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Splatoon File Size Is 1,812 MB

Wondering just how much space Splatoon is going to take up on your Wii U hard drive when it launches on May 29th? Well the answer is, not much. The official Nintendo site has the game listed with a file size of 1,812 MB which is a lot smaller than some other games you may have purchased digitally. We found out earlier that the game runs at a nifty 60fps and there’s only minor dips in the early preview copies. Digital Foundry remains confident that this will be rectified upon release.

99 thoughts on “Splatoon File Size Is 1,812 MB”

    1. Well that is one advantage the Wii U does have over the other two consoles. It’s more efficient than the PS4, Xbox One which is actually pretty neat.

      1. Lol are you seriously saying the file is small because it is more efficient? Smash bros on the 3ds is bigger than this. It is a small file because it has light content, undetailed textures and graphics (think de blob or katamari d), and doesn’t have any sort of complex or intensive physics engine.

      2. “More efficient”…? Lol, do you even know what file size means? Or efficiency?

        I can’t tell if this statement was due to technological ignorance or blinded by fanboyism…

        1. Okay I try to at least NOT bash the Wii U with one positive comment and I’m considered a fanboy. Fuck it then no more Mr. Nice guy I’ll just troll more.

  1. Because nintendo knows how to make games without leaving tons and tons of unused shit.

    Still needs voice chat.

  2. WOW, That’s super small o_o I know Wind Waker HD was about 2GB because it was a port of a Gamecube game (and it wasn’t graphics heavy), but this is even smaller. Kinda makes me concerned actually with regards to it’s content. They must have done one hell of job making it small since I know developers for other consoles don’t even bother minimising the size of their own patch files.

      1. Because Nintendo is clever in downsizing their content so it won’t take so much space. If Wii U had even 120GB, that’s still a lot of space to store their digital stuff. 3rd parties don’t even do that shit because..laziness.

          1. I’m talking about actually compressing games enough to fit the drive. Ya complain about Nintendo opting for 32GB but failed to mention that because 3rd rate lazy parties don’t compress their game or even think about it, takes up that precious 500GB drive in no time? lol

            1. So I point at X and Smash,Lego Undercover, Bayonetta 2… You really think it’s about compression? Do you think that does magic for games? You REALLY don’t want to go against me again. I’m the one who knocks here. I am the danger. Go the fuck aside, you retard. Learn your place.

      2. “Shitload”. The levels were pretty small and linear. Unlike super Mario galaxies, super Mario sunshine, and even super Mario 64 which gave you some freedom of exploration. It is ironic it is called 3d world because it feels like you are playing a 2d game in 3d. Also, not graphically intense and no physics engine needed whatsoever.

      1. Yea but isn’t the audio files like almost 10 gig on their own? You could probably compress Arkham Knight and GTA 5 into around 20 gig.

        Most third parties don’t put in the extra effort to compress their games into smaller download sizes.

          1. I still think it’s too much. I only have three physical copies of PS4 games and I downloaded 2 other games with some extra apps. I’m almost under 100GB already. Wtf?

    1. Wait, what? Arkham Knight is 50+GB? Crap, looks like I’ll need to upgrade the storage pretty soon…

  3. KING K. ROOL. my vote has been counted.

    Small game, that will have future DLC to add to experience? Probably, which would be cool. I didn’t know Nintendo was going as far as to have DLC for Mii characters in SSB. Pretty sweet deals! Majora’s Mask for 0.75$?! Ill buy.

    1. Good question, it never crossed my mind. I would bet that it was going to be a fresh start since you’d be accessing it via a “distinct channel” – you know what I mean.

    2. Well, it took a few seconds to read the data, but it seems you don’t need a fresh start. It reads the data for the game itself not for the “channel” you’re playing.

        1. you can back up the data, all you have to do is click on the title you want to delete, and inside the file just delete the software, all the save data will be saved, I did it with AC3

          1. My cousin brought his splatoon copy when I was gone played for 3 hours etc. He played on my NNID am I able to delete his stuff and start a new or am I doomed as it is online and can’t enjoy the game. I don’t have the game yet, I wasn’t able to pick it up.

            1. You can delete it. Go to the system settings and choose storage settings. It should show all the games you’ve played. Now go to Splatoon and then click “save data”. Now you can go to the Mii character who’s data you want to delete. So click on yours and then delete the save data. There you go. :)

              1. All I saw was update data not save data. Maybe he deleted himself by all I know but thanks. I just deleted the update data also just if anything happens

    3. It would probably read the hard drive and see there’s an existing save file and open that one, even if you’re playing the disc for the first time.

      Not totally sure, I don’t develop or make hardware myself, This is just my educated guess.

  4. Can’t judge a game by it’s file size lol! That argument is starting to sound a lot like the new “has to be HD or it’s crap” argument.

    Rememer that one back when te Wii was still receiving games?

  5. That IS surprisingly small.

    But you know what, I bet DLC is planned- for a game like this, maps can only be so fresh before every possible strategy is conceived and everybody knows them.

      1. its almost 2GB its in line with every wiiu exclusive nintendo has coded


  6. Small file size, still looks better than most “Next gen” games we’ve been getting from the others recently

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  8. I had the physical discs for Smash, SM3dW, and MK8, and downloaded them. The savegame was exactly the same after I switched to the digital copy.

  9. Most would say that nintendo is behind the times. An actual computer scientist will look at that number and say “oh hey, nintendo has good programmers”

    These giant file sizes in most triple A’s is just programmer laziness. Example: Skyrim is 4 gigs. Fuckin skyrim.

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  12. My more immediate concern is the online experience. Will there be awful latency when playing online like there is in SSB? Or will it be flawless like MK8? Latency in a shooter will make it worthless.

  13. This is one of the games some one must have. I will buy it on day one. Is a complete ip that nintendo makes.

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