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Nicalis Is Asking People To Vote Quote From Cave Story For Super Smash Bros

It seems more and more developers want their characters to feature in Super Smash Bros as DLC and rightly so. The latest developer is Nicalis who have asked fans on Twitter to vote for Quote from Cave Story to be the additional character added to the Super Smash Bros roster. You can vote for your favourite character, right here.

Thanks, KomaruTheHylian

218 thoughts on “Nicalis Is Asking People To Vote Quote From Cave Story For Super Smash Bros”

      1. Cave Story is a great game!

        Now that I’ve got that out of the way, I really don’t think Cave Story or any other indie game representative deserves a spot in Smash at this point. Most of these indie developers want their character in Smash so they can keep him/her relevant. They should keep their character relevant by producing more games with said character. After a couple sequals/spinoffs then maybe that character will deserve to be canonized in Smash.

        I’d hate for the Smash roster to turn into a bunch of one-off characters that only reflect what games were released when said Smash game came out.

        1. Shantae has been her since the GBC, and cave story is a fairly old game now, but still quote isn’t really smash level

          1. Shantae isn’t an indie character as far as I’m concerned. She’s had three good games to so I think she is more than qualified. I was mostly talking about Quote and Shovel Knight who aren’t ready yet.

            1. Shantae is an indie character. Just because you like the games doesn’t mean she’s not indie. And she’s been in three good indie games.

              1. Wayforward isn’t an indie developer, just becquse they aren’t AAA doesn’t make it so. Look them up, their not a bunch of people working out of their basements. Also Kickstarter doesn’t necessarily make you indie either.

                I don’t have a biased if that’s what you’re thinking, I myself voted K. Rool.

                1. Just because they’re not working out of their basement doesn’t make them not indie. Shantae is just as much an indie as Cave Story.

      1. Bomberman is good. I personally hope to see Simon Belmont. I hope there are many more DLC characters to come. It would be a good way to keep the game fresh.

  1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

    >>>To all of those insignificant Tribes and Empires out there trying to submit their application>>>

    1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

      This is just only the beginning. Many more will try and put they’re fucking trash in smash bros.

        1. What amuses me most about all of this is how the Wii U was “dead” this time last year and how it was “dead” after Zelda U delay, yet after one Direct featuring info on a 4 month old game getting DLC and possibly getting more, third parties and competition are desperate to get on it. I’m surprised we haven’t heard Kojima blowing up the world with tweets yet, though he’s probably desperately wanting to with how he talk about how he wanted Snake in this Smash game.

          1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

            >>>I’m sure he and many others will propose their irrelevant ideas until High Command has decided for a final solution among our own ideas>>>

            1. I can’t help but feel this is High Command did not expect these companies to try to fix the ballots, but are still amused by it. It’s kinda a perfect way to show how powerful their IP is when it has companies turning to their true gods (consumers) for help to be on one of Nintendo’s biggest games.

            1. It’s not dead. That’s like saying the weak skinny kid is dead because he sucks at sports (which would be third party main stream gaming in the analogy). The Wii U has a larger array of of much better games than it’s contemporaries and it has genera of games neglected by said contemporaries. Selling a bit less than the XBOne while making a bit less than the PS4 (over all) hardly quantifies as dead.

              1. It’s selling a whole lot less than the Xbox One. Not even close. The Xbox One has sold 12 million units in 15 months. The Wii U has sold 9.5 million in 28 months.

                1. Okay? Important thing to people, how many consoles sold. Important thing to business, how much money they make. Yeah they wanna sell more and all that, but they’re making pleasant profits off of their 9.5 million sold. Much more so than XBOne’s 12 million which is still costing more money for them to make. This is why PS360 games are still being released, those consoles still need to pay for themselves.

                  Profits are not life support, popularity and hype is. And while the Wii U is certainly good with producing hype, it does back it up with actual quality and a steady albeit slow stream of games. Sony and Microsoft? Well they sell consoles faster yes, but the actual quality of the games on these consoles are suspect at best. And 9 is still close to 12, even in millions.

                  1. Games are support. And Wii U is getting no support aside from Nintendo themselves and indies. You can talk about the quality of PS4 and XB1 games all you want but they get games from all around. From major AAA third party games to indies. Even PS3 and 360 still get more support than Wii U. Because PS4 and Xbox One mainly have the graphics for people to buy the current gen versions of games. And PS3 and Xbox 360 still have a huge fanbase which means lots of money. WII U HAS NEITHER.

                    1. You make very good points however you are incorrect about two things. The first is that Microsoft makes no money from XBox. They never have in any of its iterations. Popular though it may be, big as its fan base is they have yet to move the game console into the black.

                      The second is your assumption that just because the Wii U’s install base is the smallest it is doing the worst. Technically, it’s doing second best as far as making the company profits is concerned. A lot of those third party games and exclusives are paid for by Sony and Microsoft which hurt their profits, while Nintendo focusing so much on just making their own games and not paying for third party keeps a larger profit to themselves for their games. Keeping the quality high also helps reassure consumers their purchase wasn’t wasted. Though I guess you are correct that that isn’t too important with so many people on the internet trying to be businessmen and women rather than intelligent consumers (not talking about you if it sounds that way I just lurk on the internet way too much lol).

                      I freely admit that the Wii U is not popular. However I also contest that that is irrelevant to the grand scheme of things. If they can market their games to their fans, keep quality high and costs efficient, neither anemic or gluttonous, and steadily continue to support the console then it’ll be fine. They’re not thinking of dropping it if it doesn’t meet some goal so it’s not even in danger of dieing. And the flow of games may be primarily from them, but that is irrelevant if that’s what the fans want. So again, it’s not on life support, it’s providing it’s base with what they want.

                      People like to say these things like a console is dead or going to die, but I was around when Sega dropped the 32X and Saturn and when the Dreamcast faded away. The Wii U is hardly in such a situation. Loosing the popularity contest doesn’t make you dead it just makes your fans that much more concentrated and a little rabbit in Nintendo’s case lol.

          2. KOJima hasn’t made a tweet in a long time. His last tweet was “Heading Off.” In an interview with Konami they said he wouldn’t be able for interview and stuff.
            Konami has been retweeting and favoriting tweets from people saying to vote for snake in smash bros though.

            1. Ah Okay, I don’t follow the whole Twitter thing. Hell if I didn’t let friendship sway me I wouldn’t have a facebook account.

              I should have figured he’d be trying to pimp Snake again. Much as I liked him in Brawl I think it’s more than a little dickish to request that without giving the Nintendo gamers a new MG game or convincing higher ups to send good ports the Wii U’s way. Especially after that whole MGS can come to Wii U if asked for nonsense.

          3. The Wii U is not dead, but it is on life support.. And this is coming from huge Nintendo fan. However Nintendo’s I.P.’s are thriving, so of course a third party would want it’s characters in a Smash game.

            The only thing that could change my mind about the Wii U is this years E3. As far as I’m concerned E3 will be a make or break for 2015. The only reason I’m holding out hope until then is because of a potential unannounced Wii U game.. If not, then yes, the Wii U is dead.

            1. It’s not on life support man. At worst it just has peeked adopters for this gen, but either way games are still coming out for it that are turning out pretty darn good and there is a full year of releases for this year. Where the games releasing at the pace of last year I’d have to begrudgingly agree with that assessment, but this year is solid so far.

              And come on man don’t say that. Everyone says this is a make or break whatever for Nintendo and they find a way to exist regardless. Everyone hated their E3 two years ago (save me as it was the only one free of political bullshit) and what happened? They did well the following year. They loved their E3 last year, and they’re doing well this year. Seriously the directs are far more important than E3 as that is what has been stronger at informing and building interest than one day of releases Not saving SMT X FE for an E3 reminder was probably the biggest sign of how strong Directs are versus E3 to them.

              Of course I’m looking forward to E3 as well, but you know, don’t pin everything up on just that. Even Microsoft and Sony likely don’t bet the barn on E3, just use it as a day for the big big PR releases ya know?

          4. Lol posting a single tweet is not desperate. And yes smash bros is a great game, but one game doesn’t save a console from being irrelevant. Your insults are pathetic you bitch.

            1. Um.. Are you talking to me or is wordpress trolling me? I never said posting a tweet was desperate, nor did I say Smash Bros was keeping the Wii U from being irrelevant or insulting anyone.

          1. Wii Fit had no business being in a fighting game to start with and Shamtae isn’t an Indie because 1. She started off on the Gameboy. 2. Her sequel was released on DSiWare and 3. Her third game is on the 3DS/Wii U along with her fourth coming “1/2 Genie Hero”. She’s been around with Nintendo longer than you know. Show some respect because she’s done more for their platforms than that faceless bitch could with 3 exercise games only health rejects would care about.

            1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

              Lol dsiware doesn’t even count. Might aswell add the frog from flipnote hatena. Wii fit trainers games have sold millions world wide. Unlike that garbage bitch shantae,, she’d never compete with Wii fit trainer.

              1. Because Wii was overpopulated than. What about Wii Fit U? Also, isn’t all three Wii Fit “games” exactly the same? It’s like EA’s Sports/Exercise garbage too. Shantae’s games at least shape up and changes its game play like the third one.

                    1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

                      Idk. I don’t want to Waste money on some garbage I’m not going to play. How much is it.

                1. Not a damn chance. Wayforward is a great developer and their Shantae series has always and mostly been with Nintendo so no, she’s not all indie. Shovel Knight is indie. Cloudberry is indie. Super Meatboy, Minecraft, Freedom Planet, Issac, even Megaman 9 & 10.

            2. Lol. I want you to explain why Shantae shouldn’t be in Smash. Why not? Give her a chance. She’s awesome.

                1. I haven’t played one of her games before, but I like her character. I like most Wayforward characters too.

                          1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

                            Don’t care. Nintendo characters first than garbage shantae. Plain and simple

                        1. I’m on board with you. Shante’s moveset would be boring as hell. Games aren’t very good and she’s too slutty for Nintendo’s taste anyways.

                    1. I myself have played all three games, and I think she has great potential as a character for Smash! If you only played the GBC/GBA one, the no wonder you don’t like her. Her games are pretty great, and definitely get better in quality and fun factor as you go forward in the franchise. The GBC/GBA one was kinda cheap in level design/level difficulty, and is easily the worst of the three. Risky’s Revenge is fantastic, and Pirates Curse is amazing. Outside of that, if you still don’t like her, please stop bickering with everyone here. It’s rather annoying and makes you look immature.
                      (Cool profile picture by the way.)

                      1. And on the topic of Shantae looking too slu-… Innapropriate for Nintendo, what about Zero Suit Samus? She wears a skin tight catsuit that outlines her cleavage, and has alternate costumes that put her in a bikini! Shantae may have a sorta revealing top, but she has baggy pantaloons as her trousers, and is altogether a lot less revealing than Zero Suit Samus.

                        1. Zero Suit Samus doesn’t actually reveal anything. (Not counting the alternate custome) It’s just the shape of her body. XD Shantae is kind of of revealing but she doesn’t have much to show off anyways.

                          1. What I’m trying to say is that Shantae’s outfit is not anything new to Smash. Zero Suit Samus wears a suit that outlines her thighs, breast, and rear. Not to mention she can get alternate bikini costumes that show a LOT of skin. Just look at the two characters. Shantae is by no means worse than Samus.
                            Also, I do agree with what Boss said earlier. Wii Fit trainer isn’t revealing or sexualized at all. I’m still wondering why they included her, however.
                            Also, in my opinion, Shantae (Whether you count her as indie or not) has a MUCH higher chance to make it in over Shovel Knight, Quote, or Super Meat Boy. She’s had 3 games. All of which have been on or specific to Nintendo consoles. She’s also been around longer than these characters (I think Cave Story came out around the same time as Shantae, but he’s still only had one game). Don’t get me wrong, I love Shovel Knight, Cave Story, and Super Meat Boy, but the only HUGE factor these characters truly have going for them (In my opinion) is popularity. And hey, Shantae has that too.

          1. sherlockwillfightbilbo

            I think another swordfighter would be pretty dull. He’s also Shulk’s final smash. I think if any Xenoblade character were added, the coolest addition would be Melia.

            I voted for Professor Layton though.

              1. sherlockwillfightbilbo

                It is. But that doesn’t really mean too much since there will be a Link costume as well.

                Regardless, Dunban can easily be made into a Mii. Melia would be very unique.

          1. Agreed, though I still think Shantae has a shot, even if it’s as an assistant trophy. I’ve never heard of this guy and he doesn’t look too great.

            If all else fails… Daisy & Krystal.

            1. While his name isn’t mentioned often (“Quote”), many would actually argue that Cave Story is possibly the best indie game ever. While you’ve never heard of him, he would actually be an excellent choice

        1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

          Now you fuckers see how I feel. Indies are golden they said. All indie games deserves to be in smash than any other they said. You all are nothing but a bunch of hypocritical bitches.

          1. I never saw anyone say that specifically, though. They were just clamoring for Shantae.

            Just imagine this game full of indie characters. Mutant Mudds. Whoa Dave. *shudders*

            1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

              This getting out of hand. Hope sakurai does what he’s been doing and just ignore this ratchet fan base for good. I see why he didn’t want to do dlc.

            2. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

              This is getting out of hand. I hope sakurai does what he’s been doing and just ignore this ratchet fan base for good. I see why he didn’t want to do dlc.

              1. You do realize these characters, if they ever got in, would be DLC? Meaning you don’t even need to buy them if you don’t like them.

                1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

                  I know that. But I would still see those ratchet mother fuckers online. They should make a option where dlc is separate from the main online choices. Like how they did with the Mario kart 8 dlc.

              1. No. Make Wii Fit and Dark Pit assist trophies and I’ll be happier with the game making more sense with lesser clones. Oh and revert Dark Samus as an official character/Metroid villain.

                1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

                  Dark pit. That’s hear is dark pit is a clone why is he even in game. Well buddy if you wonna talk about clones. Make ganondorf, falco, lucina, Dr.mario, and lucas fucking assist trophies. Everyone bitches about dark pit but nooo mother fuckers are getting excited to buy another clone called Lucas. Hypocritical I say. Hypo fucking critical. This fan base is sickening.

                  1. Lucina/Dr. CLONE/Dark Pit Recolor/Lucas (if he has the same moveset) should be alternates. Falco should’ve been replaced by Wolf, Ganon seriously needed a sword to change his moveset.

                    1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

                      Lucas has the same moveset as ness. The only day difference is the color of the moves. I hate to talk about ganondorf and falco but when it comes to clones dark pit isn’t the only clone in the roster. Dark pit takes all the clone hate because people don’t know dark pit is actually a real character from kid Icarus. They see as a color that was once in brawl.

          1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

            The bitch is sucking on a dildo. It’s perfectly normal because it was illustrated by a indie developer.

          2. At one point in Cave Story, Curly, the robot there, loses her memories, The NPC caring for her mentions that he’s heard of a mushroom that can restore memories. That mushroom is the Ma Pignon which must be killed first. Once you get it, since Curly is most likely not going to be too happy about getting a mushroom in her mouth, Quote just jams it in. That’s what’s in the picture.

        2. sickr out of all of the god damn images you could choose for this fucking article,why

          Also bravely default rep please,still fucking salty square didn’t haul their lazy asses and put some representation in smash.

        3. nintendo should be smart and market to 3rd parties this way in exchange for a favor from them it would be win win for both sides they could also do the same with amiibos

        4. Already sent this in as a vote. I like the idea of having some Indie game characters in Smash. The Indie companies have been hella good to Nintendo, especially the Wii U. Using a character like Quote would be nice, and the alternate costumes could re-skin the character as Curly. I’ve also sent in votes for Shantae, Dillion from Dillion’s Rolling Western and Rusty from Steamworld Dig.

        5. Oh my god.
          Shantae, Shovel Knight, and Quote would be my top picks for smash tbh.
          If we’re going with indie, we might as well go with any of these since they do have ties to Nintendo in some way.

            1. Paper Mario is substantially different from regular Mario! He could have a hammer in some of his moves for one. His grab could be Thoureu from Super Paper Mario (functionally a person-grabbing boomerang)… You could stick in some papery stuff like becoming paper-thin or something… the list goes on…

            1. Hm? But didn’t you say you voted for Ridley? But you also voted for King Boo? You can’t do that, cheater. XD

        6. Are you all serious!? You aren’t voting for Ridely? You all wanted that and now you have the chance to make it happen, you don’t do it? Wtf?

          1. I know a lot of people are voting for him. They just aren’t as hopeful now that Sakurai already said “I don’t like how it would work, so no.” Not gonna stop the inevitable votes, but I think Sakurai made it clear that as long as he is the one developing the game, he’s going to ignore fan requests for Ridley. Maybe in Smash 5/6/whatever the first one is that Sakurai doesn’t serve as the head developer for.

            1. I voted for him :P I just don’t know how it would work with Ridley as a “boss” character in the Metroid stage.

              If he wasn’t a boss and didn’t appear in the game at all, I would be campaigning all over the internet to vote for Ridley right now!!! Just seems a bit unlikely.

          2. As cool a character Ridley is, he is way too large to be made playable and be in scale. He can pick up an already 7ft Samus with one hand. It would be like a permanent Giga Bowser.

        7. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

          >>>One game to rule them all, one game to find them,

          One game to bring them all and in oblivion send them>>>

          1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

            A little better:

            >>>One game to rule them all, one game to find them,

            One game to bring them all and into oblivion send them>>>

        8. Alright, this is getting old. It was funny when Konami tried pushing the Snake vote and kinda neat that Phil Spencer said he’d give the green light on Banjo, but all the indie characters are starting to get a little old. Can this please just stick to Nintendo characters? Even if it’s a REALLY iconic third party character, they can wait for Smash 5 if they deserve it THAT much. We really don’t need third party DLC for Smash 4.

        9. Only indie developed characters I could see ending up in Smash Bros are Shantae and Shovel Knight. Both of those characters “feel” like they could be owned by Nintendo, kind of like Megaman and Sonic.

          1. Because god only knows that the thing that Smash needs most is emo-tastic animesque RPG characters with detachable mushroom dicks and dislike of consent.

            1. They don’t look like that in the game, the mushroom is the Ma Pignon which is killed in a boss battle to restore Curly’s memories by feeding it to her.

        10. Okay, sure, maybe.
          I like it~

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        12. Lol I never noticed that “mushroom” before.
          By the way, as you might have just guessed: vote Wolf for Smash instead of this. ^^

          1. Why does everyone keep saying that?! OMG it’s a fucking mushroom, and it’s saliva on her chest. What, do you guys really think Quote is growing an ejaculating purple dick out of the palm of his hand!!

        13. Um… I’m not trying to be funny here, honestly. Anybody else offended by the drawing on the bottom right of the post”s picture. I have no problem with offensive jokes but it seems a tab like a rape joke.

        14. To all the idiots commenting on the picture, it’s not a rape joke, it’s an actual part of the game. The girl loses her memory and in order to save her you have to go get a mushroom that restores peoples memories, and then Quote gives it to her. Then some artist did that. It’s not the game’s fault

        15. rabbit monkey lion dog

          what the heck is with the bottom right image!? That is horrible! How could any company proudly produce a game that promotes that kind of sick rape culture. It’s not funny. It’s not sexy. It’s sick and wrong! I hope this garbage never gets into Smash Bros!

          1. You’ve never played Cave Story, have you? There’s actually a reason for that, and no, it isn’t what you think.


            Late in the game if you do things a certain way, Curly (that female robot) loses her memory, and you need to find an amnesia-curing mushroom to help her. When you do it, the game text even says “Stuffed Ma Pignon into Curly’s mouth.”

              1. It’s not rape humor and the only people who think it is are the ones twisting it into such, including yourself.

                You are beyond redemption.

        16. Oh how could I have forgotten Quote? Cave Story is one of my favorite games!

          He would fit in nicely, methinks. Alright, I’ll go vote.

        17. As much as I liked Cave Story, ‘Quote’ isn’t very memorable. Why not pick some Sonic characters, or Kranky Kong or something.

        18. No. We don’t need something offensive and sick as bayonetta in smash. It wouldn’t be “kid friendly” anymore.

        19. Seriously, what is with the bottom-right picture?! Yes, I know that does happen in the game, but did you have to chose such a suggestively-drawn picture of it?… I mean, Ma Pignon is all long and veiny… and the spit looks like it’s coming out of it… ( -_- )

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