don’t deserve to see their character creations in the biggest and greatest fighting game in the world? And btw, you do know that Shantae is not a indie character nor is the company Wayforward a indie company (who created her) don’t you?

              1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

                I don’t like the concept of mixing something of quality with something that’s just to get a quick fix ot get money. I don’t like the way indie games look. They look like half assed mobile games. Even if Shantae isn’t a indie character, she sure as hell look like one. Indie characters/ shantae look so damn dull. ( damn this paragraph is long) Who their right mind would come up with a idea of a knight holding a damn shovel. What the fuck are you gonna do, dig a hole until your enemy dies. Sounds like something a mental 4th grader would up with. Its original don’t get me wrong but its not unique enough to be implanted into smash. To add on, not all characters translate well into 3d. Palutena’s hair barely made it. Looks like she sprayed the shit out of it with hair spray. And my other point is I want Nintendo characters before generic ones.

                1. What’s the point in that though? Smash Bros is already filled with Nintendo characters. This is an opportunity for characters that wouldn’t normally be in the game.

                  1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                    >>>The point of Smash Brothers is to have Nintendo characters, everything else is irrelevant unless they are gigantic gaming icons like Sonic, Pac-Man and MegaMan>>>

                    1. If everything else is irrelevant, they wouldn’t even be having this poll. Sorry, but your argument is invalid.

                      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                        >>>Which leads me to the other comment I made, this is nothing more than to please all of you who believes they have a chance of seeing non Nintendo characters to this poll>>>

                        1. But Commander, I think it would be a great idea to put in a indie character that has become hugely loved and popular with Nintendo fans. Yacht Club Games may see how Nintendo fans have responded to wanting Shovel Knight in Smash and they may want do a bigger scaled Shovel Knight game only on Nintendo platforms. I think it would be very beneficial to us Wii U and 3DS owners it we voted for Shovel Knight

                          1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                            >>>Shovel Knight might be one of the best Indie games in recent times but it’s hardly even noticeable to be among the top of gaming’s finest icons>>>

                            >>>There are only 3 logical ways for Shovel Knight in this:

                            1. It will not be included at all
                            2. It might be at best an Assist Trophy
                            3. Its creators should submit to our rule for all eternity and they might have a chance of putting it as playable


                  2. fuck you nintendo fanboy solid snake is way better than shitty ass rayman. And shantae!?!? WHO GIVES A shit about here

                    1. I want snake back too, but the problem is Playstation has the rights to metal gear solid now. Playstation isn’t going to give up snake for Sm4sh because when playstation isn’t copying nintendo’s tech and games, they’re trying to run nintendo out of business. The 2 companies don’t play well together.

                2. Nooooooooooooo! No wolf! Im kinda hate him… a lot. More than this number:10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000009090000000000000008079700000000000000000

                1. Black Shadow or Michael Chain (not sure what you mean by “black” here)? Either way, they’d kill two birds with one stone- we get another F-Zero rep and another villain on the roster.

                  Blood Falcon is already one of Falcon’s alternate colors, so…

                  Samurai Goroh is an assist already, so he has a higher chance of playability than other F-Zero characters.

                  Other good F-Zero characters I think would be fine for Smash include Pico, Super Arrow, Zoda, and Deathborn.

              2. Characters I want
                Black knight
                Shovel knight
                Egg man

                Characters I don’t want for smash
                Goku(or any dragon ball character for that matter)
                Any of the mortal combat character,they should just stay in there own game
                No demons of any sort

            2. lol You gotta relax dude. Bayonetta, Snake, Krystal, Paper Mario, Banjo, K. Rool, Dixie Kong, Chrome, Roy, Blaziken, Bomberman, Dark Samus, any of them could make the cut. Just depends on who gets the top vote.

              You wanna know who’s truly useless?

                          1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                            >>>It’s Lord Miyamoto’s creations, ipso facto, he can do whatever he pleases with them, your opinions are irrelevant to his grand design>>>

                            1. And that’s why people hated him for turning our 7 beloved little demons into mere fucking “minions” just to make his Baby Bowser copycat/Mini Me into his only child. Those 7 adorable bastards have done far more enough than that little pussy with a paintbrush to be degraded into “minions” Despicable Me Minions are awesome to be called that for there minority but funny nature. Jr. is just a bitch who should’ve stayed as Baby Bowser in Yoshi’s Island.

                            1. Really? Because NSMB embarrassingly nerfed their difficulty. They’re super easy to fight now and it’s insulting compare to how they started in SMB3 and even in World they were more

                              1. I’m talking about their levels themselves in NSMBU, not the fights. For example, I believe Iggy’s level is “Iggy’s Volcanic Castle” or something like that.

                                  1. I’ll be honest though, I wouldn’t have played through the entirety of NSMBU if I the Wii U wasn’t having a game drought. I’m kinda glad now that there was, otherwise, I wouldn’t have played NSMBU, Lego City Undercover, Need for Speed MWU, W101, or Sonic Lost World. (All of which I at least had moderate fun or more)

                                    1. Well, whenever you get the opportune, play those two games and you’ll see why NSMB after the DS one became a fucking “holding hands” joke of a video game.

                                      1. I’ve played both SMB3 and World, but, geez, I think you’re overreacting a bit on the “holding hands” part… I guess it’s just like the “super” cat suit from 3DWorld that everyone bashed Nintendo for putting into the game, when it’s optional in the first place, and it only even appears if you die lot of times.

                                        1. I’m talking about how they made the newer games super easy and not as memorable as the past games. Even Galaxy buries NSMB from Wii to Wii U alive.

                                          1. Well, duh, Galaxy was amazing in every conceivable way. Comparing NSMB (entire series) to Galaxy is like comparing GTA to Sonic or some other wildly different game. Sure, NSMB may be a platformer and so is Galaxy, but they’re so different in level design and scope and feeling (since it’s a 3D game) Also, in my opinion, I had a bit more fun (in terms of actual fun) with 3D World than with Galaxy 1. (Can’t say much for 2 since it’s been awhile since I played it through, but I’m planning to play my original Wii copy as soon as summer hits)

                                            1. Actually it’s not “wildly different” if they’re in the same universe. lol Saying GTA compared to Sonic isn’t really a familiar subject.

                                              Anyway, how about comparing SMB3 to NSMB in terms of design then?

                                              1. Well, SMB3 was a pioneer in its genre back in the day, and NSMB was more of a “revisit” to the old 2D Mario formula that had been forgotten for awhile. Imo, NSMBU was the best NSMB game, and SMW was, also imo, the best old school Mario game, so I’ll go ahead and compare those two. I’ll start with Super Mario World. In terms of level design, it had some very unique and fun level designs and tons of levels to play and even secret exit in certain levels. NSMBU also had some unique level design and a ton of levels to play and also had secret exits (though not as much). I’d say it’s pretty close between the two, imo.

                                                1. NSMBU is NOT even close to being good. It’s the same exact shit as the last 3 games which is why Mario Maker came to be with its NSMB style. They don’t want another rehashed game like that and then have hypocrite morons who buy COD/EA garbage saying Nintendo is worse.

                                                  About comparing SMW to NSMBU over “unique design”, don’t make me laugh. SMW was completely different and unique on its own and introduced many designs from Yoshi to Bowser’s Clown Balloon boss fighting. What does NSMBU and 2 did? Reused the same music, graphic style, same levels, same world/enemy types and same boss fights I’ve seen since 2006. That’s just lazy.

                                                  1. It sounds bad, but you can’t just judge the most current game in the series only by the fact that it is reusing some things from previous games. (Unless it’s in a practical sense like a game review) In terms of fun, in my opinion, ignoring reused ideas, NSMBU is, once again in my opinion, about as good as Super Mario World, and if you absolutely refuse to accept that I like a certain game as much as another game that you love, then I don’t know what to tell you. It’s just a matter of opinion, and your opinion is that none of the NSMB games are even as good as previous games because of reused ideas, but in my opinion, I feel like they reused the same concepts, like most Mario games do, but they made it feel fresh and more modern. You can call me an idiot for liking a game that reuses concepts and that means that they’re getting an incentive to make more, but I had a ton of fun with NSMBU, much more than NSMB Wii or DS, and around the same as SMW. I actually felt like 100% the game this time around instead of just feeling a little bored with it like in previous NSMB games. You may have your opinion, and I may have mine… But either way, NSMB2 sure sucked a lot… (1000x as many coins = 1000x lives)

                                        1. Hello? Any top favorite and most votes will get the definite cut. If K. Rool gets more votes, he’s in. If Krystal gets more votes, she’s in. It’ll probably work like that.

                                            1. I’m pretty sure Krystal is more than welcome enough for the game and people would want the REAL Paper Mario (Thousand Year Door based) after that fuck up Sticker Star. lol

                                              Wolf, definitely.

                                      1. I really wanted Takamru in Smash 4! I thought that having the minigame in Nintendo Land was a good sign, but all I got in Smash 4 was an assist trophy! WHY?!

                                        1. It’s because he wasn’t that “familiar” to America and this was decided before Nintendo Land was released and The Mysterious Murasame Castle was localized (2012). Perhaps he would have a better chance next time around, most likely when Nintendo were to make a brand new game.

                                    1. Those are exactly my expectations! :) it’s good to read someone who really has a good taste in character selection

                                    2. Banjo would be perfect plus his gameplay mechanic is already in the game (Duck Hunt Duo). Bomberman is long overdue and very deserving and I bet he would have a sick Final Smash and then there’s King K. Rool. A very intriguing and intimidating character and he has a great move set that would make him a natural fit. Hopefully all 3 get some consideration from Nintendo

                                  2. Toad
                                    Dixie Kong
                                    K. Rool

                                    and if we’re going third party: Banjo-Kazooie

                                    Anybody else is irrelevant.

                                  3. Smash Bros. Wishlist.

                                    Roy(Fire Emblem)
                                    Shovel Knight
                                    Simon Belmont or Sonia Belmont
                                    Cranky Kong
                                    Weavel(Metroid Prime: Hunters)
                                    Ryu Hayabusa

                                  4. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

                                    This fucking awesome
                                    Entrance: A dark portal from hell erupts from the ground, from which Medusa rises.

                                    AAA: Medusa hits her opponent with her staff twice, and backhands them away on the third strike.

                                    Dash A: Medusa stabs forward with her staff.

                                    Up: Three snakes in Medusa’s hair lunge upward and bite (one at a time for three hits).
                                    Side: Medusa swings her claws forward.
                                    Down: Medusa sweeps at her enemies legs with her staff.

                                    Up: Medusa performs a powerful uppercut that ends with an energy burst, knocking enemies away on both sides.
                                    Side: Medusa draws back her arm swings in a forward-downward motion with her claws.
                                    Down: Medusa Slams her fist on the ground, causing a shock wave.

                                    A: The snakes snap forward to bite.
                                    Up: Medusa stabs upward with her staff.
                                    Forward: Medusa claws forward.
                                    Back: Backhands behind her.
                                    Down: Medusa upturns her staff for a bit to skewer things below her.

                                    A: A snake in Medusa’s hair snaps at the enemy; a different snake attacks each time.
                                    Up: Lifts her enemies on her staff and shoves up, throwing the opponent.
                                    Forward: Claws forward, knocking her enemies away.
                                    Back: Spins around with her opponent in her arms and shoves them away with her foot.
                                    Down: Drops her enemy to the ground and stabs them in the chest with her staff.

                                    1) Runs her hand through her hair and says “Well, this is a little… bizarre.”
                                    2) Holds her staff out and says “Come to me, and I’ll sever your life’s thread!”
                                    3) Makes a ‘come here’ motion with her finger and says “I’ll give you just what you deserve…”
                                    B Set

                                    B: Medusa’s Gaze
                                    An attack that only works if the opponent is close to Medusa. The attack turns the enemy to stone; it does no damage, but causes the opponent to become a statue for a brief period of time (can end earlier if the buttons are mashed) that does not move from its position, and can be attacked. If frozen in the air, the foe will drop like stone Kirby, but the duration is much shorter.

                                    Side B: Last Stand
                                    Medusa lunges forward with a huge punch that has good range, damage, and knock-back, but causes Medusa to become weak for a small period of time afterwards. Can be used as a recovery move if done in the air.

                                    Up B: Dark Warp
                                    Dark energy briefly surrounds Medusa before she teleports straight up a set distance. The energy will harm players that are too close.

                                    Down B: Darkness Trap
                                    Medusa will make the motion of blowing a kiss, and a medium sized dark sphere of energy will appear and slowly move forward a little bit. The sphere stays on the stage for a while, until either an enemy runs into it or Medusa uses the attack again. Rarely, Medusa may drop a red sphere that is slightly smaller, but explodes on contact with an enemy, doing more damage and knock-back.

                                    Final Smash: The True Medusa

                                    Medusa’s head detaches from her neck and takes on its monstrous visage from Uprising (as well as becoming slightly larger). The player gets to control Medusa’s head for a limited time, chasing enemies and damaging them on contact. In addition, Medusa can attack with either the A button or B button, with the A button launching dark orbs similar in nature to her Down B (except there are three of them, they move faster and further, and disappear after going a certain distance), and the B button acts the same as her neutral B attack.

                                    Victory Pose:
                                    1) Medusa grins, then begins to laugh maniacally.
                                    2) Medusa turns away and teleports away, saying “And now I think I’ll deploy my troops…”
                                    3) Medusa holds the back of her hand to her mouth and says “Oh my, that was quite… entertaining.”

                                      1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

                                        Yeah I posted it on another site when the game was in development. Went back to dig it up again.

                                        1. Medusa is one of the characters that I’d like to see getting in, so I hope she has a moveset like this.

                                          1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

                                            I hope so. The only thing that’s helpful for her now. Is her being the first female villian in smash Bros.

                                            1. I really like the Medusa’s Gaze idea! Seems like a risky move that can be extremely helpful or if you miss you can be punished bad

                                              1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

                                                It is very risky and I think it will add a new touch smash. No one has ever been turned to stoned before with the exception of Kirby.

                                  5. Yes! My dreams of Master Chief finally being in Super Smash Bros may finally come true! Muahahahaha! :D

                                  6. God I don’t know why I want Ray Man to be in Smash so bad I just do. I feel like he’s perfect for the style of this game. Not to mention his moveset would most likely be very original

                                  7. 8 bit ice climbers.

                                    The robot from blastcorps


                                    Earthworm jim



                                    kid chameleon

                                    Viewtiful Joe

                                    Ever clay fighter character

                                    Your Splatoon character

                                    Jetgrind radios characters

                                    Ricky waterborne


                                    Epic mickey mouse

                                    And so on

                                  8. pink0crystal0midbus

                                    Guys, I thought of a great new character to vote for on the Smash Ballots. It would be amazing if Ivy Valentine from Soul Caliber made it into the game as a DLC character. She would be so fun to play as!

                                  9. Very interesting. My personal list is:

                                    Shovel Knight
                                    Conker (NEVER gonna happen, but i’ll dream)

                                    I never play as Wolf or Roy, but I would like to see them in the game simply because so many other people want them back. I would say that Klonoa is the one I want the most, despite how unlikely it is that he will be in the game.

                                  10. My wishlist
                                    King K. Rool
                                    Paper Mario
                                    Captain Toad
                                    Shovel Knight

                                    I have a feeling King K. Rool will win though. I’d really like to see Bayonetta as well!

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                                  12. Well, if ANYONE in a videogame can be voted for, no doubt there will be people who abuse it and vote for Shrek or Harry Potter or some crap, but it opens up all sorts of possibilities.

                                    My wishlist:

                                    Krystal (Star Fox Adventures)
                                    Sylux (Metroid Prime Hunters)
                                    Ray 01 (Custom Robo (Gamecube))
                                    Rayman (Rayman)
                                    Bomberman (Bomberman)
                                    Quote (Cave Story)
                                    Peacock (Skullgirls)

                                  13. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                    >>>As always, you little people can’t think ahead for more than 3 seconds, he only stated this only to please the more brain-washable minds temporarily into believing that any character has a chance when that’s not going to happen>>>

                                  14. There have been lots of Megami Tensei games on Nintendo consoles, and I think this would be the perfect time to add one of their characters to SSB, now that SMTxFE is coming. The problem is, which character, and from which game? The most famous games are probably the Persona franchise and SMT3, but those are from Sony. You can say the same about Raidou Kuzunoha, who I think would be the fittest.

                                    1. I’ve been blasting Simon Belmont all over the place! Give us that Vampire Killer! Give us that fireball spell and Holy Cross! I can’t say anything for the Contra dudes but Simon Belmont all the way!

                                  15. Meat Boy or ‘Binding of Isaac’ Isaac. Because Edmund Mcmillen is a badass and there’s already plenty of Nintendo characters to go around.

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                                  17. My list
                                    Eirika ( Fire Emblem Sacred Stones)
                                    Formees ( A different one would appear for every attsck)
                                    Avoid hiiting other people silhouette guy(the new Wii Fit Trainer lol)

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                                  19. Smash Bros. Wishlist:

                                    Daisy (But not a peach clone, like utilizing her appearances in sports games for a moveset)
                                    Nabbit the Rabbit (I know he’s already a stage hazard)
                                    Marshal the chorus boy from rhythm heaven (Wasn’t there a leak of something that said a rhythm heaven character was going to be in Smash anyway???)
                                    Cooking Mama (pleeeeeeease)

                                    Lemme know what you guys think!!!

                                  20. Smash Bros. Wishlist:

                                    Daisy (But not a peach clone, like utilizing her appearances in sports games for a moveset)
                                    Nabbit the Rabbit (I know he’s already a stage hazard)
                                    Marshal the chorus boy from rhythm heaven (Wasn’t there a leak of something that said a rhythm heaven character was going to be in Smash anyway???)
                                    Cooking Mama (pleeeeeeease)

                                    Lemme know what you guys think!!!

                                  21. I really want Lloyd Irving from Tales of Symphonia to make it in! I’d kill to his Mystic Arte as his final smash! Plus I feel the characters should have at least been on a Nintendo console at least once to be considered.

                                  22. I’d like to suggest the bleach character Gin Ichimaru with his move set from the game blades of fate on 3DS

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                                  24. As of today the confirmed characters are

                                    Tank Dempsey (from black ops zombies)
                                    Tony the tiger
                                    Captain crunch
                                    Lance Vance (from gta vice city)
                                    And last but not least
                                    Super saiyan 4 Mr krabs

                                    1. Simon Belmont makes too much sense for people to take seriously. Every thread on here I’m advocating Simon Belmont and in every thread there’s another comment shocked at how Simon Belmont is nowhere to be seen.

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                                  31. C’mon people! Simon Belmont! One of the most important video game characters in one of the most awesome series of all time!

                                    Plus, if he get’s into Smash, then the Captain N trio of Mega Man, Pit and Simon is complete!

                                    1. Absolutely! We need more people making sense like you. advocate Simon Belmont all the way. He should definitely be in there and would be amazing all around. That would make the game so much more amazing!

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                                  33. So…Crash and Spyro….Activision, what say you?

                                    While I’d say their home is with SONY, I would love to officially have Crash fight Mario.

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                                  35. Glover (64)
                                    Dr Robotnik
                                    King K. Rool
                                    Banjo Kazooie
                                    Grunty(banjos nemesis)
                                    Waluigi(patch out his assit trophy)
                                    paper mario(even just as an alt to mario)
                                    Crash Bandicoot
                                    Simon belmont

                                    star fox themed dlc ie:(could boost hype for new star fox game)
                                    Wolf O’Donnell
                                    Leon Powalski
                                    Pigma Dengar
                                    Andrew Oikonny
                                    Peppy Hare
                                    Slippy Toad
                                    Bill Grey(64)
                                    James McCloud

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                                  37. I keep seeing all of these wishes for Isaac and all of the hate for Shantae.
                                    I voted for Shantae, but I’d also like to see Sveta from the most recent Golden Sun game.

                                  38. understandably not a wise choice on my part but would it hurt to have cloud in it, his final smash would be the omni-slash, or v.5. but that;s asking a lot no? , and his B-skills would be his other limits, like left/right cloud be braver and down B could be cross slash, up B could be his dark wing , we already have ike with a heavy sword so it would be that bad, to have him. and input positive input is welcome

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                                  41. I ultimately vote for “Isaac” from The Binding of Isaac, and have thought of a moveset/final smash.

                                    regular: Tears (shoots balls of tears at surrounding enemies)
                                    Side: Brimstone (shoots stream of blood at nearby enemy)
                                    down: Place Bomb (places bomb that will blow up enemies)(variations include Tear bomb [bomb that does less damage but shoots tears upon explosion], and buddy bomb [moving bomb])
                                    up: Flight attack (pony) (flies into the air attacking foes in the sky)

                                    Final smash: Transports the person next to him into the basement where Isaac, Cain, Madeline, Judas, Azazel, Lazarius, and Eve to continually attack the enemy, launching him into the heavens (like shulk, or Mega man’s final smash)

                                    Vote Isaac 4 Smash! It doesn’t have to be just about console game’s characters!

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                                  43. i really want to see geno. for its time mario rpg was a great game. it would fit in with the classic motif.

                                    entrance:walks through a couple trees and faces his foes

                                    a: regular punch
                                    aa : two punches right after another
                                    side smash: his ball bearing shots
                                    down smash: both fists launch down
                                    up smash: both fists launch up
                                    b: Geno beam. hold longer for stronger. hold to long and attack fails.
                                    down b: geno boost. a short temporary boost of smash attacks/ meteor smashes
                                    up b: turns into a star and launches upward (paying homage to geno’s true form)
                                    side b: geno whirl (launch a moderate sized fire swirl at an opponant)
                                    special: brings opponant to roof of bowsers keep and the smithy gangs sword falls on the opponant smashing star road in the process

                                    taunt 1: nodding victory pose
                                    taunt2: holds a star piece over his head

                                    any thoughts?

                                  44. I’m hoping for Klonoa! Wether anyone agrees or not, I believe he has as good of a chance as any of these characters people request. He fits all the requirements and I consider him to be quite iconic, if not for his abrupt end…. Also, Klonoa being in smash would allow him to be more known and catch peoples attention. Not to mention he IS developed by Bandai Namco, bears a Pac-Man symbol on his hat, and has served in tons of Nintendo games In the past, INCLUDING a remake of his first game for the wii. If this isn’t the perfect opportunity for either Klonoa, Rayman, or Bomber Man to get a spot in smash, I don’t know what is.

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                                  46. These are the characters I want the most in Smash, all of which (at least as far as I know) are owned by Nintendo and are in order of who I want the most. (Little Mac was originally in the top spot before Smash 4)

                                    From series not yet represented:
                                    1:Alice from Balloon Kid: Ever since I was a kid I have fucking adored this game. How is it that Balloon Fight gets a shit ton of references across multiple Nintendo games, yet its fantastic sequel gets no recognition what so ever? And while I guess the original GameBoy version was not released in Japan, I am pretty certain they did get a GameBoy Color Japan exclusive remake. I dont want a generic Balloon Fighter as a character, Alice has so much more potential personality to her, also we dont really have a character to fill the spot of a female little kid yet (unless somehow Jigglypuff takes that spot)

                                    2:Mike from StarTropics/Zoda’s Revenge: Another series that gets zero attention from Nintendo. I’m not even asking for a Startropics 3, just show some mention that they acknowledge that at one point in time they created these two games (besides their names being mentioned in Brawl). Mike, stereotypical American kid from the 80s, fights with Ness like weapons such as baseball bats, also has some spiked shoes he can kick with and a powerful thrown weapon called Supernovae. Could be a master of unorthodox weaponry.

                                    3:Jill from Drill Dozer: One of the best platformers I have ever played. Not sure if her already being an assist would mean she couldn’t be considered as a candidate. Mini-drill-mech pilot plus once again fills the spot of having a younger female character in the roster.

                                    4: Agents of S.T.E.A.M. from Codename S.T.E.A.M: Instead of just being one pick or having multiple skins to switch between, I think it would be cool to have a real team fighter, able to swap between agents in the middle of battle yet sharing a damage percentage and maybe using a special resource like steam power for special attacks. Also, A.B.E. as a final smash.

                                    5: Muddy Mole from Mole Mania: How is it that a creation of God (aka Miyamoto), has not yet gotten any representation or at least references to in Smash (or any other Nintendo game for that matter)? Another favorite of mine from years ago and also we need more non-humanoid characters in the game (stuff like the Pokemon, Duck Hunt, Yoshi and Kirby)

                                    Other runners up would be Alexandra from Eternal Darkness (shot gun and sanity destroying attacks), Lip from Panel de Pon (Tetris Attack blocks crushing people), Zip from FlingSmash (able to alter his own weight, could become lightest and heaviest character in the game), Tin Star from Tin Star(FUCKING ROBOT COWBOY!), Mike from BattleClash/Metal Combat (could be like Captain Falcon except with a bazooka/SuperScope and his final smash would have him hop into his mecha) and Stanley from Donkey Kong 3/Greenhouse (dont know if he would be considered a Mario, DK or Game&Watch series character)

                                    I would also love a 3-man team of fighters from Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan/Elite Beat Agents. Those games (mainly the two Japan ones) were like video-crack to me when they first came out. Could have some kind of rhythm based combo attack system and the 3-man team could be swapped between the cheer squads, cheer leaders and agents from all three games. Only problem I could see is that, if they ever had a stage added for the series (which has awesome potential since the last stages in all 3 games were end of the world based scenarios), is that the games use music from non-video game properties that were licensed for the games. I could see maybe instead having their stage based off of the Rhythm Heaven games instead since both series are music based or just not have a stage at all.

                                    From series already in the game:

                                    1: Tingle: Fuck you all, Tingle is awesome. Play (or at least watch) the game play of his three DS games and you will see that there is tons of potential for a move set that would make plenty of other characters jelly. Plus the animations they could have for him could be pure gold. My personal idea would be that when he damages enemies it causes rupees to explode out of them that Tingle can collect and then toss them as projectiles or use them for a special move that lets him hire a body guard to help him in battle for a short amount of time.

                                    2: Toad: I have wanted him added since Melee. The main reason being his appearance in Wario’s Woods and all the moves that could be pulled from that game alone for a move set (super strong, can run up walls, could toss puzzle pieces that when matched could explode or something), plus throw in some stuff from Mario Kart, Super Mario Bros 2 and now Captain Toad and you got a pretty decently decked out fighter.

                                    3: Flint from Mother 3: Use a giant piece of lumber as a weapon, call in Boney to jump on people, bring in Duster to use Wall Staples to pin someone down, finish them off with a Draco-Fang stab final smash.

                                    4: Prince Fluff from Kirby’s Epic Yarn: Like Krystal, he was suppose to be the main character of his own game originally. His yarn aesthetics would make him stand out and he could use it for all types of attacks. His final smash could have him turn into a giant yarn tank.

                                    5: Wes from Pokemon Colosseum: Instead of being like the Pokemon Trainer, have Wes actually fight in the game, but have his main attacks use Pokemon to deal damage such as his Espeon and Umbreon and other Shadow Pokemon he has captured. His final smash could be Shadow Lugia from Pokemon XD.

                                    Others I would love to see would be Magnus from KI:Uprising, Fawful from Mario&Luigi series, of course Geno, Classic Link (based off the NES games), Classic Donkey Kong (based off the arcade games), Pokey in his spider-mech from EarthBound, Deoxys from Pokemon, Kamek from the Yoshi games or, if team characters were allowed, Dixie with Kiddy Kong.

                                    Also, I dont know how the hell it would work, but I think someday Master Hand should become an officially playable character (I know of the Melee glitch). All the characters in the game act as reps for their own home series, so at this point I think Master Hand should be a playable fighter as a rep for the Smash Bros series.

                                    1. Ridley, the Angel of Death

                                      You had me at Alexandra Roivas but lost me at Tingle… Is it bad enough we got his greedy, game pace killing ass on Hyrule Warriors? Apparently not. Whatever. I can just use his ugly face as a punching bag character if he did get in by some chance.

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                                  48. excellent publish, very informative. I wonder why the
                                    opposite specialists of this sector do not notice this.
                                    You must proceed your writing. I’m sure, you have a huge readers’ base already!

                                  49. they should have Amy Rose and Sylveon (Sylveon is a pokemon) ( Amy Rosy is a Sonic character) and I want these people because I am a 11 year old girl and I love these to so I would love to play as them and I think that a anime character like I think miku I just would love love love LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! to play as these 3 people plz plz.

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