Yokai Watch 3 And Yokai Watch Busters Announced For The Nintendo 3DS

Coming as a surprise to no one, Level 5 announced that Yokai Watch 3 and Yokai Watch Busters are both headed to the Nintendo 3DS in Japan. The third game was announced during the same conference that revealed Fantasy Life 2 and Layton 7 will be mobile exclusive. Yokai Watch 3 takes place in the United States and features American-themed Yokai. There’s also a new female protagonist who is called Misora Inaho. She will appear in the new anime season. Yokai Watch Busters will be coming out on July 11th in Japan and there will be two versions available. Nintendo of America and Nintendo Europe announced earlier today that the Yokai Watch franchise will be coming to the west this year.




  1. Off topic: Has anyone noticed that themes on the 3DS are a bit heavy and make the menu load slower compared to the default 3DS theme? Just an observation…Surprised the New 3DS is still a bit slow at running the menu at times starting up and after you exit a game.


  2. They are making another already and they haven’t even released the first one in the West yet!?

    Japanese localization needs to speed up!!

    Also, Level 5 is going hard right now. They also just announced ANOTHER 3DS game called like Snack World or something and it is getting an anime AND movie to go along with the game.


  3. some idiot on here was arguing with me that yokai watch was soooo original. whats original about ripping off 1980’s classics?


  4. I really hope the 3rd game in particular gets released outside of Japan. I love games that do a parody on American culture like EarthBound, Far East of Eden: The Fourth Apocalypse and some sections of Live-A-Live.


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